*Bitstop Patches Index Server Vulnerability

(June 25, 2001) Bing applied the patch that fixed a newly discovered security hole as detailed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-033.

*Bitstop Servers In Synch with Atomic Clocks

(June 23, 2001) Bitstop servers and routers are now synchonizing its clocks with atomic clocks found in the world. This helps us in accurately logging events in our NOC.

To synchronize your servers to international standards, download the applicable w32time client and point it to

*Microsoft W2k Exam Promo Extended

(June 23, 2001) Microsoft has extended the promotion period for the 25% discount on MCSE Windows 2000 MCSE exams to September 30, 2001. 

Previously August 31, 2001 was the last date candidates now have one more month to take advantage of this offer.

Candidates must now register and complete these exams at the 25% discount using the W2KSEV promotion code by September 30, 2001.

*Bitstop tests Tekram 160mbps SCSI Card

(June 22, 2001) Bitstop R&D is currently testing the Tekram TC390u3W capable of supporting up to 15 scsi devices at sustained transfer rates of 160mbps. Bitstop plans to test this device on multiple platforms starting with Windows 2000, Windows NT and finally FreeBSD.

*Bitstop Tests Linksys Wireless

(June 22, 2001) Bitstop OJT, Mr AllanDrew Wilkerson has his hands on experience on the brand new Linksys Wireless Access Point. The wireless device is on loan from IMVI courtesy of Mr Peter Maglaya


*Bitstop Attends APNIC and Microsoft DAB

(June 19, 2001) Bistop is happy to have attended the APNIC training sponsored by Inter.net. This whole day affair was conducted at Cafe J in Pasay Road. Bitstop also attended the Microsoft DAB (Direct Access Briefing) at ChatterBox in Robinson's Galleria.

*Microsoft's CLC in Butuan City

Connected Learning Community

(June 19, 2001) Another Microsoft CLC project was deployed in San Vicente National High School located in Butuan City. Shown in the picture is Mrs. Hossana Jacobe OIC.


*UnionBank PORT Payment Solutions

(June 16, 2001) Bitstop has successfully deployed the UnionBank Port Payment solution. We had problems with the module for weeks, but were fortunate to have been visited and assisted Unionbank team lead by Mr Abel Veloria, Electronic Banking Head at UnionBank.

Click here to learn how to set it up yourself.

*Microsoft's CLC in Maguindanao

Connected Learning Community

(June 16, 2001) Via the magic of Internet, Mr Melvin Bueno sent us the updated picture of their CLC installation in Maguindanao.



*8K-VOIP with Cisco & Netmeeting

(June 14, 2001) Bitstop thanks Mr Philip Tan of Cisco for his support in helping us get our Microsoft Netmeeting to do VOIP (Voice over IP) with a Cisco 1750V / FXS card. 

While Netmeeting can do VOIP with Cisco machines, it will do so using the default 64kb bandwidth (g711 ulaw). You have to tweak the system into using g729r8 instead to be able to do VOIP using 8kb of bandwidth!  Next Target? g723.1 ACELP with 5.3kb!

*Try Print Services for Unix

(June 13, 2001) Pran and Wilson teamed up to send print jobs from a unix client using LPR to a windows 2000 server running LPD. It works! The Print Services for Unix is shipped as part of windows 2k cd. 

All unix based computers can now use your company's printers on windows based machines.

*Secured Communication via IPSEC

(June 12, 2001) Bitstop successfully deployed an end to end secure communication using windows 2000 built-in IPSEC feature. This allows communications between any 2 computers to be authenticated and encrypted.

*25% Discount on MCSE2k Exams

(June 9, 2001) There's no better time than now to earn your Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification or upgrade to the Microsoft Windows 2000® track. From June 1, 2001 to August 31, 2001, take selected Windows 2000 exams and receive a 25 percent discount on the regular exam price. To receive the discount, register with Prometric or VUE beginning June 1, 2001. Provide the promotional code W2KSEW when you register, and then you have until August 31, 2001 to take the exams. The exam retake policy still applies. Click here to learn more!

*Counter-Strike Beta Server build 1680

(June 8, 2001) We have a beta version of the Half-Life Server we'd like to begin testing.

Issues we have addressed with this version:
This version should fix the problem of clients crashing because one client changed his name to invalid characters ("~%?%?%?").

Counter strike servers:,,

*Bing Passes Win2k Network Infra Exam

(June 8, 2001) Medelyn Berces, Senior Software support staff, recently passed the Windows 2000 Designing a MS Windows 20000 Network Infrastructure. 70-221. Our congratulations!

*Bitstop Tours ChungHwa Telecom's IDC

(June 8, 2001) Bitstop thanks Mr Chung Yung Kang, Director, Internet Services Dept, Mrs. I-fang Wu Associate Engineer, IS Dept,  and Mr Kuo-an Tseng Systems Engineer Marketing Dept, for the warm welcome Mr and Mrs Wilson Chua received while on tour in ChungHwa's IDC (Internet Data Center).

*Quake3 Arena Server is up!

Click to see a larger image!(June 8, 2001) Try our Quake3 Arena server at gamer.dagupan.com port 27960



*Bitstop fast tracking Microsoft's Connected Learning Communities

Connected Learning Community

(June 7, 2001) Bitstop is currently deploying Internet-ready computer workstations and servers loaded with Windows 2000 Professional and Server respectively, digital and web cameras, scanners, and multimedia sets to the following areas:

  • Pampanga
    San Isidro National High School
    San Isidro, Sta. Ana Pampanga

  • Laguna
    Cahbriva Alternative School Foundation
    Los Baños, Laguna

  • Iligan
    Maria Cristina National High School
    Fuentes Maria Cristina
    Iligan City

  • Zamboanga
    South National High School
    Zamboanga City

*University of Pangasinan is now online!

(June 7, 2001) The University of Pangasinan and its Valle Verde office in Pasig, Metro Manila is now online. The UPang campus is now connected via a 128 kbps leased line. Bitstop assisted Engr. Albert Aquino and Mr. Frank Plopinio in configuring UPANG routers.


*Bitstop Attends Cisco University Seminar

(June 7, 2001) Mr. Francis Vidal of Bitstop attended the Cisco University - Secured WLAN Aironet 350 series seminar last May 29-30, 2001. The seminar focused on WLAN & VPN security using the newest Cisco Aironet 350 series and VPN concentrator. It also covered setting up of a wireless client to an access point (AP) with per user/per session encryption using ACS 6.2 Radius Server, and installation of VPN client to enable IPSEC communication to VPN3000 concentrators.

*Security Patch, Exchange & Groupshield Problem

(June 1, 2001) Thanks to both Microsoft Phils and Microsoft Shanghai, we were able to verify that applying the security patch for sandmind/iis will result in exchange startup failures due to the McAfee Groupshield that is running on our Mailserver. The solution? Remove the Groupshield, and if it fails, re-install and restore from backup tapes.

*ARCBC Site Hosted at Bitstop

(May 30, 2001) Click here for the official webpage of ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation.

The ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC) serves as the central focus for networking and institutional linkage among ASEAN Members Countries (AMCs) and between ASEAN and European Union (EU) partner organizations to enhance the capacity of ASEAN in promoting biodiversity conservation

*Clans Unite!


(June 1, 2001) Bitstop has launched our CS Stats Page click on the link found in the lower right portion of the home page to view it. It has several features, notably the ability to list your clan stats also.

