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Product Selection
Participation Fee
Sanction for Non Compliance



OCTOBER 17-22, 2000



1. DTI – registered firm

2. Should be a manufacturer of quality goods, with production and financial capability & with export potential

3. Willing to undergo and sustain product development & should attend trainings as required by the organizers.

4. Satisfactory sales performance for the last two years.

5. Compliance to the organizer’s requirement including submission of reports.




1. A product Selection Team composed of PDDCP, DTI Pangasinan  and Panangidayew Secretariat shall undertake product selection prior to the fair proper. Preliminary visits will be undertaken by design experts for product development and/or design innovations.

2. The product focus shall be

gifts, toys and house wares, fashion accessories, processed food, natural and organic products, furniture and furnishing, metalcraft, food services







1. Each participant shall be required to present his calling card to the     DTI  Provincial representative two weeks before the start of the fair.

2. Participants should be receptive to product development/design innovations.

3. On Prototypes:

a. Participants should see to it that prototypes are ready in time for the fair

b. Selling of prototypes before the fair shall be strictly prohibited

c. Selling of prototypes may be allowed during the fair. However, physical withdrawal from the special set-up be done only on the last day of the fair to maximize the benefit to participants.


 4. Delivery of Products for Exhibit:

a. Hauling of products for exhibit to the designated area at SM Megatrade Hall 3 shall be borne by the exhibitor. Ingress of products at SM Megatrade Hall 3 shall be from 2:00 p.m. of October 17 to 12:00 noon of October 18.

b. Products for exhibits shall be properly packed in boxes taking extra care for breakable items.

c. Products and props should be listed properly (in triplicate), with one copy attached to the box for inventory purposes.

d. DTI assumes responsibility of the products for the exhibit once turned-over to them.

e. Products intended for retail selling shall be packed separately.


 5. On Booth Assigned and Booth Dressing

a. Participants should comply with the booth assignments as determined by the Panangidayew Secretariat.

b. Participant shall be allowed in the exhibit premises only starting October 17, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. after the booth/modules have been set-up by the Panangidayew Secretariat – ready for booth dressing. Booth dressing shall be allowed only until 2:00 p.m. of October 18.

c. Participants shall be responsible for the dressing of their respective booths. As such they shall provide materials for set-up e.g. tapes, pins, nylon cord, scissors, props, etc. Editing, however, will be done by the organizers.

d. Additional requirements for booth dressing like shelves, lighting and other materials shall be borne by the participants, subject to approval of the Secretariat.

e. Participants should provide names of booth representatives to the Secretariat two weeks before the fair.


6. Participants should make two samples of product selected for   the special setting.

7. Products for exhibit should be properly tagged and should indicate prices and minimum/maximum order requirements.

8. Participants should attend the final briefing of exhibitors scheduled on September 25, 2000, 1:30 p.m. at the DTI Provincial Office. The opening ceremony shall be on 18, 2000 at 4:00 p.m.


1. Exhibitors should register daily at the Registration Counter prior to the opening of the exhibit area.

2. Exhibitors should make available calling cards, pictures of products on exhibit.

3. Exhibitors or their authorized representative should be present during the entire duration of the fair to answer inquiries from buyers.

4. Exhibitors should be ready with the following pertinent materials for prospective buyers

a. Product sample
b. Updated Company Profile
c. Product Profile/Sheet
d. Cash Invoice Receipt
e. Official Receipt
f. Price List
g. Product Code
h. Pictures/Brochures

5. Selling of items in the special set-up is allowed, however, withdrawal of sold items from the special set-up can only be done on the last day of the fair.

6. Exhibitors are required to issue Official Receipt or Acknowledgement Receipt for cash sales.

7. Picture taking and sketching shall be allowed only with the consent of the exhibitor and the Secretariat.

8. Exhibitors/Booth representative should always wear their ID when in the fair premises.

9. Exhibitors should accomplish and submit the sales monitoring forms daily to the Secretariat.

10. Participants shall be liable for any damage to/loss of exhibition materials/accessories provided to them by the organizers.


1. Exhibitors should accomplish and submit the exhibitor’s evaluation form to the Secretariat on or before the close of the fair.

2. Exhibitors shall take charge of dismantling of props and withdrawal of products right after the closing of the exhibit on the last day.

3. Exhibitors who receive booked orders should strictly comply with the agreements entered into with buyers.

4. Participants should inform the DTI Pangasinan Provincial Office on the developments of the booked orders they contracted with buyers.

5. Participants with transactions under negotiation should do their best to realize said transactions.


1. Total fee shall be P1,000.00 per sq. meter. Furniture can get a 3x3 booth. Other sectors can get bigger if they want. Booth availability/assignment is on a come-first serve basis.

2. Payments shall be in cash or in Manager’s Check in the name of Panangidayew 2000.

3. Payments scheme shall be:

Upon application P1,000.00

To complete the 50% June 30, 2000

Full payment of 50% (balance) August 30, 2000

4. A penalty of 5% PER MONTH shall be imposed if payments is made after due date.

5. For those availing/getting more than 2 booths, a discount of 20% will be given provided they will pay the 50% required payment on the schedule set.

6. For withdrawals made after August 30, 2000, the full amount of the participation fee will have to be paid.



1. Tri-media exposure

2. Booth – size is according to your choice/need (price is negotiable for those getting 2 booths)

3. Company signage

4. Negotiation table and Two (2) chairs

5. Two fluorescent light

6. Four shelves

7. Inclusion in the directory of exhibitors




1. Marketing assistance (Trade Fairs/Exhibits & Local Study Mission)

2. Invitation to participate in DTI-coordinate/sponsored trainings






1. Design consultation and product development (for 1st timers only)

-Processed food & Furniture - P2,500.00
-GTH and other Sectors - P1,500.00

2. Available of management and technical consultancy service

-Seminar on How to Participate in Trade Fairs


Sanction shall be imposed for non-compliance to the rules, as follows:

Types of Non-Compliance


 2 years suspension from DTI organized/coordinate activities
2. Early Egrees 
1-year suspension from the DTI
organized/coordinated activities
3. Non-observance of exhibit hours tardiness (15 minutes) early departure/under time

collection of fines P 100 per offence

4. Selling of prototype beforethe fair and/or non-display of prototypes during the fair Banned from future DTI fairs
5. Non-attendance to trainings, if any  Non-acceptance/delisting

6. Exhibitors/Fall-out with unpaid  participation fee (inclusive of penalty) due to them

P 1000 per offense
7. Leaving their exhibit booth unattended  P 500 per offense
8. Non-compliance to dress code P 100 per offense

9. Sanding, varnishing, painting and leaving stains in the warehouse exhibit and selling area

P 1000 per offense