Late Breaking News


*AutoCAD LT Seminar Postponed

(June 7, 2000) Ms. Elo T Cortez, WSI PM, regretfully announced the postponement of the seminar due to unavoidable reasons. 

*Radio Veritas Soon Online!

(June 1, 2000) Bitstop and Radio Veritas are shown in picture during the contract signing held at Radio Veritas Offices for Online Broadcast. Shown in Picture are: L-R Fr Francis, Mario Garcia, Wilson Chua, Fr Bong and  Msgr Hernando M. Coronel 


*Ai-Ai/Ara Mina Concert

(May 29, 2000) Right after attending the AutoCad LT seminar, why not go to the Ai-Ai and Ara Mina Concert? Its on the same date, June 16, 2000 at the People's Astrodome. 

Subsidized tickets for all dagupan.com and mozcom.com subscribers are available at Bitstop. (We are also a ticket outlet for the concert.)

*AutoCAD LT Seminar

(May 29, 2000) Ms. Elo T Cortez, WSI PM, announced the holding of the AutoCAD LT and Actrix seminar in Dagupan on June 16, 2000. This affair will be from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Venue will be announced later.

Seat capacity is limited to 50 persons. Those interested to learn, please reserve your seats early with Mr John Ang 

*Microsoft Exchange 2000

(May 26, 2000) Bitstop attends the Exchange 2000 Airlift seminar presented by Microsoft Philippines. The seminar aims to prepare Microsoft partners for the launch of Exchange 2000.

New features of Exchange 2000 include support for wireless messaging, Installable file system, new message store architecture for scalability and faster backups and restore.

* The Only Mous Testing Center in Philippines

  (May 25, 2000) If you wish to find out who, try out this site http://www.mous.net/testing/locator.asp  and select Philippines in the pull down menu. Browse the site too for more details about the Microsoft Office User Specialist (Mous) exam..

*Connect Solutions  demo 

(May 23, 2000) Mr Francis Baybay of Connect Solutions, Inc., sent email that their company will be demonstrating the Cache Flow Product at Bitstop today.

CacheFlow appliances locally store and serve the Internet content most often requested by users, while simultaneously monitoring the source of that content for changes. All CacheFlow appliances are based on CacheOSTM, the industry's only operating system designed expressly for caching. 

When caching appliances are added to the network the impact is immediate; response times are reduced by a factor of 10 or more and bandwidth utilization is increased by 30-40%. In addition to providing faster Web access, the CacheFlow appliance incorporates filtering capabilities that can control the specific content that is delivered to users.


*Millenium now 10 yrs old

(May 19, 2000) Millenium Computer Technology Corporation, headed by its President, Mr Edison Tan held their 10th year anniversary celebrations today, at Cats Disco at the New World Hotel.

Our best wishes to you, Sir Edison!


*Intel Plans Sales Drive in North

(May 19, 2000) Ms Celina S Conti, Intel Microelectronic Phils, Inc Account Manager, has announced plans to conduct the highly successful Intel Madness Sale in the North. The special event is planned sometime next month. Visit this spot again for more detailed announcements later on.

*MISNET to Visit Dagupan!

(May 19, 2000) MISNET Chairman and CEO, Mr Eric R. Natividad, plans to visit Dagupan and possibly offer a special 'Training for Trainors' course in Windows 2000.

MISNET is acknowledged as the country's leading CTEC (Microsoft Certified Training Education Center) with branches in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Their clients include the who's who of the Philippine and Asian business! Our warmest regards also to Sir Arnold and Sir Ian.

Bitstop hopes that MISNET will consider tapping into the vast pool of talented IT professionals in the North.


*Bitstop Attends Win2K Workshop!

(May 15, 2000) Mr and Mrs Wilson Chua are now attending the 5 day course on  Accelerated Windows 2000  in MISNET at the Antel Bldg in Makati.

The course prepares the attendees for the accelerated Windows 2000 track for upgrading the MCSE to Windows 2000. 

*QUIOS Replacement Found!

(May 12, 2000) Try out this link to send sms to your cellphone! 

*Bitstop Adds MOUS Expert!

(May 10, 2000) Mr Marlon Macam, our resident Office 2k expert finally got his official credential! He passed the MOUS expert level for Excel. Our best wishes!

marlon.jpg (68487 bytes)


*ILOCOS gains another MCSE!

(May 8, 2000) Mr Genesis Esteban, passed his 6th exam to successfully complete all the requirements in becoming an MCSE  (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer).

Our Congratulations!

*Bitstop Attends Broadband IP Conference!

(May 8, 2000) Mr John Ang and Mr Wilson Chua represented Bitstop in the recently concluded Broadband IP & Access Technology International Summit. This was held in Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Hong Kong.

Lecturers came from such distinguished companies as Lucent, Nokia, British Telecoms, Telstra, HK CW and a host of others. Bitstop also met up with EasyCall's Mr Rey Dedicatoria during the event.

*Warning about the LOVE BUG!!!

(May 5, 2000) Please be careful when planning to open attachments. Even your friends' email may have viruses attached which they do not know of.  Read more about the I LOVE YOU virus which is suspected to have originated from the Philippines!


*E1 Link passes test

(Apr 28, 2000) Bitstop has been informed by SMNI that its E1 (2048kbps) link has just passed their testing. Full deployment is expected within the week.

*BSU MIS in Belgian Training

(Apr 27, 2000) Mrs Flordeliza Naje, (Benguet State University) is currently in Belgium undergoing Windows 2000 training. She is shown in picture below. We hear that Belgian Waffles make good pasalubong! (hint!)


*Bitstop now TUCOWS Site!


(Apr 26, 2000) Bitstop is now an official TUCOWS site. Downloads are now faster because the files are stored locally. Watch out for the other sites like PDA, Games, KIDS, Music etal...


*Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan Now MCSE!

(Apr 14, 2000) Mr. Jeffrey Bagaoisan Northwestern University's Nodal Center Director passed the Microsoft Networking Essential Exam to complete the requirement to be a new Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Congratulations to both Sir Jeffrey and NU!

*Bitstop Welcomes Sylvan!

(Apr 12, 2000) Ms Leanne Alder, Channel Coordinator for Sylvan, is shown in picture (2nd from right), while visiting Bitstop as part of her tour in the Philippines.

We are honored to be visited by Sylvan.

*Windows  2000 Launched

(Apr 11, 2000) Mr Deo Co and Patrick Viernes hosted the Windows 2000 launch held in StarPlaza hotel. The event was covered by ABS-CBN TV Patrol.


*All Aboard for the Windows 2000 Dagupan Tour (Last Call)

(Mar 31, 2000)  Bitstop wishes to remind interested IT managers and professionals to register early for the Windows 2000 Roadshow slated for April 11 at the Star Plaza Hotel.   The schedule is as follows:

  • 8:30am Registration
  • 9:00am Opening Remarks
  • 9:15am Corporate Solutions Briefing
  • 11:15am Partner's Solutions
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:15pm Windows 2000: Unified Platform
  • 1:35pm Windows 2000 Professional
  • 2:15pm Windows 2000 Server
  • 3:00pm Office 2000
  • 3:45pm Q&A
  • 4:00pm Raffle and Wrap-up

The morning session is designed for MIS managers, while  the afternoon session is best reserved for technical professionals. Interested parties are urged to register for this event by sending an email to tina@dagupan.com .

