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dzRH logo, then KZRH was the first to break the news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was the "Voice of Freedom" in the dark days  of the seige of Corregidor.

In 1940 Sister station DYRC was established in Cebu and quickly became the leading news and drama station in the Visayas and Mindanao. DZRH was the only media witness to the surender of Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright, Commander of the United States Armed forces in the Far East, to the Japanese Imperial Army. DZRH already then the best in the Pacific Rim, then went off the air.

In 1972 Then-President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972, closing down media including all radio stations. It was the only other time in DZRH's history, since World War II, that broadcast would be interrupted.

In 1986, The country tuned in and listened as DZRH covered the Snap Elections of 1986, the EDSA Revolution, and the peaceful installation of President Cory Aquino as a result of People Power.

In 1994, MBC celebrated its 55th Anniversary with another first in Philippine Broadcasting. The launch of the dzRH logo Satellite Radio Network, bringing to life the vision of "One Station,  One Nation." For the first time, a single station truly covered the entire Philippines, reaching 97% of its communities.

temp logoIn 1995, DWST Showbiz Tsismis was launched on 101.1FM in Manila, the first nationwide satellite FM  station, dedicated to an innovative mix of showbiz news and the latest music hits!. DWST relaunched December 8, 1998 with a new name. It's now called YES! FM.

In the year 2000
Our Vision is 200 in 2000, 200 stations in the year 2000, In this year MBC will complete its expansion to 200 stations across the country, with 32 new stations and the MBC Com Net (Community Radio Network) will use state-of-the-art digital equipment to bring a combination of music, national news, and entertainment alongside highly localized news and community bulletins to its listeners.

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Manila Broadcasting Company was first formed in 1939, and it's first station DZRH went live on air on July 15th, 1939. DZRH is the oldest radio station in the Philippines and forms the      nucleus of the Manila Broadcasting Company or MBC.