The link is located under Gaming section. This system was deployed by Pran!


*Patchup your IIS 4.0 and 5.0

(May 30, 2001) Bitstop IIS servers were among those hit by the SandMind/IIS worm. We just found our webpages defaced with Anti-Us propaganda. To avoid this fate, please update your IIS4.0 with this patch, and IIS 5.0 with this patch. You may also want to review the ACL by limiting Everyone access

*Bitstop thanks Cisco, IBM and MSI for Seminar

(May 29, 2001) Bitstop is happy to have organized the recently concluded back to back workshops sponsored by IBM, CISCO and MSI Digiland. Click here to view the ABS-CBN coverage

*2 Awards from Mozcom

(May 28, 2001) Mozcom gave out 2 awards to Bitstop in the recently concluded Mozcom Franchise Conference held in Maribago, Cebu. The first award  was given to Bitstop for ...

'maximizing the benefits of the TMNS mailing list as a learning tool for the TMNS online community by way of regularly posted questions, suggestions and comments that help enhance everyone's participation and knowledge about Mozcom Internet operations'. 

The second award was given in recognition of our E1 connection to Mozcom. Both awards were given by Dr. William T. Torres, President, Mozcom.

*IBM and Cisco Presentations Tomorrow

(May 28, 2001) Bitstop is reminding registered participants that the IBM and Cisco Presentations are scheduled for tomorrow at Leisure Coast Resort in Bonuan, Dagupan. For details call +6375-522-5089 

*Bitstop deployes 2 CStrike Server

(May 24, 2001) Pran has made a total of 2 gameservers for Counterstrike Games. These are:

IP Address PortAddress 27015 27015

Click here to download the client software to connect to our BATTLE.net! This allows you to play other popular games like RedAlert, Starcraft, Age of Empires etc.


*Download RedHat 7.1 

Red Hat Linux 7.1(May 26, 2001) Bitstop FTP server now has the files for Linux 7.1. Click here to download the enormous files


*Bitstop's Mailing List Facility

(May 24, 2001) For a limited time of 2 months, Bitstop Inc is offering its mailing list facility to the computing community of the North. A mailing list allows one email to be 'broadcast' to all members of the list. This makes communication among peers much easier. 

Those that will avail of this FREE facility must agree to the following:

  • The mailing list conforms to internet etiquette and adhere to strict standards of decency, morals and must be completely legal

  • Bitstop assumes no responsibility for any content or discussion that passes thru our servers. 

  • Bitstop reserves the right to terminate the service at any time and from time to time, post messages to the mailing list

*LN Boasts 256KB Internet Access

(May 24, 2001) Lyceum Northwestern signed a memorandum of agreement with Bitstop Inc for the latter to supply the former with 256 kilobits of Internet data. When operational, Lyceum Northwestern will have the biggest internet connectivity in the Northern Luzon area. Atty Gonzalo Duque, President of Lyceum Northwestern and Mr Wilson L. Chua, President of Bitstop Inc signed the contract.

This Internet bandwidth provisioning is part of the ambitious IT infrastructure and modernization plans of Prof Brian Bevan, Dean ,College of Engineering and Mr Michael Tanedo, (MCSE+I,MCDBA, CCNA) LN IT Consultant. The agreement also calls on Bitstop to train LN’s Top 5 IT graduates each year by accepting them into Bitstop’s OJT program for ISPs and Network Managers. Bitstop Inc was tapped due to its numerous IT certifications (Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and Cisco Premier Partner)  and commendations.

*5 Add'l Dialup Lines

(May 24, 2001) Bitstop released to the public today, 5 additional dialup lines for our subscribers as follows: 2 for dagupan.com and 3 for Mozcom/Pangasinan.com Subscribers

Dagupan.com Pangasinan.com (Prepaid)  523-6886 523-6887
Mozcom.com Pangasinan.com 523-2798 522-8613

*SquidProxy Upgraded

(May 23, 2001) Pran just upgraded our FreeBSD from 4.3 beta to 4.3 stable and our squid proxy from stable 2.3 to stable 2.4 using the newer diskd daemon that significantly increases the throughput and responsiveness of proxy cache.

*Download MediaPlayer 7.1!


(May 23, 2001) Previsous versions of Media Player had some bugs when it came to playing our Online Jukebox. But this new version seems to have complete compatibility.

Download the new version here.

*AutoCAD 2000i and the Internet

(May 22, 2001) Our AutoCAD engineer, Mr Adolfo Laguardia, a Civil Engineering graduate of University of Pangasinan, was able to do this with the help of AutoCAD 2000i. Click on the image to see what AutoCAD can do with designs! (you may also want to right click the resulting image)

*Bitstop Welcomes our new Member!

(May 22, 2001) Mr Francis Vidal, formerly the Sys Ad of University of Saint La Salle Bacolod, today joins Bitstop as part of our NOC team. Mr Vidal brings with him, solid experience and expertise in FreeBSD, PHP, mySQL, Linux, Perl, Web design and programming,  that complements Bitstop current skillset.

Welcome to Bitstop Pran!

*Eradioportal Adds 2 Great Stations

(May 22, 2001) Eradioportal just added 2 more great FM stations from Manila. These are KLite and Wave89.1. Click on the links to visit them.

*LYCEUM N. gets 4th CCNA in the North

(May 21, 2001) Bitstop congratulates Mr Michael Tanedo, MCSE+I, MCDBA  for passing the Cisco 640-507 exam (Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam). 

*Dinky is 3rd CCNA in the North

(May 19, 2001) Bitstop congratulates Mr Genesis Esteban, MCSE+I, MCDBA  (aka Dinky) for passing the Cisco 640-507 Cisco Certified Network Associate exam. This makes Dinky the 3rd CCNA in the North! (Bitstop also says hi to Dinky's Mom who is a regular visitor from California!)

*Bitstop successfully deploys  DSLPipe

(May 12, 2001) Bitstop thanks Mr Alvin Dalmacio of Lucent Phils, for loaning us a pair of DSL-HST 2.3mpbs CellPipe DSL router/bridge units.

Bitstop will pilot this DSL setup with DigitelONE in Dagupan on May 17, 2001.The pilot aims to connect digitelone transmission office to Bitstop's office in downtown Dagupan over a pair of ordinary cooper line!  If all goes well, Bitstop/DigitelONE/Lucent project will be the very first wired broadband deployment in Pangasinan.  

*Bitstop tests Windows XP beta

(May 11, 2001) Bitstop labs would like to thank Microsoft Philippines (Mr Emmanuel San Agustin) for the Windows XP evaluation copy he loaned to us.

Initial test show marked improvement in speed and reliability over Windows Me.

Microsoft Windows XP Beta Home Page

*Cisco VOIP/WIRELESS Seminar @ Bitstop

(May 10, 2001) Cisco Channel Manager, Mr Renato Garcia confirmed today the holding of a Cisco Wireless and VOIP seminar and Networking Academy Accreditation briefing on May 29, 2001 from 2-4pm. 

Educational Institutions interested in applying for the much coveted Networking Academy Accreditation are encouraged to email their reservations to the seminar to tina@pangasinan.com

*IBM Summer Extravaganza

(May 10, 2001) Bitstop is proud to announce IBM's Summer Extravaganza Tour. This will showcase IBM's impressive line of desktops, servers and notebook computers together with their aggressive financial support package. The financial package features a 3 year leasing option with NO downpayment that is tailored for institutions wishing to upgrade their existing IT facilities.

