ms5.jpg (134061 bytes) Registration ms6.jpg (125906 bytes)

Rea starts off briefing with Office 97 features

ms7.jpg (127212 bytes) Participant going over hand outs ms8.jpg (166548 bytes) Patrick Vierces with Dmmmsu's Cora Regacho
ms9.jpg (158251 bytes) CHED Supervisor with Wilson and Patrick ms10.jpg (154647 bytes) Smile! ms11.jpg (111220 bytes) We're off! ms12.jpg (131193 bytes)
ms13.jpg (135009 bytes) Table no. What? image14.jpg (122383 bytes) Wow! what a crowd... image15.jpg (111530 bytes) Participant: "She's (Rea's) really cool..." image16.jpg (118354 bytes) Crowd is very attentive.  (or sleeping?)