DCPS named best police station

                 THE DAGUPAN City police station bested several hundreds of police stations in the Ilocos Region to grab the honors of being the most outstanding police station this year. Chief Supt. Jose G. Ayap, regional director of the Philippine National Police, made the announcement based on the results of a recent evaluation of contenders for the award. Ayap has concluded his review of the different police stations’ profiles vying for the award last Dec. 4. The Urdaneta City police station ranked a good second to the DCPS. Both the DCPS and the UCPS will represent the region in the search for the most outstanding police station in the country (city category) for this year. The DCPS, which is headed by Supt. Francisco S. Manalo Jr., surpassed its closest rival UCPS which is under the leadership of Supt. Jessie Cardona, by a minimal margin. Earlier, Supt. Leopoldo N. Bataoil, director of the provincial police command based in Lingayen town, announced that UCPS garnered the highest point in winning the award as the best station for this year with the DCPS winning the second place. Bataoil made the announcement on Dec. 1.

                 However, Bataoil’s declaration was based on the results of the Annual General Inspection (AGI) conducted in the region last month. AGI results represented only 40 percent of the total points for the selection. The other components of the award included: Performance Evaluation Rating, 50 percent and Project Impact, 10 percent. In the overall evaluation, the DCPS took the edge over the UCPS. Manalo said his station had higher chances of winning the much-coveted award being a consistent recipient of the honors in the past several years.

                 Our actual performance accomplishments and the status of our administrative personnel are two big factors that could boost our chances of winning the award,” Manalo said. Manalo also cited the drug test, which half of his staff underwent last month, saying, nobody among his men failed the test. He also said the support granted to the DCPS by the city government of Dagupan and some non-government organizations have boosted the success of the operations of his force.


                 As stated in its MISSION, the PNP shall enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community. Also, it envisions to establish a professional, dynamic and highly motivated PNP, supported by a responsive community. For the period 01 October 1999 to 30 September 2000, Dagupan City Police Station made worthy and significant contributions in order to achieve its main goal, that is to provide the city with an atmosphere or environment that is conducive to prosperity and progress.

                 In the enforcement of laws, the Station has undertaken various plans, projects and activities in order to properly implement provisions of the Revised Penal Code and Special Laws treating problems and concerns besetting the city. These resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals involved in nefarious and illegal activities and the seizure or confiscation of the tools and fruits of the crimes that they have committed. On top of these, the positive outcome in the prosecution of criminal cases against respondents has encouraged law enforcers to continue their good work while at the same time reminded criminals that crime does not pay.

Morning formation and inspection.
Dagupan's finest.

                 In the prevention and control of crimes, the Police Visibility System, an innovative and timely policing strategy of the Dagupan City Police Station, has been proven to be an effective crime prevention and solution tool as it also served as a convenient medium for police and population interaction, coordination and cooperation.

                 This Solve-all strategy greatly contributed to the maintenance of peace and order and insured security and public safety mainly though the enhancement of police visibility and law enforcement particularly in crime-prone areas. To further enhance police community interaction, this station undertook a continuing cleansing process addressing the dysfunctional systems and procedures, which spawned inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the organization.

                 The goals of the COMPLAN PATNUBAY of National Headquarters was realized through the eradication of inept, corrupt and undisciplined policemen. To reform and uplift the moral and spiritual values of its members, a Moral Recovery and Values Formation program was undertaken, which immensely helped in restoring the pride and dignity of everybody. This in turn greatly improved the morale of the men and women of the organization and provided them with the heart to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

                 As a result, this boosted the trust and confidence of the Dagupeños towards their policemen as it also helped in improving the overall image and credibility of the organization. The station pursued its Human Resource Development Program by providing its members with the proper training in order to improve their skills and abilities. Through the holding of various seminars or by sending personnel to training centers, the Station was able to increase the knowledge of every policeman about numerous fields of police works like Investigation, Intelligence, Women’s and Children’s Concerns, Police Community Relations Operations, enforcement of Special Laws and many others. In all these endeavors, the community responded positively by supporting the Dagupan City Police Station in the pursuit of its mission and vision while its members pursued excellence and greater glory not only for themselves but also for the entire PNP organization in general.

                 The significant and outstanding accomplishments of this station for the period would not have been possible without the utmost support and cooperation of the community who worked either individually or collectively towards the accomplishment of the numerous tasks and responsibilities laid down by higher headquarters. With all these developments, the Dagupan City Police Station is doubly motivated by the fact that the City of Dagupan is currently experiencing an influx of investments, which is one of the positive signs of good policing.