The seminar will be held on May 29, 2001  from 9-12 am. Please email tina@pangasinan.com for further information. 

*Mustard Seed appoints Bitstop as  MYOB Reseller

(May 10, 2001) Bitstop was appointed by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation to be the Authorized Reseller for MYOB in a meeting today at Mustard Seeds office in Manila. The meeting was attended by Mrs Jane Chua of Bitstop and Mr Osler Fajardo, Director-Sales& Marketing for Mustard Seed.

Mustard Seed is the country distributor for MYOB (Mind your own Business) one of the easiest to use accounting program adapted for Philippine conditions. Mustard Seeds also carries POS system and Payroll software.

*Canon Launches New Model

Logo(May 9, 2001) In a lavish party held at Edsa Shangrila, Canon Philippines launched several new models of printers and scanners. The new printers boast of dual inputs (parallel and USB), faster speeds (15ppm), 25 year color fastness, and higher resolution printing at 5pl! The scanners introduced the FARE technology.

Bitstop was impressed to learn that Canon printers are now the #1 printer in the Asia Pacific region. 

*Lucent Appoints WSI as Disti

Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations(May 9, 2001) In a cocktail hosted at the Conservatory in Manila Peninsula, Lucent Philippines announced the appointment of Wordtext Systems Inc (WSI, Phils) as its distributor for various networking products. On hand to accept the appointment was our friend, Mr Juan Chua, President of WSI.

Our congratulations!

*Aironet 340 Demo and Site Survey

(May 8, 2001) Bitstop demonstrated the Aironet 340 at Lyceum Northwestern today. The demonstration also included a site survey of potential locations where wireless broadband connectivity is needed.

The aironet solution is capable of providing high speed internet and network traffic of up to 11mpbs.

*PISO Membership approved

(May 8, 2001) Bitstop has been informed that our application to be a member of the prestigious PISO has been approved.

*StreamQuestAsia Ties up with KLite

(May 7, 2001) StreamQuestAsia, a newly incorporated company owned by Bitstop and NetQuest, announced today their memorandum of agreement with KLite. The agreement calls on StreamQuestAsia to webcast Klite's popular radio program onto the internet.

*Congratulations to Infocom's eLIFE Launching

(May 6, 2001) Bitstop is proud to be part of Infocom's eLife Section. Bitstop together with partners Infocom and DigitelONE were instrumental in streaming the country's top radio programs like Crossover, MonsterRX, DWRT, KY91 and DZBB over the internet. 

Bitstop remains the country's only accredited Windows Media Service Provider.

*Check your IIS Permission

(May 3, 2001) Two (2) of Bitstop's NT 4.0 sp6a IIS servers were hacked and default.htm, index.htm, default.asp  on those machines were replaced with anti-US comments. Please change the permissions on the /inetpub/script to disallow [everyone] group from having full permissions.

*MCT and Win2k Cert Prof @ bitstop

(May 3, 2001) Mr Wilson L. Chua, MCSE+I received his confirmation from Microsoft today regarding his acceptance as a Microsoft Certified Trainor. At the same time, Mr Chua took and passed the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Exam 70-210 (Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional).

*Download Namfrel Audio/Video Materials

(May 3, 2001) Lets do our part for our country. Please download and share the Namfrel's Voter Advocacy Campaign Materials with your friends.

Click here to download them

*Search is On for CLC 3rd Year

(May 2, 2001) Microsoft is fast-tracking its search for nominees for its CLC( Connected Learning Community) Program. Interested high schools can apply by sending email to Ms Mae Rivera of Microsoft Phils. 

Target areas for this year include:

  • Pampanga
  • Batanes (Taken)
  • Laguna
  • Region 6 - Bacolod/Roxas/Capiz
  • Region 9 - Zamboanga City/Dipolog
  • Region 12 - Iligan/Cotabato City
  • Region 13 - Siargao/Surigao del Norte
  • Butuan/Surigao City
  • ARMM - Sulu/Maguindanao/Tawi-tawi

Qualified nominees accepted by Microsoft will get hardware, software and internet access donations from Microsoft Philippines. Click here to learn about the 1st year rollout of Microsoft's CLC program. Click here to learn about the 2nd year rollout.

*Bitstop Partners with INQ7 to rush Rebellion Scenes

(May 1, 2001) Bitstop was asked by INQ7 to rush the webcast of events aired over GMA7 covering the events that lead to the State of Rebellion in Metro Manila.

*Bitstop deploys 11mpbs Broadband in the Region

(Apr 30, 2001) Bitstop thanks Cisco for their support in allowing us to test and deploy their Aironet 340 wireless broadband solution. The Aironet was tested to provide internet at whooping speeds of up to 11mbps! 

Bitstop is currently doing site surveys around Dagupan's Business and commercial district to determine the optimal number of, and placement of additional Aironet devices.

Wireless access to the internet provides our subscribers with internet connectivity while roaming the streets of Dagupan with their handhelds, palms, and notebooks! 

*LC has Pangasinan's 1st Windows2k MCSE

(Apr 28, 2001) Bitstop is proud to announce that Mr Benedict Cuison of Luzon Colleges, is the first Microsoft Windows2000 MCSE in Pangasinan, and only part of a handful in the entire country!

*Bulacan Election Heating Up

(Apr 28, 2001) Bulacan elections has never been like this. Take a look at how the internet is shaping Bulacan Politics. Election Fever in Bulacan! The site is hosted by Mozcom Bulacan.

Click here to view the debates: 1 2 3

*APC to Launch Partner Program in Baguio

(Apr 26, 2001) American Power Conversion will launch the APC Channel Partner Program for dealers and will present a Product Orientation and Updates seminar for endusers in Baguio Country Club Ballroom on May 11, 2001.  Attendance is by invitation only, so please contact Bitstop (APC's liason for Region 1) for more info.

*Mozcom Pampanga Peering Now Up!

(Apr 25, 2001) The province of Pangasinan and Pampanga are now fully interconnected via our frame relay link between Mozcom-Pampanga and Bitstop. This follows our earlier peering with the province of Bulacan thru Mozcom-Bulacan

Our thanks to Mr Paul Pongco and Mr Arnold Castro, the superb sysads at Mozcom for setting up the entries.

*Bitstop's E1 link to DigitelONE UP

(Apr 25, 2001) Our thanks to Mr Patrick Palacios and his team for sending a rapid response team over to dagupan to fix our broken e1 modem. The modem was traced as the root of the problem. A spare modem was also left behind by the team to solve similar problems in the future.

*Bitstop's E1 link to DigitelONE Down

(Apr 24, 2001) Now its Digitelone's e1 link that went down at 4am today. But our router gracefully switched the routes using BGP protocol. Our E1 links to Mozcom and Infocom took over the demand normally serviced by the downed link. 

*UPANG soon a member of Bitstop Internet Family

(Apr 24, 2001) Bitstop welcomes UPANG to our internet family of users! University of Pangasinan formally signed today a memorandum of agreement with Bitstop to upgrade their lease line connection to the internet. 

*Win2k Training from Keystone

KeyStone Logo(Apr 24, 2001) Getting Certified on Windows 2000 just got easier with Keystone's new CDROM arrivals! Bitstop has on stock Windows 2000 Designing Directory Services (exam 70-219)  $450.00 , Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure (exam 70-216) $599.95 and Windows 2000 Server (Exam 70-215) $ 599.90.