 *PLDT-ARCstar interconnection

(Mar 29, 2000) Mr Renato Castaneda , OIC for PLDT-Arcstar formally signed the interconnection agreement to deploy an E1 (2048kbps) to Bitstop.  

The link will boost Bitstop's e-commerce initiatives as bitstop hosted sites will now be one hop away from the exploding WAP enabled Smart cellphones.



* DWAD Academic Excellence

(Mar 29, 2000) Marc Perez, Gillianne Sable, Maria Katrina Rivera, Jeremy Vincent Lim and Regielyn May Salegumba were the recipients of Bitstop's Academic Excellence award for DWAD respectively in the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Best in Internet Awards.

Our congratulations to the fine graduates of DWAD.

* Bitstop aces HP exams

(Mar 28, 2000) Ms Ginalou P. Resuta, Dealer Support Specialist at HP Phils Corp informed Bitstop that our Service Engineer, Mr Edgardo Casiquin, garnered 100%,99% and 91% respectively on tests for Scanjets, Laserjets and Deskjets.

Our congratulations! 

* Mr Esteban aces Networking Essentials

(Mar 27, 2000) Mr Genesis Esteban has passed another Microsoft Exam. This time for Networking Essentials. Bitstop congratulates you!

* WAP enabled Bitstop Page

(Mar 21, 2000) Our research assistant, Mr Archie Anolin, was able to successful deploy our first wap enabled website. This website is at http://www.dagupan.com/wap.wmlc

Bitstop would also like to thank Dra Fermin for allowing us to tinker with her Nokia 7110 phone to test the website. Bitstop subscribers with similar wap enabled phone can contact us to find the correct settings for their phones.

* Romana Products Now Online! 

(Mar 21, 2000) Hungry for that world famous Romana Peanut Brittle? Order it online at http://www.dagupan.com/romana 

* Sir Jeffrey now MCP+I 

(Mar 21, 2000) Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan, Northwestern University's Nodal Center Director, recently passed his 3rd Microsoft Certification Exam. (IIS4.0 70-087). The passing of this exam also completed the requirements for MCP+I (Microsoft Certified Professional with Internet Specialist).

Our congratulations to both Mr Bagaoisan and NU!

* Bitstop Attends Pinnacle Seminar 

(Mar 21, 2000) Mr Fabien Raveton, Regional Sales & Mktg Director for Desktop & Consumer Products at Pinnacle systems, conducted the the Pinnacle Seminar that showcased the launching of DV500!

DV500 is Windows 2000 compliant and maybe featured in the Microsoft Windows 2000 launching here in Dagupan on April 11, 2000

* Cisco VOIP Seminar Postponed 

(Mar 21, 2000) Ms Cristina De Jesus, Reseller Account Executive at Cisco Systems Phils, announced that the scheduled seminar for Cisco VOIP will be postponed to the 3rd week of May.

This seminar is on invitation basis only.

* 56k Up for Testing 

(Mar 16, 2000) Bitstop would like to thank all the people that made it possible for us to offer 56k to our subscribers. In particular, the teams from DigitelONE headed by Mr Venancio Chan, Dotsie Ducanes, Stephen Ngo, Arnold Aquino and Ed Bautista. From IMVI, we would like to thank Mr Peter Maglaya, Joey Esguerra and Gen Camiling. From Mozcom, our thanks to Dr Gan , Arnold Castro and Cris Caneda for the radius entries on mozcom servers.

We are inviting our mozcom.com subscribers to sample 56k speed by dialing this pilot number: 514-7111


* Bitstop gets VAR status 

(Mar 16, 2000) Ms Jasmin So, Assistant Sales Manager, ACA Pacific (Phils) Inc., appoints Bitstop Inc as its VAR for Legato Standby Server and Veritas Software


* PLDT Site Inspection

(Mar 16, 2000) Mr Herman G. Ongkingco and Mr Norberto S. Ramos Jr, both telecom consultants from PLDT's Customer Network Solutions made an on-site survey in preparation for Bitstop's Network expansion plans.

Photo shows them examining the interfaces to which PLDT will be connecting the programmed E1 and channelized E1/R2 lines.

* IMVI Managing Director Heads TC Installation

(Mar 16, 2000) Bitstop is fortunate to have been visited by Mr Peter Maglaya, Managing Director of International Micro Village Inc. Mr Maglaya is accompanied by Mr Gen Camiling, Sales and Technical Chief of Network Services. 

The team from IMVI is on hand to provide technical support on the commissioning of Bitstop's e1/r2 lines from Digitel. Picture at the background shows the installed USR Total Control chassis which can support a maximum of 420 (56k) dialup lines!



* Cisco Phils To hold VOIP Seminar

(Mar 15, 2000) Cisco Phils, Lamco International and Bitstop will be holding a joint seminar for Voice over IP (VOIP) in Dagupan on Apr4 and 5. This event is exclusive only for Bitstop lease line clients.

The seminar will have hands-on actual exercises on setting up and configuring advanced Cisco routers using configmaker, and also, a separate session on setting up cisco routers to do VOIP over the internet.

* ACA Pacific To hold Veritas Seminar

(Mar 15, 2000) Jasmin So, ACA Pacific Marketing announced the holding of Veritas Seminar exclusive for Bitstop staff and employees, featuring the award winning Seagate Backup Exec.

* Digitel Site Inspection

(Mar 14, 2000) Digitel personnel headed by Mr Arnold J. Aquino,  were on hand for the pre-site inspection of our facilities in line with the installation of our E1/R2 line. 

The E1/R2 line will allow Bitstop to hookup our second USR Total Control Chassis with HiperAccess Card to provide TRUE 56K dialup  performance. 

This will make Bitstop the 1st ISP in Pangasinan, and the 2nd Mozcom franchisee (the first being Trellisnet, Tarlac) to offer 56k dialup access to its subscribers. 

* IMVI to deliver 2nd TC

(Mar 13, 2000) International MicroVillage Inc. announced that the 2nd Total Control Unit ordered by Bitstop will be delivered and installed this Wednesday.

The 2nd TC will add another 60 dialup lines that are 56k capable. The hiperaccess card that comes with it will allow dialup clients to listen to Multicasted materials!

* Esteban Passes NT Enterprise

(Mar 10, 2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that Mr Genesis Esteban, of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, passed the NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Exam. This is his third certification.


* Windows 2000 Dagupan Tour

(Mar 8, 2000)  Mr Deo Co,Technical Marketing Executive at Microsoft Philippines, announced the following details on Windows 2000 Roadshow for Dagupan to be held at Star Plaza Hotel on April 11.

