Project         :        MEDICAL / DENTAL MISSION

chair              :       PP Perla Quinto- Lomboy

Co-Chair      :      Ms. Remy Movida

Date              :       May 1998


Project         :       FUND RAISINS(BINGO SOCIAL) for

                    :       DAY CARE CENTER AND CLUBHOUSE

Chair            :       PP Rudy Antifuesto

Co-Chair      :     Mr. Jaime Nabua

Date              :       June 1998


Project         :        ACCOUNTANCY WEEK &3rd GENERAL

                    :        MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Chair            :        Mr. Antonio Patungan

Co-Chair      :      Mr. Benjamin Daroya

Date              :        July 1998


Project         :        ELECTORAL REFORM

Chair            :        PP Victorio Frias

Co-Chair      :        PP Delia Rojas

Date              :        August 1998


Project         :        CPE on the ROAD

Chair            :        Ms. Jennifer Navarro

Co-Chair      :        Ms. Arlene Andaya

Date              :        September 1998


Project                  ELECTIONS

Chair                     PP Raul Daroya

Co-Chair               PP Zeny Rivadelo

Date                      October 1998


Project                  ON to NATIONAL CONVENTION

Chair                     Ms. Genoveva Y. Reyes

Co-Chair               PP Marie Poserio

Date                      November 1998


Project                  CHRISTMAS PARTY & 4th GENERAL

                            MEMBERSHIP MEETING &

                            RECOGNITION NIGHT

Chair                     PP Virgilio Quinto

Co-Chair               Ms. Luz de Guzman

Date                      December 1998


Project                 MEDICAL MISSION in COOPERATION

                            with SOCIETY OF FILIPINO SURGEONS

                            IN AMERICA

Chair                     Mr. Rudy Carolino

Co-Chair               Ms. Delia Rojas

Date                      January 1998


Project                  PICPANs IN CYBERSPACE

Chair                     Mr. Wilson Chua

Co-Chair               Mr. Benjie Daroya

Date                      January 1998


Project                  1998 REGIONAL CONFERENCE AND

                            LEADERSHIP MEETING

Chair                     Ms. Verna Y. Urbano

Co-Chair               Mr. Reynaldo Curameng

Date                      February 1998


Project                 47th INDUCTION & FIRST GENERAL

                            MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Chair                     Mr. Rodolfo Carolino

Co-Chair               Mr. Tony Patungan

Date                      March 1998


Project                 SEARCH FOR OUTSTANDING JPIANs

Chair                     Ms. Rita Garcia

Co-Chair               Ms. Christine Resultay

Date                      March 1998


Project                  TAXATION UPDATE/CARAVAN

Chair                     Ms. Teresita Reyes

Co-Chair               Ms. Benita Fabia/ Ms. Adela Cayabyab

Date                      March 1998



Chair                     Mr. Reynaldo Curameng

Co-Chair               Ms. May Nora Q. Estrada

Date                      March 1998


Project                  MINI OLYMPICS, FAMILY DAY &

                            2nd GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Chair                     PP Atty. Armando Montesa

Co-Chair               Mr. Edwin Zipagan

Date                      April 1998