*Bitstop Internet featured in MB Article

(Apr 23, 2001) Bitstop is proud to have been featured in one of the country's leading newspapers. Please click on this link to veiw the article.

*Cisco Aironet Test Kit Arrives

(Apr 23, 2001) Bitstop received today the test kit from Cisco Systems containing one Aironet 340 series and 2 PCMCIA wireless networking cards. We are calling on interested parties to schedule the free  demo.

*Wave FM 89.1 Soon!

(Apr 21, 2001) Station Mgr Joe D Mango and John Ang of Bitstop signed today, a memorandum of agreement for Bitstop to stream its fm broadcast over on the internet. Watch for this! Soon!

*Back to Normal

(Apr 21, 2001) Our thanks to PLDT for their prompt response and to Mozcom Bulacan for the transit of our authentication packets whilst our LL was down. Internet access speed is back to normal after almost 24 hours!  Thanks to all for your patience.

*PLDT Node problem

(Apr 20, 2001) There was a slowdown experienced today due to one of our leased line provider's node going down mid morning. Fortunately, due to Bitstop's redundant links, internet access was continuous. 

The downtime affected not only Bitstop's connection to Mozcom but other PLDT corporate clients in Manila as well.  We have been informed that the outage will last until tomorrow.  PLDT is confident that normal operations will be restored before lunch time.

*PLDT to show first live webcast

(Apr 19, 2001) Bitstop congratulates PLDT on the occasion of the country's first live webcast.  Logon to http://www.pldt.com.ph tonight April 19,2001 at 6:30 pm.

*Freestyle at Hardrock Cafe

(Apr 18, 2001) Bitstop and Infocom were guests of DWRT during the rage night at Hardrock Cafe, featured performer is the Freestyle. Click here to listen.

*Benz passes Microsoft W2K Accelerated Exam

(Apr 17, 2001) Bitstop congratulates Mr. Benedict Cuison for passing the Microsoft W2K Accelerated Exam 70-240.  This exam is the equivalent of 4 exams for the new MCSE certification track. Win NT4 MCSEs are required to upgrade their skill sets and pass 7 exams by the end of year 2001.

So far, according to unofficial sources, Benz is only the 2nd person to pass the exams in the Philippines. The first one is June Tabadero of DbWizards.


*New Hosted sites

(Apr 6, 2001) Bitstop is proud to be part of the Town Fiesta Celebration of Bayambang by hosting its Official Webpage. We have also re-designed the webpage for Our Lady of Manaog.

*Bitstop picked as Technical Consultant

(Apr 6, 2001) Bitstop is honored to have been chosen by Colegio San Jose De Alaminos, Pangasinan, as its industry technical advisor. Under the terms of the agreement, Bitstop not only provides technical advise on IT related matters, but commits to accept the top 5 graduating students of the school for On the Job training. Photo shows Mr Wilson L. Chua and Sister Eterna after the signing of the MOA.


*Microsoft Launches CLC 3rd Year!

(Apr 6, 2001) Microsoft formally announced the opening of CLC (Connected Learning Community) Year 3 at the Rockwell Club in Makati. This was announced by Microsoft Phils country Manager, Mr Richard Francis. 

High schools that are selected by Microsoft under the program will receive donations of computers, MS software, scanner, color printer, digital camera and 1 year internet connection from Microsoft!


*Second Prize Winner of Intel's Madness Sale Raffle

(March 31, 2001) 

Photo shows Mr. Glen Guira who won a Sony VCD Player during the Intel's PC Madness Sale.  Our Congratulations and happy viewing.


*Logitech Demo @ Bitstop!

(March 31, 2001) Bitstop is now showcasing a variety of Logitech products. 


*Bitstop Internet Servers Upgraded

Rack Mounted Servers(March 29, 2001) As part of our  expansion plans, Bitstop's main servers were upgraded to rack mount versions. This gives us more space in our network operations center. 

The rack mounts feature shock mounting for the hard drives, dust filter for inlet fan, dual redundant, hot-swappable power supply and heat-dissipating aluminum chassis.

Mounting our servers on a rack also gives us more room for our coming APC Netshelter rack enclosures!

While we were at it, we also added more memory to the servers (768mb and 1gb). We also upgraded older Pentium IIs to Pentium III.

*DWRT 99.5 Now Online!

(March 28, 2001) DWRT 99.5 is now online. Click here to listen. The agreement was entered into by Mr Eric Eloriaga, President of DWRT and Mr Wilson L.Chua, President of Bitstop. 

*AUF Studes Create Virtual Jukebox

(March 22, 2001) Bitstop is proud to have some of AUF's top IT students as On the Job trainees at bitstop. The team has created the Virtual Jukebox prototype as part of their project. Picture shows the team composed of Ben Penell Jr, Genie Joy Marfa, Alexis Cortes, Lea Mangio, and Gio Bautista, together with Mrs Jane Chua, MCSE and son Keith. The AUF team has put together a Virtual Jukebox backed by MS SQL 7.0 database server backend.


*Cisco's Wireless LAN Premier Test Drive Program

(March 21, 2001) Bitstop will be test- deploying Aironet 340 WLAN kit consisting of one access point and two pcm342 cards. These products utilize direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology to deliver up to 11 Mbps throughput, and offer up to 128-bit wired equivalent privacy (WEP) for data security that is comparable to traditional wired LANs.

This test kit is provided by Cisco as part of their Wireless LAN Premier Test Drive Program. 

*BIR Region I attends Mozcom Training

(March 20, 2001) Bitstop, the Mozcom POP for Pangasinan, conducted an internet training seminar for the regional offices of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). 

This training will maximize the BIR's utilization of Bitstop's internet usage. As part of the training, Bitstop introduced the use of digital certificates as a means of countering mail-related frauds like: man-in-middle attacks, mail spoofing and mail snooping.

*FingerPrint Verifier Demo @ MotherGoose

(March 19, 2001) Bitstop will demonstrate the BIOLINK fingerprint verifier system that also doubles as a mouse in MotherGoose this Wednesday, Mar 21, 2001.




*SLC Taps Bitstop as Technical Consultant

(March 17, 2001) Bitstop recently signed a memorandum of agreement with Saint Louis College in San Fernando La Union. The agreement calls for Bitstop to provide SLC with its networking and internet expertise in the form of consultancy.

The MOA was signed by Dra Remedios Marinas, President of SLC and Mr Wilson L. Chua, President of Bitstop, witnessed by Dra. Dag-0 , Dean of Academic Affairs, SLC and Mrs Jane A Chua of Bitstop


*UPBaguio Students Visit Bitstop

(March 15, 2001) Bitstop was visited by students under Prof Joel Adawe of UP Baguio. We hope that their visit to our Network Operations Center provided them with an overall idea of how Internet Service Providers deploy 24x7 high availability networks. Picture shows the students with Mr John Ang, (CCNA):

*MailServer Updated

(March 13, 2001) We had a one hour outage from 8-9 am to update our mail server running on Microsoft Exchange 5.5. We updated the service pack from SP3.0  to SP4.0 and changed our MX records to use the APNIC assigned IP address. This will allow our mail to come in and go out using all 3 of our gateways

*Quake III Arena @ gamer.dagupan.com

(March 13, 2001) Quake III Arena game is now hosted at gamer.dagupan.com.

*Bitstop Peers with Pampanga

(March 13, 2001) In the next 30 days, Mozcom Pangasinan (Bitstop) will interconnect its systems with Mozcom-Pampanga (Angelcomm). Mozcom-Pampanga is the market leader in their area with 4mpbs satellite link and an upcoming E1 link to Mozcom.