  • 8:30am Registration
  • 9:00am Opening Remarks
  • 9:15am Corporate Solutions Briefing
  • 11:15am Partner's Solutions
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 1:15pm Windows 2000: Unified Platform
  • 1:35pm Windows 2000 Professional
  • 2:15pm Windows 2000 Server
  • 3:00pm Office 2000
  • 3:45pm Q&A
  • 4:00pm Raffle and Wrap-up

The morning session is targeted for MIS managers, while  the afternoon session is for technical guys. Interested parties are urged to register early for this event by sending an email to tina@dagupan.com 


* Pomeranz Tour Update

(Mar 8,  2000) Mr. David Pomeranz will be in Dagupan on March 8, Wednesday!  Fans may listen to him during his radio tour on March 8 or  catch a glimpse of him during a motorcade around Dagupan that will be held on the day of the Concert on March 12.  Don't forget to get your tickets for the Sunday concert!

* Visit Ragtime~!

(Mar 7,  2000) Michelle Lioanag is inviting the public to drop by her bar located at the corner of Perez blvd., Dagupan. Mondays and Tuesdays feature lie contemporary pop, Samba/Jazz for Wednesdays and Rock&Roll each Thursday.

* Add'l Dagupan.com Dialup Lines

(Mar 6,  2000) Mr John Ang, announced recently the addition of 4 dialup lines for Dagupan.com subscribers.The new dialup numbers are as follows:

  • PLDT 523-1401 to 02
  • Digitel 515-7191 to 92

More lines will be made available sometime mid-March. Watch for this!

* Jane Passes 5th MCSE exam

(Mar 6,  2000) Mrs Jane A Chua, passed her 5th exam for attaining the MCSE certification track of Microsoft. Passing the TCP/IP exam, now leaves her with only one more exam to go to make her an MCSE!

Our congratulations!

* Bitstop HomePage Hacked Bitstop HomePage Hacked

(Mar 4,  2000) Bitstop finally made it to the list that includes topsites like CNN , Yahoo, ebay etc. when our website was successfully hacked by Cih. Fortunately, tape backups were available to restore our webpage.

* Subsidized Pomeranz Concert Tickets!

(Mar 2,  2000) Click here to learn more about the series of concerts by Mr David Pomeranz.  Mr John Ang, recently announced that subsidized tickets for this concert will be available on a first come first served basis to alert Dagupan.com and Mozcom.com subscribers of Bitstop. 

The subsidized tickets (Php250 list price) will be Php200.00  for Dagupan.com subscribers, while for Mozcom.com subscribers, they will be Php125.00.

Hurry, as we have only 50 tickets available at these prices.


* Esteban Aces NT Server 4.0

(Feb 25, 2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that Mr Genesis Esteban, of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, passed the NT Server 4.0 Exam with a perfect score! (Magaling talaga ang mga taga Ilocos!)

* Exchange 5.5 backs up NuLaoag.com

(Feb 25,  2000)  When Laoag experienced a 2 hour long power failure, Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan of Northwestern University (NU) quickly realized that mails for NUlaoag.COM would bounce back to senders. He needed another mail server to act as a temporary holding area for all mails bound for NUlaoag.com. 

Microsoft's Exchange 5.5 provides this functionality with ease! When NU's mailserver is operational, all mails held by bitstop mailserver will then be forwarded to it.

* Join Fundraising for DWAD

(Feb 25,  2000) DWAD alumni are encouraged to join in the fundraising campaign for the airconditioning system at DWAD's library. Interested parties may contact Mr Virgilio Quinto ('79) at GSIS dagupan telnos 523-4922 or at his home, 522-1650. Or send email to dwad@mozcom.com

* Congratulations to BCF

Welcome to the BCF Homepage

(Feb 22,  2000) Baguio Colleges Foundation, "the little known school" in Baguio, again garnered another feather in its cap. BCF was identified as the IT center of Excellence for Baguio. They won over all other equally prestigious schools in Baguio.

Bitstop is proud to have been part of BCF's IT endeavors! Our best wishes to M'am Nancy Flores, Sirs Milo, Julius, Ronald, Patty and the rest of its fine IT staff!

* Congratulations to NU

(Feb 22,  2000) Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan passed the MCP Exam 70-059 TCP/IP with an almost perfect score. Our congratulations to Sir Jeffrey for his 2nd certification!

* Maxtor Seminar @ Bitstop

(Feb 21,  2000) Bitstop Software and Hardware support personnel were treated to a Maxtor Technical support seminar conducted by Mr Peter Chua, Technical Support Engineer at Maxtor.

Mr Chua's area of responsibility includes HongKong, Peoples' Republic of China and the Philippines. The seminar covered the use of MaxBlast, MaxDiag, proper care and handling, Dual Wave and Shock Block. 

Photo shows the seminar participants together with Mr Peter Chua (2nd from right)

* MOUS Exam Promo Price

(Feb 21,  2000) MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist Exam) previously priced at 50 USD is now offered at an unbelievably low price of USD18.00!

Bitstop does not know when the promo will end. (So) Please register early to take advantage of this incredibly low offer!

* St Therese Relics at DWAD Gym

(Feb 17,  2000)  The relics of St Therese are now at the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan Gymnasium until tomorrow 8:00am. Devotees are encouraged to attend the vigil tonight. Click here to learn more  about St Therese. This is the US national site. The Relics will go on to Iba, Zambales.

Picture below shows the pilgrim relics as it is housed in the DWAD gym:



* PIVOT Table on Steroids

(Feb 14,  2000) Microsoft Excel's PIVOT table is a great tool for analyzing volumes of data. This is even more impressive if the data is stored on SQL 7.0 server and accessed via ODBC.  But to get even better performance, install and run OLAP services to really put your Excel PIVOT tables on steroids!


* Important Seminars for Bitstop

(Feb 10-12,  2000) Bitstop sent over Melvin Bueno to attend the 1day workshop on Windows 2000. Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua, on the other hand attended the Microsoft Direct Access Briefing and Dealer launching for Windows 2000, Cisco SMB and HP-Lamco Seminar that featured the latest plotters and photo-quality printers.

Mr Ed Casiquin, Bitstop Senior Service engineer is slated to attend the HP servicing seminars. Mr John Ang, Gerard Viari and Marlon Macam, are slated to attend the Autocad R2000 Training to be conducted by WSI.


* Fault Tolerant VMUF MailSystem

(Feb 9,  2000) Using Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Bitstop provides VMUF with backup mail facility to enable fault tolerance. Today, even if the VMUF mail server is shutdown or otherwise incapacitated, all mails bound for the vmuf.edu.ph domain is temporarily accepted by Bitstop's mail server.

When the VMUF mailserver is up, its a simple matter of triggering the mail server at Bitstop to download whatever mail was stored during the downtime.

This system can also provide backup to corporate mail systems that are normally shutdown at night or after office hours.

* Check out NomadClan's Website

(Feb 5,  2000) Bitstop welcomes the addition of NOMADclan's website that is hosted on our servers! Click here to view their website.


