Our Lady of Manaoag

May 2, 2001
Manaoag Pangasinan


A religious shrine with countless miraculous tales and healing powers
located  in Manaoag., Pangasinan, Philippines 

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    The Spanish Dominicans worked for the catholic Church in Manaoag from 1610 to 1971 less 10 years ( out-break of the Revolution against Spain to 1908 when the American soldiers left Manaoag) or a total of 351 years. Most famous of the Spanish Missionaries of Manaoag are Fathers: Tomas Gutierrez, Juan De San Jacinto, Jose Solis, Fernando Sta. Maria, Hilario del Campo, Andres Duque, Domingo Andres, Mariano Rodriguez, Basilio Martin, Teodulo Cajigal, Evaristo Rojo, Gerardo Manzanedo, and Patricio Rodgrigo.

      Fr. Juan De San Jacinto was the one who transfered the Church and town to its present site, and placed it under the patronage of Our Lady of the Rosary. The first churches were of modest size and materials. It was only in 1701 when the first church of bricks was put up by Don Gaspar Gamboa and his wife Dona Agata Yangta, Spaniards and members of the Dominican Third Order. They eventually donated the church to the Dominican Fathers. various improvements were made on this church until it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1832. efforts were made to build new churches but they were destroyed by the earthquakes of 1880, and 1893. Fr. Hilario Del Campo made plans for a new, big church, but was not finished because of the Revolution of 1898 which occasioned by departure of the Spanish Dominicans from Pangasinan.

     From 1898 to 1908 the spiritual care of Manaoag was under a Filipino secular priest named Fr. Mariano Pacis. When peace returned to the Philippines under the American occupation, the Spanish Dominicans returned. They were offered San Carlos or Manaoag to keep as souvenir of their apostolic work in this Region. They chose Manaoag because of the donation made by Don Gaspar Gamboa and because it has the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin. 

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