With these interconnected links, Bitstop subscribers will only be one (1) hop away from hosted sites in Pangasinan, La Union, Bulacan and Pampanga, including parts of Ilocos Norte!

*Bitstop's 3rd E1 now operational!

(March 12, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce that our 3rd E1 is up! This E1 (2048kpbs) link connects us to Mozcom's 72 POPs nationwide plus ABONE!  Our thanks to Mozcom sysads for helping us with the BGP router entries! (Arnold and Paul)

*Bitstop attends Seminar on Future High Speed Networks

(March 5, 2001) Bitstop attended the seminar conducted by Dr Peter Tomsu of Cisco EMEA on the future of Multispeed networks held at the Networld +Interop in Sydney. Picture shows Dr Tomsu with Mr Wilson Chua

*Bitstop attends BGP Multihoming Seminar

(March 1, 2001) Conducted by Dr Philip Smith, Cisco,  this seminar teaches the various scenarios facing ISPs and the suggested approaches to handle these in BGP. Bitstop also learned about how unicast reverse path forwarding can be used to enforce non-transit policies among peers. Overall, Dr Smith makes the complicated BGP entries look simple! Picture below shows us together with DigitelONE's Stephen Ngo


*A Postcard from CyberJaya

(Feb 26, 2001) Mr. Wilson Chua visited Cyberjaya, a model intelligent city for Malaysia's Multimedia SuperCorridor vision.  Click on the postcard to learn more.  Bitstop is attending the Apricot 2001 in Kuala Lumpur.

*GrandSlam Win at VMUF by VMU-CCS team

(Feb 23, 2001) Bitstop's 'manok' in VMUF won the grandslam intramurals at Virgen Milagrosa Educational Foundation. This happy news was relayed to us by no less than Dean Efren Y. Ignacio. Congratulations!


*CounterStrike Game Server Demo

(Feb 22, 2001) Calling all Mozcom and Pangasinan dialup subscribers! We are currently testing our counterstrike game server. This optimized server should give you the lowest ping rates. To Join, you must have your counterstrike installed , up and running.  Use (PUBLIC) as the ip address of the server.

Pictures from http://www.counter-strike.net/images.html

*E1 Press Con well attended

(Feb 17, 2001) Bitstop thanks all the people that supported us during the E1 contract signing with Mozcom. Among them are: Dr Willy Gan (who walked several kilometers to get past the traffic); Ging Cardinoza of Manilatimes and  Leu Paragas of Dzrh, who helped us organize the press conference. All the Mozcom POPs that attended, Ms Tech Valmonte of IT  works, Mr Joey Esguerra of 3com and finally , Mr Mike Wilkerson for the facilities at their great beach resort, Lazy A in San Fabian. Click to see:

ABS-CBN TV coverage
Full Coverage Part I
Full Coverage Part 2

Picture shows the group after the beers and the inihaw na bangus: 

(Picture courtesy of Mr Ben Pennel, a Mozcom subscriber using a Mustek MDC800)

*Bitstop Welcomes Mozcom Chairman

(Feb 16, 2001) Mozcom Chairman, Dr Willy Gan, is scheduled to arrive tomorrow for the formal contract signing of Bitstop's E1 with Mozcom.

The affair will be held at City De Luxe Hotel and Restaurant at Tapuac Dist, Dagupan, Pangasinan.


*Microsoft MOUS Promo

(Feb 12, 2001) For every ten (10) MS Office MOLP licenses purchased from February 1 until April 30, 2001, a company availing of the promo receives one (1) Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) exam voucher. (worth 25 USD)

MOUS exam vouchers are given for purchases under the Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP) of MS Office products limited to Office2000 Standard, Professional, Premium editions for new users and upgrades, excluding Upgrade Advantage SKUs, Small Business, Developer, OEM, Government, Academic, and Charity editions.

*Microsoft Pushes MOUS Certification

(Feb 10, 2001) Bitstop is proud to be part of Microsoft's push for MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist Program) Certification.  

"A (MOUS) certificate proving your proficiency or expertise in Microsoft Office productivity applications will serve as proof to your employer that you can really handle the task. The certification would prove your skills and qualify for the job," Sam Jacoba , Business Development Manager, Microsoft

Click here to read the Manila Bulletin article.

*3rd E1 Press Briefing on Feb 17, 2000

(Feb 10, 2001) Bitstop will hold a press briefing on Feb 17, 2000 at City Deluxe Hotel , Tapuac District, Dagupan City, to  witness the contract signing for Bitstop's 3rd E1 (2048kbps) link with Mozcom. 

Dr Willy Gan, Chairman of Mozcom, together with Northern Luzon Mozcom Franchisees are expected to grace the affair.

*Its Official! Bitstop is 1st Cisco Partner

(Feb 10, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce that we are the first and so far, the only Cisco Certified Premier Partner north of Manila.

Bitstop attained this status by having staff who are Cisco Sales Expert, Cisco Certified Network Associate and Design Associate.

*Martin XV3 a Sellout Success!

(Feb 10, 2001) Martin Nievera's concert in Baguio was a huge success judging from the SRO crowd at the SLU gym. Bitstop and our friends were lucky enough to get a picture with Martin, courtesy of our friends from Crossover, Mr Louie Villar and Mr Rey Santos. 

*Listen to Sandy FM

Sandy101(Feb 9, 2001) SandyFM's broadcast is a joint collaboration between Infocom, Bitstop and Datacom in Cagayan De Oro.Click here to listen.


*Networking Seminar @ New World

(Feb 6, 2001) e-TRENDS, INC. will be launching the first module in its Networking and Integration for Professionals Series (NIPS 1) on March 7, 2001 at New World Renaissance Hotel. This series aims to provide an overview not only to IT Professionals but to any interested individual who wishes to learn more about “Networking and Integration Services” in layman's terms.

The topics to be covered in the launching seminar will be:

  • Network Equipment – From Hubs to the Latest Intelligent Devices

  • ISP Operations – Traditional Services and New Innovations

  • New WAN Talk – ATM & Frame Relay – Is it applicable to your setup?

  • Destination: DSL!!! – Is our WAN setup heading this way?

For inquiries, please call 753-1796 or 753-1797 and look for Dodi or Angel or email:info@e-trends.com.ph.


*Mozcom Grants BGP routing

(Feb 3, 2001) After months of negotiations, Mozcom and Bitstop will announce on Feb 17, 2001 their agreement to do BGP routing and additional E1 of bandwidth. Bitstop will have a total combined capacity of 3 E1s from 3 separate sources. This capacity will help Pangasinan position itself as the premier location for IT related businesses in the North.

*Multiple Dialups Supported @ Bitstop

(Jan 27, 2001) Multilink is the process of combining 2 or more internet connec tions into one. Bitstop internet support staff, Bing and Sheila has tested and deployed Multilink technology over Bitstop's USR Total Control Chassis equipment. This Multilink demo was requested by Mr Joseph Gille of  Wired (Dagupan) 

Now! You can use 2 or more dialup connections and bundle into one virtual circuit/connection for even faster surfing! MultiLink gives you the performance of a lease line and the convenience of dial on demand!


*Dinky Gets MCDBA

(Jan 27, 2001) Mr Genesis Esteban, again passed his Microsoft Certified Exam and completing all the requirements to becoming an MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator). He is also MCSE +I. His Wife, Lani, also passed her Visual Basic Certification Exam. Our warmest congratulations!