* USB Card Reader Tested

(Feb 5,  2000) Photo shows the card reader with USB interface that allows you to immediately access your flash memory cards without having to download them from your Digital camera. We tested the device with the flash card of Kodak DC240.  Instead of waiting for the usual slow serial downloads, we were able to open the files as if it were a local disk! 

* Research Assistants Needed

(Feb 5,  2000) Bitstop is looking for highly motivated individuals for a part time positions as research assistant. The job can be done at home. We will provide your with the materials needed for the research. Interested? apply now by sending an email to wilson@dagupan.com  

* SQL 7.0 Roars with Win2k

(Feb 5,  2000) SQL 7.0 performance was dramatically improved by running it on Windows  2000 (RTM) instead of on NT 4.0.

Test results on a 500++ mb database shows the following speed improvement over NT 4.0 

Data Import Operation 18%
Select w/o Index 356%
Select w/ Clustered Index 305%

Check out the Windows 2000 launch on Feb 17, 2000!


* Check out New Hosted Sites

(Feb 2,  2000) Highlighting the ease of use features of Microsoft IIS 4.0 and frontpage Extensions, Bitstop is proud to welcome 2 new sites to our fold.

Check out Lyceum Northwestern and RoanMara.

* Magic Group Online!

(Feb 1,  2000) Bitstop welcomes the Magic Group of Companies owned by Congressman Benjamin Lim of the 4th district of Pangasinan. 

Their Email server is capable of setting up mailing lists, automated response systems and vacation rules--making it cheaper and easier for the whole group to exchange intra-corporate messages.

* LN Stude-1st Win98 MCP in Pangasinan

(Jan 31,  2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that Mr Joemar Abad (shown in the middle), 4th year Lyceum Northwestern Computer Science Student, is the first person to pass the Microsoft Certified Exam for Windows 98 in the region.

Mr Michael Tanedo, Lyceum IT Consultant and a fellow MCP remarked that Mr Abad's passing serves as a proof of the high quality of IT courses developed at Lyceum Northwestern No other student from the region has ever taken , much less passed, the tough Microsoft Certification exams.

* ILOCOS gains another MCP

(Jan 31,  2000) Bitstop congratulates Mr Genesis Esteban, formerly of Northwestern University Laoag for passing the Microsoft Certification exam 070-073, Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT workstation 4.0

* Bangus Online Commerce Site Featured in Inquirer

(Jan 25,  2000) Our thanks to Ms Yolly Fuertes , PDI Northern Luzon Bureau for the frontpage exposure of Bangus Online in its  Jan 24, 2000 issue. 


* Pinnacle Seminar Sponsored by Glee

(Jan 21,  2000) Bitstop wishes to thank Glee Electronics for sponsoring the exciting Pinnacle Seminar featuring the miroVideo DC30 PRO and adobe premiere 5.1

The seminar showed attendees the powerful yet easy to use video editing features of the mirro product and Adobe Premiere. Transition effects, filters, joins, and title creation were among some of the items showed in the seminar.


* Bangus Online featured In Manila Times!

(Jan 17,  2000) St Anthony's Bangus, the first business to take advantage of Bitstop's free webpage promo has been featured in the friday article of Manila Times, by correspondent Mr Ging Cardinoza. Isnt it about time for you to take advantage of the free web to promote your business too? 

* Linux Certification exam now Online!

(Jan 13, 2000) Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will begin offering testing through VUE test centers beginning 11 January, 2000. Their first test is a beta exam, 1ABeta - General Linux 1 and will be offered worldwide for a price of $100 USD.  Bitstop is an authorized VUE testing center.

* Chowking FastFood Delivery Online!

chowking.jpg (56971 bytes)

(Jan 12, 2000) Chowking Dagupan is the second business to avail of free website hosting for Easycall pager promo. Try ordering various lauriat choices from the convienience of your keyboard with their site! http://chowking.dagupan.com


* Register for Video Effects Seminar


(Jan 6, 2000) Add more effects to your video footages! Attend Pinnacle Systems' Video Editing Solutions Seminar. You can digitize, remaster, add effects and let your imagination soar!

  • Venue   :  Max Fried Chicken, Calasiao, Pangasinan  
    Date      :  January 21, 2000
    Time      :  1:00 – 5:00 pm
    Price      :  5,500.00 per person

FREE for the first 50 confirmed registrants. Register now with tina@dagupan.com and get your confirmation slip.


* Two New Digital Cameras 

(Jan 6, 2000) Pictured below are two new low cost, high performance digital camera that also have RCA plugs to tv set and video recorders!

24bit color cyberDisplay LCD, PC/Mac USB interface, Self-timer:10sec, Auto Exposure, Low Power Consumption 


1.8" TFD Color LCD, 4mb Internal Flash Mem, Full Motion NTSC/PALvideo output, Self timer:10sec 


* Visit St Anthony's Bangus 

(Jan 5, 2000) St Anthonys' Ocean grown bangus is now online! Please vist their site at http://bangus.dagupan.com  Mr Mel Abesamis' business  is the very first to take advantage of the easycall and webpage package!

* Free WebHosting (2mb) 

(Jan 5, 2000) We are packaging our Easycall Pagers with 2mb worth of Free Webhosting for one year. The new easycall pagers can receive emails. This allows you to setup your online business site and receive orders from the internet. The orders can then be received directly on your pager! No more need for a dedicated dialup line to the internet. Click here to take a look at our webhosting policy. If you are interested, click here to make an online application, we will call you in less than 5 minutes (during office hours that is..)


* Y2K item Reminder

(Dec 30, 1999) We will be on hand to monitor our internet and easycall services during the transition to the new year. In case you experience some problems, page Easycall 755 or call up our administrative lines.  When paging, please, do remember to include your contact number.  

For any Y2K issues you may have, contact the 



  • (075) 542-6441, 542-6012

  • (075) 542-9004, 542-6013

 Or E-MAIL miso@mozcom.com

* 1st MCP in Ilocos Region!

(Dec 28, 1999) Bitstop congratulates Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan, who passed the Microsoft Certified Exam 70-067 for NT Server with a score of 900 . This makes Mr Bagaoisan the 1st Microsoft Certified Professional in Ilocos Region.

Mr Jeffrey Bagaoisan is the Nodal Center Director of Northwestern University in Laoag!


* Microsoft features Pangasinan events

(Dec 23, 1999) Check out the Microsoft website for the featured institution and recent computer event in Pangasinan:

*Merry Christmas  

(Dec 23, 1999)  Bitstop would like to greet everyone a very Merry  Christmas.  Our administrative offices for Bitstop, Bitstop Internet and Easycall will be closed from Dec. 23 to Dec. 27, 1999.  


* Jane's Bowling Team Demolishes competition

(Dec 19, 1999) Due to a spate of terribly good luck (ma-chamba), Jane's team won the 1st ever Bitstop Bowlers Competition. Jane's team walked away with 6,000 pesos of prize money. 

Anyway, our congratulations to the winning team that did not even practice!

Photos of the event and subsequent Xmas party are here.

* Bitstop's Y2K Readiness Disclosure

(Dec 18, 1999) Bitstop defines Year 2000 compliance for its services as the following:

"Year 2000 compliant products and service have been tested to verify that where date fields are processed, dates are calculated and displayed accurately; and that our systems correctly  recognizes the year 2000 as a leap year."

The following are the critical components that were tested and verified to be Y2k ready/compliant:

  • Microsoft NT 4.0 SP5 servers are Y2k compliant.
  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5 SP2 is Y2K compliant
  • Microsoft Proxy 2.0 SP1 is Y2k compliant
  • Microsoft SQL 7.0 SP1 is Y2K compliant
  • Linux Servers running RedHat Hedwig 6.0 are Y2K compliant
  • Cisco 3640 running 12.0(4)T is Y2K compliant
  • Cisco Catalyst 1924a is Y2K compliant 
  • USR Total Control is Y2K compliant
  • USR MP 16 modem pool is Y2k compliant
  • APC Matrix 3000 and 5000 UPS are Y2K compliant
  • Virtual Motion Remote Access Manager is Y2k compliant

Further, our Y2K readiness program involves:

  • 24 Hours-Emergency Crew on the Critical Dates, Dec 31, 1999- Jan 1 2000
  • 15KVA Generator for extended power outages
  • Full Backups of Critical data including, but not limited to: Mailbox data, NT User Databases,  Hosted webpages, Billing and authentication program.

However, even if Bitstop is Y2K compliant, we are still dependent of the services of other companies notably: Mozcom, PLDT, DIGITEL, SMART and DECORP for our Internet services to work. Y2K failures on the above companies will have a domino effect on our operations as well. As such, Bitstop will not be in any way, responsible for failures that arise from such aforementioned events.


* FREE Webhosting on Dagupan.com!

(Dec 17, 1999) In the spirit of Christmas, Bitstop is now accepting applications for our free 1-year web hosting program. Each Dagupan.com subscriber can put up his/her webpage up to a limit of 2 mb disk space. This promo is valid up to January 31, 2000 only

The offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The webpage is done with taste, not immoral or illegal in any way.
2. Banner space is reserved for Bitstop use.
3. The dagupan.com account is active

Inactive dagupan.com accounts will have their webpage deleted.

* Crossover Online Launched @ Mondo

(Dec 16, 1999) Crossover's top brass led by Mr Louie Villar Jr, formally launched Crossover Online! a joint project between Mareco , Bitstop, DigitelONE and Microsoft at Mondo (the fort). On hand also at the event were Mr Sam Jacoba and Mr Emmanuel San Agustin , both from Microsoft Phils, Mr and Mrs Venancio Chan of DigitelONE.

The Crossover Online is a made possible due to the support extended by Microsoft and Digitelone.


* Bitstop Receives Plaque from Samsung

(Dec 10, 1999) Bitstop accepts plaque from Astech Pengson for its Samsung Monitors line of products.

* Bitstop Receives Plaque GLEE-fully

Photo taken at ChatterBox shows (l-r) M'am Jane and Sir Wilson with Jason Cheng of GLEE electronics (not shown in picture is Mr Dennis Gaw, who was with Giselle Sanchez doing the millenium greeting) 

* Mozcom ties up with Destiny Cable

(Dec 9, 1999) At the recently concluded 7th conference in Caylabne Bay, the following item was announced  .." partnership between MosCom and Destiny Cable to provide cable Internet to their respective subscribers. Still aligned to MosCom's goal of providing broadband access, the partnership will make possible Internet access via Destiny's cable network, with MosCom providing Internet feeds to the former's cable headend."

Our congratulations to Mozcom for this wonderful news.

*MouseHouse Grand Opening

(Dec 8, 1999) Our best wishes to Team MouseHouse on the occasion of its inauguration on Dec 10, 1999 4:15pm at G/F Llamas-Reyes Bldg., #92 Burgos Extension, Dagupan City.

*Bitstop @Mozcom's 7th conference

(Dec 5, 1999) The 7th Nationwide franchisee conference of the Mozcom Network was held in Caylabne bay, where Bitstop sent 2 of its Microsoft Certified NT professionals, Ms Bing Berces and Ms Marlyn Gotoc.

The two reportedly enjoyed the conference so much that they decided to extend their stay. 

*EasyCall Northern Luzon Franchise Training

(Dec 5, 1999) Our thanks to Ms Vina Cortes, Nationwide Operations, Ms Remedios V Capunan, Marketing AVP, Ms Iya Garrobillas Product Assitant  and Rolly Flores, Dealer Supervisor for Metro Manila, and finally Mr Romy Pacunayen, Dealer Supervisor for conducting the Basic Sales Training and Marketing Presentation on NetPage in Bitstop.

The event was also attended by representatives from other franchise areas in the North, like Baguio, La Union, and Pampanga.

*Benz Breaks the NTOBJect-MRTG Riddle!

(Dec 5, 1999) Thanks to Mr Benedict Cuison MCSE+I, Luzon Colleges, Bitstop is now able to do MRTG (multi router traffic Graphing) of NT's performance counters exposed as SNMP objects.

People interested in deploying MRTG on NT Performance Counters as SNMP MIBs can contact Mr Benedict Cuison directly. 

*Panasonic TD5000 Deployed @ DWCL

Panasonic KX-TD500(Nov 30, 1999) In line with its expansion plans for both internet and campus-wide communication network, Divine Word College of Laoag, successfully deployed a top of the line Panasonic KX-TD5000 with an intial configuration of 8 CO lines and 48 extensions. 

The KX-TD500 can accommodate 448 inside lines and features up to 40 universal slots, enabling the user to configure the system to best suit the needs of their business. This means that the user can outfit or change the system with the desired number of cards to support outside or inside lines efficiently using the available real estate of each shelf. Each cabinet is also independently powered, so if one of two expansion cabinets should lose power, the entire system won't be inoperable.




Name  Rank  School
Ramon E. Guttierez  First  MGSSHS
Jilbert Mejia  Second  Mangaldan Nat'l. HS
John Edward N. Guadiz  Third  Helping Foundation Inc.


Name Rank  School
Emmanuel V. Junio First  AsiaCareer College
Ruel B. Parayno Second AsiaCareer College
Oliver G. Garcia  Third  AMA Dagupan City 

 * Pangasinan Gains another MCSE+I

(Nov 25, 1999) Bitstop wishes to congratulate Mr Benedict Cuison for completing the requirements to become an MCSE+I. Mr Cuison is the Network Administrator of Luzon Colleges. Luzon Colleges now boast of having certified professionals with credentials in MCP, MCSE, MCSE+I, A+ and Oracle.

To be an MCSE+I, one has to pass a total of 9 Microsoft Certified Examinations. 


* Congrats to the Winners!