*Best Wishes to NU

(Jan 26, 2001) Our best wishes to Northwestern University (Laoag) on the occasion of its 69th Foundation Anniversary. Bitstop is proud to be part of its celebration by providing Video Conferencing Demo and various Film Showing. Photo Shows President Ben Nicolas, cutting the ribbon to the exhibit


*Bitstop Gains 2nd CCNA

(Jan 21, 2001) Mr. John Ang Jr. has attained his CCNA status after successfully passing the required exam. Congratulations, John and a Prosperous New Year.  

With this certification, Bitstop has completed all requirements to be a Cisco Premier Partner.

For those of you that haven't seen Mr John Ang, here is a photo taken at the Autodesk Sales Seminar in Island Cove. John is the second from the left on the back row.


*Bitstop Gains CCDA

(Jan 20, 2001) Mr Wilson L. Chua has successfully passed the Cisco Certified Design Associate Exam (640-441) He took this exam right after the DCN course conducted by Training Partners and sponsored in part by Cisco and TAP. In behalf of Sir Wilson and Sir John, Bitstop wishes to thank the course instructor, Mr Jerry Mahinay.

*EDSA Shrine CAM

(Jan 19, 2001) Would you like to take a peek at what's happening in EDSA?  Click on this site courtesy of our webcam  and experience EDSA vicariously.  Note: You might have to refresh your browser for the most recent webcam shot.

*E1/R2 now up but under observation

(Jan 18, 2001) After more than a week, our 56k Digitel Trunkline 5147111 has been restored.  Please help us by testing the line through your dial up connection and sending feedback through monica@pangasinan.com. Please bear with us as the line is still being observed for stability. 

Our thanks to Digitel Field Support Engineers Ojie Lopez, John Lugtu and Job Relatores and the Dagupan switch engineers for reactivating the line.

*Comptia A+ Certified Technician

(Jan 18, 2001) We would like to congratulate Mr. Jude P. Labasano, Chief Technical Supervisor of Computer Access in Angeles City for passing the exams for Comptia A+ Core Service and Windows Service Technician.  He passed with flying colors and he did it in record time!

*Bitstop's Router Memory Upgraded

(Jan 11, 2001) Bitstop recently doubled all memory modules on all its Cisco 3600 series routers. This will allow our routers to accept more BGP route advertisements and make better routing decisions. 

*Digitel Frame Relay Service Restored

(Jan 10, 2001) After more than 48 hours of downtime, DigitelONE was able to  rush the re-activation of our vital Frame Relay service. 

As of this writing however, none of our digitel dialup lines including our e1/r2 (56kb) were operational. Please visit our site for updates on this situation.

*Best Wishes on BSU's 85th Anniversary

(Jan 10, 2001) Bitstop wishes to congratulate Benguet State University on the occasion of its 85th Foundation Day. 


*Digitel Frame Relay and e1/r2 down

(Jan 7, 2001) Frame Relay connections and Digitel dialup lines went down tonight from 5:41 pm onwards. Bitstop has already re-routed the major systems to use bitstop's other links-- mozcom via PLDT and Infocom via smart.

According to sources in Digitel, the construction work being done on the Dagupan bridge had drilled into a major link in Digitel's distribution network. This caused the outage. Repair work will start early tomorrow to restore the service which is expected to last until noon.

All subscribers are advised to use PLDT dialup lines instead. Our thanks to Mr Deepak for alerting us to this.

*FREE Goodies from Bitstop

(Jan 5, 2001) Each student that visits bitstop and presents their student IDs get to avail of one box of 5.25" diskettes for free! (We are in the process of cleaning out our old stocks and are giving these away!) 

*Zenshin Presents Tandberg Backup Solutions

(Jan 3, 2001) Mr Roger Lim , President of Zenshin was a guest at Bitstop where he shared with us the new technologies from Tandberg Data.

Click here to listen to his presentation.

*Bitstop Gets BGP support from DigitelONE, INFOCOM

(Jan 2, 2001) Bitstop thanks Mr Stephen Ngo of DigitelONE and Mr Rolando Marasigan of INFOCOM for helping us complete our router entries for our APNIC assigned Autonomous System Number (AS#). We appreciate also the routing updates sent to us from the DigitelONE and Infocom networks.This BGP programming will help Bitstop's routers make more intelligent routing decisions compared to our previously made static entries.



Note: Bitstop will be closed for the holidays and will open on Jan 2, 2001

*Bitstop Gets Cisco Sales Expert

(Dec.28, 2000) Mrs Jane Chua passed the Cisco Sales Essentials:Small-to-Medium Business v 2.0 from Certification.Net

*Bitstop's PowerPoint Expert Gets Certified

(Dec.27, 2000) Mr Marlon Macam, Bitstop's resident MOUS, recently passed his PowerPoint 2000 Certifcation Exam. Our congratulations!


*Bitstop Attends IBM Training 

(Dec.22, 2000) IBM conducted a series of seminar in Baguio Country Inn. The seminar featured workshops on maintaining and repairing IBM Thinkpads and NetFinity Servers. Our chief engineer , Mr Ed Casiquin, together with Francis  Mejia attended this course. 

*Dagupan City Gains 2 MCDBA 

(Dec.18, 2000) Mr Wilson L. Chua and Mr Boni Baniqued, both successfully passed the Designing and Implementing SQL 7.0 (70-029) exam today. This completes all the requirements to make them MCDBAs (Microsoft Certified DB Admin).


*Blue Jam site of Bitstop Xmas Party 

(Dec.18, 2000) Here is a picture of us during our Xmas Party held at Blue Jam. The food was great, the group presentations were hilarious and John was finally able to do a microsecond of dance step/s?


*Bitstop passes Effective Presentation Skills 

(Dec.18, 2000) Bitstop completed one of the requirements for  Microsoft Certified Trainors. Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua, both successfully completed the requirements of Microsoft Certified Trainor. They passed the Effective Presentations Skills course conducted by Ms Bettina Cruz of Guthrie-Jensen.

*PNP Dagupan Official Webpage 

(Dec.18, 2000) Dagupan's Finest now has its own webpage. It is at http://www.dagupan.com/dagpnp. Please also drop by its community portal and leave your comments.

*FreeBSD deployed for Bitstop Portal 

(Dec.16, 2000) Our thanks to Mr Francis Vidal for setting up a FreeBSD server to run our forum.dagupan.com Community Portal.  Please try this out!

*Microsoft Extends NT Exams 

(Dec.16, 2000) Windows NT 4.0 exams and other exams scheduled for retirement on December 31, 2000, will continue to be offered to candidates worldwide through February 28, 2001. The additional two months of availability will accommodate candidates who are experiencing difficulty scheduling testing times because of limited capacity at testing centers in some areas, especially around the holidays

*Bitstop gets Microsoft Accreditation

(Dec.5, 2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that we have been accepted into the Windows Media Service Provider Program. As a member of this program, Bitstop can expect to receive many opportunities, both technological and business, from Microsoft.

Bitstop will be receiving regular communications that will keep us posted on any upcoming promotional opportunities, technical and product information from Microsoft.


*Bitstop, Infocom,Digitelone and INQ7 in joint Project

(Dec.5, 2000) Bitstop is proud to be part of a public service project led by INQ7.net to provide live feeds of the senate impeachment hearings. The participating networks are Infocom and Digitelone.