(Nov 23, 1999) Photo shows the  winner of Excel 2000 competition held in Lingayen, (l-r) Mr Wilson Chua, John Edward N Guadiz, Patrick Viernez and Mr Modesto Singson.

Photo Below, shows the winners (1st and 3rd) of the Word 2000 competition. Our congratulations to Paul Gonzales, Jophil Tandoc, and Dondon Erazo

* Win2k Sneak Preview @ AUF

(Nov 20, 1999) Mr Wilson L. Chua was the guest speaker in AUF (Angeles University Foundation) on invitation by Dean Dennis Sanggalang, to its computer students on the occasion of their computer week. Mr Chua presented sneak previews on  the new features found in the  soon-to-be released Win2000. Like built-in NAT, Active Directory, Disk Quota etc.


* NTT Promotes ARCStar Advantage 

(Nov 18, 1999) NTT officials led by Mr Toshiki Tsukimi , Senior Manager, Overseas Project Office, and Mr Ruffimel Pelayo, Senior Product Manager paid a courtesy call on Bitstop. NTT is aggressively promoting ARCSTAR.

According to NTT officials, Arcstar offers the advantage of talking to only one party for an International gateway, since both Japan and Philippine side half circuit connections will be handled by NTT. Their  99.998% guaranteed network reliability is among the best in the industry.

* Provincial Computer Consciousness Month

(Nov 12, 1999) The 4th Annual Computer Consciousness Month will kick off on Nov 22-26. 1999. The event features seminars and quiz shows on y2k, office 2000, web development and Linux development. Interested parties are asked to email miso@mozcom.com  See contest guidelines, and schedules.



* Are You Ready?

(Nov 11, 1999)  For Year 2000, that is.  Get answers to your frequently asked questions about Y2K issues here.

* Revitalized EASYCALL!

(Nov 11, 1999) Drop by Easycall's new website and take a look at their brand new services! You can now receive and SEND email without using a computer! Enroll in NETPAGE! 

* Mr. Bonifacio Baniqued is newest MCSE

(Nov 10, 1999)  Bitstop congratulates Mr. Bonifacio Baniqued of Jeban Computers for passing his latest examination.  Boni is the newest MCSE in Pangasinan who also holds the MCP+ I  certification.

* PDA's, Palm tops, Hand helds by any other name

(Nov 10, 1999) They're becoming the rage now and are alternatively called Personal Digital Assistants, Palm tops or handheld devices.  Bitstop has 2 surplus units on stock priced very competitively: 


Everex Executive               Compaq Aero 2130
Php  15,000                         Php 16,000

* Bitstop Welcomes Informatics Urdaneta

(Nov 9, 1999) Bitstop is proud to service the internet needs of Informatics Urdaneta, one of the premier computer learning institutions in Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

* Bitstop Tests advanced NT 2000 

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Home

(Nov 9, 1999) Bitstop is preparing for the Feb 17, 2000 release of NT 2000 by deploying advance copies of NT 2000 RC2 in 2 servers and one laptop. 

This exercise will give us the much needed hands-on experience to support the most powerful OS to be released by Microsoft. 

* Mellow Touch 90.3 & Message One

(Nov 8, 1999) Send in your request and dedication via Mellow Touch's Voice Mail Box. This mailbox is courtesy of Message 1 Pangasinan. Dialup lines for Message one are: 

(PLDT) 523-1401 523-1402
(DIGITEL) 515-7191 515-7192

Mellow Touch Voice Mail box number is 0000903



* Bitstop tests Satellite feed

(Nov 8, 1999)  Over the weekend, Bitstop deployed a 2.4 m satellite feed for testing. The results are very encouraging. All browsers are encouraged to use the autoconfiguration file http://www.dagupan.com/proxy.pac to take advantage of this satellite feed. 

* Bitstop tests Cisco PIM scenario

(Nov 6, 1999) In conjunction with multicasting from Microsoft MediaServer, we were able to confirm that routers configured with PIM will allow multicast packets to get through.

Cisco's PIM requires only a few lines of code on our routers:

ip multicast-routing
ip dvmrp route-limit 200

and on the interface involved:

ip pim sparse-mode


* Bitstop tests 3com RAS 1500

(Nov 5, 1999) Thanks to International Micro Village (IMVI), Bitstop gets to test (and play with) 3com's advance router and Network Access Server (NAS), the RAS 1500 series. 

The RAS 1500  features full routing and modular expandable WAN and dialup ports that are STACKABLE. This allows for flawless (and painless) port expansions. The built-in modems support Microsoft Compression. The downloadable TRAM utility allows for GUI based configuration. We were not able to test the frame-relay Wan port that came with it.

Initial testing this equipment shows that it runs well with our Radius authentication and accounting server that runs on Microsoft SQL 7.0. running on Windows 2000 RC2. 

* BASIC in joint research with Bitstop

(Nov 5, 1999) Our thanks to Richard and Raymund Dy of Basic Computers for the collaboration efforts in deploying, implementing and administering a full-featured radius authentication and accounting/billing program that runs on Microsoft's SQL 7.0 database. Basic also provided the USR Netserver/16 for our test purposes.

Raymund was instrumental in debugging the ASP scripts that allows subscribers to change passwords, check logtime and add incident and action reporting , via ordinary web browsers. 

* Benz Passes Exchange Certification

(Nov 4, 1999) Our congratulations to Mr Benedict Cuison, the system administrator of Luzon Colleges, who succeeded in adding Microsoft Exchange certification to his MCSE status!

* Pangasinan Y2K Initiative

(Nov 2, 1999) The provincial government headed by Mr Modesto Singson, under the MISO office has been designated as the lead agency to initiate Y2K readiness awareness and preparedness campaign in Pangasinan.

Here is the link to their website. 

* Tsika.net 7th Server is now online!

(Nov 2, 1999) Mozcom Los Baños is the seventh chat server to be online in our tsika network! .Their  ip address is port 6667

Pumba is now operational. To find out more, send an email to info-infobot@pangasinan.com 


* Pilot Broadcast of Crossover 105.1fm

105.1 fm-manila

(Nov 1, 1999) Bitstop is currently testing the internet multi-cast of Quezon City-based Crossover FM station (105.1). To hear its sample over ordinary 33.6k lines, click here if you are using bitstop dialup lines. Otherwise, your unit is behind routers that do no have multi-cast enabled. in this case, you need to click here. You need the latest windows media player and IE 4.0 or better to hear this.

* Microsoft's AsiaFusion99 in HongKong

(Oct 30, 1999) Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua participated in the recently concluded Microsoft Asia Fusion 99 in HongKong. The event brings together MCSPs in the Asia pacific region for a series of lectures, briefings and technical sessions.

Bitstop thanks the organizers for the wonderful event and for the chance to hear, first hand , the visions of industry leaders like Mr Steve Balmer, (in picture) Peter Knook (inset top) and Masayoshi Son . (inset bottom  below)

* Mozcom La Union is 6th TsikaNET member!

(Oct 30, 1999) Mozcom La Union is the sixth Chat server to join Tsikanet! Congratulations to Mr Richard and Roger Dy.  

Their chat server is port 6667

*  3 New NT Professionals @ Bitstop

(Oct 30, 1999) Mrs Jane A Chua, Ms. Marlyn Gotoc and Ms Medilyn Berces all passed the Microsoft NT 4.0 certification exams. Bitstop welcomes this as we prepare for the push to Microsoft Windows 2000 that is set to be released on Feb 17, 2000.



*  CISCO BGP Routing workshop @ Bitstop

(Oct 23, 1999) Bitstop would like to thank Lamco Int'l , headed by Mrs Betty Ng, and Mr Alvin Dalmacio for their invaluable support in the recently concluded  Cisco BGP routing workshop.

Our workshop would not have been possible were it not for Lamco's support, who loaned us 2 of their advanced Cisco Routers. Our 6 router network allowed us to test various load balancing scenarios. Our thanks also to Mr Francis Vidal, of University of Saint La Salle (Bacolod) for sharing with us his UNIX-based router!

* Mozcom Laguna is 5th TsikaNET member!

(Oct 23, 1999) Mozcom Laguna is the Fifth Chat server to join Tsikanet! Congratulations to Mr Paul Henry Ferraz!  Soon...watch out for Los Banos to join the TsikaNet!

Their chat server is port 6667

* CLC Nationwide Launching @ Intercon

(Oct 19, 1999) Photo Taken at Hotel Intercon in Makati, (l-r) Mr Sam Jacoba (Microsoft), Mr Wilson L. Chua (Bitstop), Mr Leo Magno (Inquirer) and Mr Jerry Liao (InfoChat)

Click Here to see more pictures

* TsikaNET's 4th Server is Up!

(Oct 19, 1999) Trelliscom.net Exchange Chat server is our 4th interconnected Chat server. Thanks to efforts by Sir Noel and Sir Venus Romero of Trelliscom.net  (Mozcom-Tarlac) 

Their chat server is port 6667


* TsikaNET's 3rd Server is Up!

(Oct 18, 1999) Northwestern University of Laoag is the third server to link up to our portal. TsikaNET now has a Laoag Node! Northwestern University is headed by Sir Jeffrey Bagaoisan whose team of highly qualified sysads make short work of setting up the Exchange Chat Server!

Their chat server is port 6667

* TsikaNET Launched with LasalTech

(Oct 17, 1999) LasalTech Inc of Bacolod is the first Mozcom franchisee to setup a common portal with our Exchange Chat Servers in Dagupan. We are still looking for several other NT based servers to house Exchange Chat service. Hooking up these servers to our portals will help us serve our chatting community with a bigger number of participants. Photo shows Bitstop with Mr & Mrs Ariel De la Cruz.

Their chat server is port 6667

Watch out also for our chat 'bot-> pumba (courtesy of Pran )


* Office 2000 Roadshow @ Dagupan

(Oct 8, 1999) Microsoft showcased the features of Office 2000 to a crowd estimated at more than 200 people from various companies and institutions in the northern luzon area.

Ms Ria Anicete and Daisy Te conducted the roadshow to the delight of the crowd. Photo shows Ms Te during the seminar at Star Plaza Ballroom.


* MOUS Now Open

(Oct 4, 1999) MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) exams are now available from Bitstop. Each exam is about 55.00 USD. For more details, click here.

* AMA CC (Dagupan) Joins our  Internet family

(Oct 1, 1999) Bitstop is happy to announce another addition to its internet family! AMA Computer College, recently signed up with Bitstop for their internet access. Photo shows the management of AMA Computer College-Dagupan

* Lets Volt in!!!

Microsoft(R) Exchange Server

(Oct 1, 1999) Bitstop's Exchange Chat servers (v 5.5) have been successfully interconnected to each other. Users logged onto one chat server can be seen by other users that are logged onto another chat server. Bitstop is now looking for compatible chat servers to link up to. This enables us to setup undernet style chat server networks.

If interested, kindly email wilson@dagupan.com 

* Microsoft Launches CLC in Anda

(Sept 30, 1999) Microsoft managing director, Mr Darren Lockie (shown at left), inaugurated the Luzon Node of Microsoft's Connected Learning Community in Anda, Pangasinan.

San Nicolas Catholic School of Anda was the happy recipient of over 1.5 million pesos worth of equipment, software and training materials. The school was chosen from among several candidates in the whole of Luzon.

Picture shows the blessing of the computer laboratory officiated  by Bishop Jesus Cabrera (shown at right)of the Diocese of Alaminos, and witnessed by  Mayor Alice Pulido (2nd from right), and SNCSA Principal Mrs Vicky Cacho (3rd from right). Local and National media were present to cover the affair. 

Special thanks to the press people that attended the affair: ABS-CBN for the TV coverage, Gobleth & Frank of Inquirer Baguio Mr Ging Cardinoza of Philippine Star, Mr Ding Micua of Sunday Punch, and to Leo Paragas of DZRD.



* Bitstop Welcomes AMA CLC Dagupan

(Sept 29, 1999) On behalf of the entire staff of Bitstop, we welcome AMA-CLC to our internet family!

*Cisco Router Lab @ Bitstop

(Sept 29, 1999) Bitstop installs a routing lab consisting of 3620, 2610 and 1600 with several hubs and switches in a 4ft open bay rack. Bitstop also invested in several pairs of back to back Cisco DCE/DTE, Tainet 128k modem and 64k Motorola CSU/DSU. Other key resources include Cisco published materials on routing.

This allows Bitstop and its affiliates to test out various routing strategies to optimize 3 key performance variables- redundancy, load balancing and symmetry. 

Qualified 3rd parties interested in using the lab can contact tia@dagupan.com for lab fees and scheduling. 

*MOUS Testing Center @ Bitstop

(Sept 28, 1999) Nivo International has sent confirmation that Bitstop has completed all of the requirements to become an Authorized Testing center for the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) program. 

...."The Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) designation distinguishes you from your peers as truly knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office products. It can also make you more competitive in a tight job market.

The MOUS designation demonstrates competency and helps with job placement and advancement. Having specialists on your team can also reduce calls to your help desk and contribute to a lower total cost of ownership for Office."....

Bitstop expects to be able to start exam deliveries as soon as the required softwares are installed in the exam machines. 


*Automatic Mailing List trial server

(Sept 27, 1999) Try this out! send an e-mail to imailsrv@pangasinan.com and in the body of your message, place the following message:
subscribe helpdesk user@email.com

This will automatically add you to a sample mailing list application that we set-up. Please substitute your valid email address.


*CPADigit joins forces with Bitstop Internet

(Sept 25, 1999) Mr Clemente Arboleda Jr, and Mr Rolly Majarucon inked the agreement committing CPADigit Systems Inc  to provide ISP services in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, via Bitstop's Dual Gateway Internet.

Service is expected to start as soon as the advance Frame Relay link is installed between Bitstop and CPADigit. Photo shows the MOA signing.