This project is only for a limited time and is not projected to cover the entire length of the proceedings. Part of the project includes live webcast of DZBB 594 am and on-demand webcast of GMA 7's highly rated Saksi. 


*Bitstop attends SQL 2000 Training

(Dec.4, 2000) Mr Wilson L. Chua is currently undergoing training at DB wizards in Makati on SQL 2000. This is a five day course. 

The course was led by Mr June Tabadero Jr, one of the finest instructors Mr Chua has had the privilege to meet!

*Additional Content on Eradioportal

(Dec.1, 2000) Want audio and video streaming content from the Philippines? Check out eRadioPortal.  You can also come back to it by clicking on the eradioportal.com link on the Testdrive section of this page. 

*Philmusic Wins Web Awards

(Nov 24, 2000) Photo shows Bitstop with Mr Jim Ayson,and Ms Franchette Soriano of Philmusic, minutes before they won the coveted WEB awards. Our warmest congratulations for this 3 in a year feat!


*Official Lani Misalucha Webpage Launched

(Nov 24, 2000) Photo shows the formal signing agreement between Bitstop, Compulogic and Mr & Mrs Noli Misalucha on the design, hosting and launching of Ms Lani Misalucha's Official Website. Looking on is Mr Emmanuel San Agustin of Microsoft. Click here to view it!


*Bitstop In Collaboration talks with Infocom 

(Nov 24, 2000) Photo shows Mr Dino Pineda, VP Content for Infocom together with Bitstop in discussions over infrastructure support to extend Bitstop's Multicast projects in the South.








*Dagupan Hosts Nat'l Basketball Meet

(Nov 23, 2000) Dagupan City Gov't headed by Mayor Al Fernandez and Councilor Chito Samson, Regional Director,BAP Region I hosts the National Millennium Open Basketball Championship at the People's Astrodome. The event kicks off on Nov 24 and ends on Nov 29,2000

Bitstop provides the internet connection for the Media Pool.

*Congratulations to PROBUILD

(Nov 22, 2000) Bitstop wishes to extend our best wishes to the management and staff of Dagupan Tony's Lumber for the opening of their newest showroom.

Click here to see it!

*Bitstop gets coveted APNIC membership

(Nov 20, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce that our application into APNIC has been granted. We now have our own IP Address block and Autonomous System Number!


*Mozcom Chairman @ LaSalTech's Anniversary

(Nov 18, 2000) Picture shows Dr Willy Gan, Chairman of Mozcom during LaSaltech's Anniversary Celebration. Microsoft was also a sponsor of the event. Notice the Microsoft Banner in the background? Click here to see streaming video of the event


*Watch for  Ms Lani Misalucha's WebPage

(Nov 18, 2000) Mr Emmanuel San Agustin, Microsoft Phils,  introduced Bitstop to Mr Noli A. Misalucha. 

Currently, talks are under way to create an official home page for Ms Lani Misalucha that will showcase her talents via Microsoft Streaming Media Technologies.


*Bitstop Invited as Panelist at DLSU Affair

(Nov 18, 2000) Mr Wilson L. Chua, President of Bitstop was invited as a panelist for DLSU's Media Speaker Series 2000. The theme for this year's affair is "New Media Technologies and Mass Communication Education Issues and Challenges".

He met Professor Collis Davis, Visiting Professor and Fullbright Scholar. Prof Davis presented  a paper on Enhanced Broadcasting: Content in the Idiot Box.

Mr. Chua also stayed on for the wonderful presentation of Mr David Drilon, Content Director, K2 Interactive. The panelist of this presentation included Mr Raymund Red, the critically-acclaimed film director of Sakay and Bayani, and who recently won the Palme d'Or for the Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival 2000. Ms Digna Santiago of Premiere Entertainment Production and Vice-Chairman of the Films Ratings Board was the other panelist.


*Bitstop premiers Exchange 2000 VidCon in TSU

(Nov 16, 2000) Bitstop Computers is honored to be invited to Tarlac State University in presenting Exchange 2000 Video Conferencing Solution. 

*DLSU taps Bitstop for Online Broadcast Training 

(Nov 13, 2000) Bitstop is honored to have been tapped by the country's leading IT school to deliver the course on Microsoft Media Server Technologies. The skills from this workshop will enable De La Salle (Taft) to develop their own online educational materials, campus e-radio and live webcasting capability.

Attendees included Brother Mike Rapatan, FSC , Chairperson, Department of Communications and Sir Sammy Mallare, Director, Information Technology Center at DLSU

*LC passes 3rd Oracle Exam

(Nov 15, 2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that Mr Eugevar Silang, of Luzon Colleges passed his 3rd Oracle Exam last Nov 10, 2000. The exam he passed was for Oracle8. He needs to pass 2 more exams to complete the full Oracle requirements



*Bitstop Upgrades to Gigabit Switch

(Nov 9, 2000) Bitstop upgraded its ageing Catalyst 1924a with the newer Catalyst 3500 XL. We experienced immediate improvement in our LAN and WAN access from deploying the upgrade!



*A+ Certified Professional

(Nov 8, 2000) Mr Ed Casiquin, head of Bitstop's technical service division successfully passed the requirements for Comptia's A+ certification.  We are proud of you!

*Bitstop and Worldnet Interconnects

(Nov 6, 2000) Bitstop is happy to announce that we have completed the interconnection of Mozcom Pangasinan with Mozcom Bulacan. This allows both Mozcom POPs to have fault tolerance and redundant links to Mozcom for our internet needs. The link uses 128k frame relay and uses OSPF routing to select the optimal routes. Our thanks to Mozcom Sysads for helping out in the OSPF configuration.

*Use Exchange2000 for Video Conference

(Nov 6, 2000) Exchange Conference Server allows video conferences to be setup via ip multicast. MADCAP support allows the video streams to be multicast thereby saving on bandwidth. Unlike Netmeeting video conferencing, which uses only unicast, Exchange Conference server allows ISPs to save on bandwidth

*Bitstop Attends Exchange 2000 Tech Training

(Oct 27, 2000) Mr Wilson L. Chua attended the 4 day Exchange 2000 Technical Training held at DBWizards in Makati. The class was conducted by Mr JayJay Beltran MCSE, MCT.

*Pangasinan Police Provincial Office

(Oct 21, 2000) Get to know more about your province's Police office. Click here to view the power point slide presentation with narration by Col. Leopoldo Bataoil, our Provincial Director.

*Bitstop Gains CCNA

(Oct 21, 2000) Mr Wilson L. Chua, MCSE+I can now add another certification title to his credit. He has successfully passed the 604-507 Cisco CCNA 2.0 exams


*NU Laoag Gains 1st MCSE+I

(Oct 21, 2000) Bitstop congratulates Mr Genesis Esteban for having completed all the requirements for becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with Internet Specialization (MCSE+I) 

Photo shows Mr Genesis Esteban 2nd from the right

*Microsoft Licensing for Enterprise and Schools

(Oct 20, 2000) Find out how you can take advantage of Microsoft's Enterprise Agreement and/or School Agreement to license your software at a minimal cost per unit and still get the most current versions.  If you are a school with at least 10 computers, or an enterprise business with at least 200 desktops, then this is for YOU!  Email jane@dagupan.com with your contact details.