*Luzon Colleges adds Oracle Certification!

(Sept 24, 1999) Our congratulations to Mr Eugevar Silang of Luzon Colleges, who successfully passed the certification exam given for Oracle!  Way to Go Sir Euge....!


*MS Proxy SP1 Deployed

(Sept 24, 1999) Microsoft recently released service pack 1 for MS Proxy 2.0. This sp1 solves quite a few of the bugs and adds routing functionality with it. 

Bitstop deployed the service pack with one of its proxy servers without any incident. The new RoutingExceptions entry in the registry allows us to tell the proxy to go 'DIRECT' instead of an upstream cache for local sites.  We can also tell the proxy to go to Mozcom's satellite-pointed proxy for all ftp operations!

*Globe Txt to ICQ

(Sept 21, 1999) The fertile mind of Jonc did it again! You can now use our experimental Globe handyphone to send your txt to ICQ UINs. 

To get more details on how to do this, email info-txt2icq@pangasinan.com with the subject: icq

*VMUF on the way to 128K! 

(Sept 16, 1999) VMUF is currently testing its 64k frame relay connection to Bitstop Computers. The successful deployment will pave the way to an eventual 128k frame relay link.

The VMUF system is made up of Cisco 2511 with 16 dialup ports and a DLINK DES-815 switch. This will allow VMUF to provide dialup access to its students and faculty. 

VMUF also deployed an unlimited version of mail server software which will allow their users to have user@vmuf.edu.ph email addresses.

*Kali Server with free clients! 

(Sept 16, 1999) Bitstop and Kali International has deployed a free kali server that will be available only to its subscribers and affiliated networks. Click here to get the free kali client, then email info-kali@pangasinan.com for the secret serial keys.....

Please note that the server can only accommodate up to 30 simultaneous gamers! Warning! You must be a subscriber of Bitstop Internet or one of its affiliates to enjoy this gaming experience!


*PC Maintenance Advisory

(Sept 25, 1999)  Did you know that smoking, eating and drinking in front of your computer are bad for the PC's health? 

Tobacco smoke contains dust and tars that could stick to the drive head or laser lens of the CD-Rom drive.  Crumbs, spills, sauces and oil could get between keyboard keys.  Furthermore, food particles attract insects and pests that can get through the small ports and infest the inside of your PC or printer.  All these may cause malfunctions in contacts or worse, corrosion!

*Mozcom Deploys 4mpbs Satellite Feed 

(Sept 13, 1999) Bitstop (including most Mozcom franchisees) welcomes the deployment of additional bandwidth in Mozcom. The satellite feed is still being 'burned' in as of this writing, but it is expected to stabilize over the week. Our subscribers should experience better internet access!

For more details, read http://www.mozcom.com/news/press/press.html

Our congratulations to the people that worked hard for this to happen.


*VOIP test deployed @ Bitstop 

(Sept 13, 1999) Thanks to the generous support of LAMCO and  Manila-based Internet service provider, USINC, Bitstop was able to test VOIP (Voice over IP) using 5 Cisco Routers.

Various scenarios  simulating router interconnection using  Eigrp, IGRP, OSPF and BGP were done with the setup. Bitstop put in   intervening routers between the 2 LAMCO supplied Cisco 2640 fitted with VOIP cards to fully simulate a typical oversea link.

Voice quality was toll-grade even at 32k . 2 sets of separate DCE/DTE cables were used to vary the speed of the simulated lease line links. Bitstop also tested the compatibility between Microsoft's Netmeeting and Cisco H.323 Gateway feature.


*Connectivity Seminar Well Attended 

(Sept 9, 1999) It was infinity day today and yet a lot of IT people from the region attended the Lamco sponsored seminar. Our thanks to Mr Jun Go and his staff

*Microsoft Office 2000 Launching on Oct 8 

(Sept 6 , 1999) Its official! The Microsoft Office 2000 Launching will be held in StarPlaza Hotel , Dagupan on Oct 8, 1999


1:30 p.m. Registration
2:00 p.m. Bridging business value in a new environment
3:00 p.m. Break
3:20 p.m. Office 2000 Presentation
4:30 p.m. Q & A
4:45 p.m. Raffle and Closing

The seminar will be limited to 2 participants per company so as to make room for the expected high turnout. Please reserve early with tina@dagupan.com 


*Informal meet with the Press 

(Sept 4 , 1999) Bitstop showed the advanced CODEC of Microsoft utilized in its website (www.dagupan.com/playmp3.htm) that allows users to listen but not to download the music. Inquirer featured us in their infotech section today.

Photo shows (l-r) Sam , Erwin , Joel,  Joey , Bronks, Wilson and Mark. 

*Bitstop tours Digitelone Operation Center

(Sept 4 , 1999) Photo shows Mr Wilson L. Chua (seated) with Mr Stephen Ngo, with Joey and Joseph at DigitelOne's DATACOM.


*Bitstop impressed by Solar Cooker@geofarm

(Sept 2 , 1999) This picture shows a working model of a solar cooker found in GeoFarms (bayambang). Place the cooking pot in the middle and use the sun's rays to focus on it. Cooks in minutes! 

We ordered 2 units of this solar cooker.

We would like to thank Ed and Yvonne Guevara for the great lunch we had there!


*SLU completes NT Seminar

(Aug 30, 1999) Saint Louis University in Baguio recently completed a 3-day NT administration Seminar led by Mr Wilson L. Chua, MCSE+I. Photo shows seminar attendees led by Dean Joey Pangilinan and SLUNet head, Sir Randy Flores. 


*LAMCO Intl and Bitstop Joint Seminar 

(Sept 6, 1999) Lamco International and Bitstop Computers wish to remind all confirmed attendees to come early for the 'Connectivity Seminar' on Sept 9, 1999 (Thursday) from 8:00am to 5:00pm at the Star Ocean Restaurant, Star Plaza Hotel  in Dagupan City.

This seminar will showcase products and technologies from Novell, Corel, Lotus, IBM, Cisco, APC, Microsoft, and Compaq. This is targetted at major corporate end-users and resellers interested in learning more about network connectivity and high end servers. See you there.


*Bitstop as Autodesk Authorized Reseller (AAR)

(Aug 25, 1999) Bitstop receives its AAR certificate from Autodesk thru Mr. Robert Pacifico. As the only AAR in Region 1, Bitstop is in a position to help individuals and institutions to legalize their bootleg versions of Autocad products

Parties interested in becoming Autodesk Training Centers may also approach us for their application forms and email jane@dagupan.com  for inquiries.

*Try out Playable MP3! 

(Aug 20, 1999) To demonstrate the capabilities of Bitstop's Media Server, we have created a DEMO to allow people to play MP3 titles. Please note, that to avoid legal problems, the format is such that it can not be downloaded. You must have winamp 2.4 or Windows Media player with the proper codecs installed. This allows us to air on demand, radio statio programmes! (Optimized for 28.8kbps) You need IE4.0 for this to work. Currently will NOT work for netscape browsers.

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