*Bitstop to Conduct Terminal Server Seminar

(Oct 17, 2000) Bitstop, together with Lasaltech of Bacolod is holding a series of lectures and events organized around Lasaltech's Anniversary. Bitstop will conduct a seminar on Microsoft Certifications and another workshop for showcasing the remoteboot and terminal server capability.

The workshop will show how schools can offer the leading edge in computing education while at the same time, holding down investment costs by being able to use legacy (386/486) systems to run Office 2000 and Microsoft Windows 2000 server and professional.

*Bitstop Expo @ BCF

(Oct 17, 2000) Bitstop is inviting all computer enthusiasts to visit our booth at Baguio Colleges Foundation on Oct 23, 2000. You can expect to see new Microsoft Games, Softwares and devices to be on display there. We are also planning to display our Terminal Server 2000 test lab. See you there!

* Asia Fusion Event

(Oct 17, 2000) Bitstop was fortunate to have attended the Microsoft sponsored Asia Fusion 2000 event. This event is held yearly for Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider in Asia.

* Microsoft Products on display

(Oct 17,2000) Bitstop is now displaying some items in our offices like: Optical Intellimouse, Age of Empires - The age of Kings, and its expansion pack, The Conquerors, Encarta Reference Suite 2000, Encarta Deluxe, Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike (good for 3d action/adventure games), Microsoft Starlancer, and Asheron's Call

We also have available limited stocks of boxed operating systems Windows Me, Windows 2000Pro and Office 2000 Premium and Office Developer at very attractive prices!



*Bitstop Joins TAP initiative

(Oct 15, 2000) Photo was taken last September 28, 2000 at Manila Peninsula for the Technical Alliance Program (TAP) Program initiated by Accent Micro Technologies Inc (AMTI).



(Oct 14, 2000) Our congratulations to Mr Michael Tanedo, IT Consultant for Lyceum Northwestern for completing the requirements to become the province's first--MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Admin)

*Bitstop Welcomes SPNHS to CLCPhils.org

(Oct 8, 2000) San Policarpo National High School is one of this year's recipients of Microsoft's Connected Learning Community Awards. This donation enabled the school to offer Windows 2000 and Office 2000 courses to its students.

San Policarpo is located in Calbayog, Western Samar.

*Bitstop Conducts Crash Course on Win2k Deployment

(Oct 8, 2000) Sunday, saw most of our technical, software and Internet support groups reporting for work to attend the 4 hour crash course on the proper installation and deployment of Windows 2000 systems.


*Jaya's After Concert Party

(Oct 1, 2000) This picture was just sent in by Mr Rey Santos showing us with the Crossover People, Jaya and Side A in a party hosted for her after the highly successful JAYA on Fire concert in SLU Gym, Baguio


*FreeMail for Laoag Residents

(Oct 1, 2000) Mr Franz Felipe, SysAd at NULAOAG.com has this to say: 

"We created a site that offers free email address, www.laoagcity.net. Our intention is to keep a database of all laoageneous worldwide. If a desired number will be reached, a "people search" will be added. A feature of this also includes an autoresponder"


*New Video Titles Available

(Oct 1, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce the availability (ON Stock) of the following titles from Keystone Learning Systems: PowerPoint 2000, Windows 2000 Server and Professional (Set of 7 each) and Implementing Microsoft SQl 7.0 (4 VIDEOS), and finally 6 sets AutoCAD 2000 BASIC and 3D.


*Bitstop In Mindanao

(Sep 29, 2000) As part of Microsoft's CLC program rollout in Libertad, Misamis Oriental, Bitstop had the opportunity to not only visit the place but also to chance upon our friends in the Mozcom network from the south. Picture shows Mozcom Pangasinan with Mozcom Cagayan De Oro, Butuan and Pagadian!

Photo Below shows Marlon and MaryJane as they disembark from PAL plane.




(Sept. 29,2000) WSI Channel Sales Manager, Mr. Robert Pacifico conducted a seminar for Bitstop Technical and Sales personnel for the software features of AUTOCAD2000i


*EPSON PHILS. Authorized Service Center!

(Sept. 29, 2000) Mr. Roy Catana, Head of the Technical and Support division of EPSON Philippines Corp., conducted a training seminar for the service Engineers of BITSTOP.

  Bitstop is proud to be appointed as authorized service center of Epson PHILS.

*Han's Handicraft Website

(Sep 22, 2000) Please drop by and visit Hans' Handicraft. This site is hosted at Bitstop using Frontpage server extensions. Hans uploads via ordinary ftp program to update the site.



*VMUF Gets Intel 1st Prize

(Sep 21, 2000) Photo shows Dr Angelo Juan and Dean Efren Ignacio, receiving the DVD player that Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation won as 1st prize in the recently concluded INTEL Madness Sale.


*PHILCST deploys diskless workstation

(Sep 20, 2000) Bitstop conducted a hands on seminar that helped PHILCST , Calasiao, deploy their internet laboratory using diskless technology. The Bitstop system allows PHILCST to run Win95 on all their workstations without having to use a hard disk. 

PhilCST not only saved on the harddisks, but they can also expect fewer maintenance costs, as the frequent brownouts will not cause windows 95 boot up problems.

*Bitstop accredited as Epson Service Center

(Sep 14, 2000) Bitstop is proud to have been appointed as Epson's service center in Dagupan. Photo shows Mr Jino Alvarez, Manager, Sales & Mktg Dept together with Ms Loida Aquino of ABENSON while visiting Bitstop.


*Windows 2000 Apps on Diskless Workstations

(Sep 13, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce that our R&D has successfully run Windows 2000 applications on Diskless workstations with minimal hardware components. 

The workstations are older machines running on 16mb of ram and Pentium 166. 

*FREE "accelerated" Exam for eligible MCSEs

(Sep 13, 2000)  Microsoft is offering exam 70-240 free as a benefit to eligible MCPs. Eligible candidates (only individuals who have passed all three Windows NT 4.0 exams) may order a voucher good only on exam 70-240 through December 31, 2001. (See the MCP secured site for more information on how to avail of the free voucher.)



*Bitstop Gains 2nd MCSE

(Sep 12, 2000) Our congratulations to Mrs Jane Chua for passing her 6th exam (IIS 4.0) and becoming the 2nd MCSE at Bitstop Inc. She now plans to be the first Windows2000 MCSE!

*Bitstop Collaborates with Sequel Solutions

(Sep 11, 2000) Click on this site to find out how to access sql 7.0 database using flash! This sample is made by Sequel Solutions headed by Cliff Eala.


*Join DOST's Contest

(Sep 7, 2000) Director Edgar F. Padilla , Department of Science and Technology, together with the Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development (PCASTRD), and in cooperation with the Information Technology Foundation of the Philippines (ITFP) is implementing the 3rd National Search for Product Excellence in Information Technology (IT SEARCH).

A total of 3.1 million pesos  in cash prizes is at stake to the winners, with the grand prizewinner garnering a total of 1.1 million pesos!

For more info, click here

*Bitstop hosts BSU R&D Video

(Sep 5, 2000) Bitstop is proud to host the Research and Development Video materials of Benguet State University.

These are the low bandwidth files 1 2
These are the high bandwidth files 1 2

*Bitstop Tests VOIP Gateway in Lab Simulation

(Sep 5, 2000) Bitstop thanks our supplier for providing us with demo units of Planet's VOIP Gateway shown below:


We have a small network lab consisting of Cisco 1750, 1600 and 2620 to form the simulated routing environment. This is our prep lab for taking the Cisco CCNA 2.0 exams.


*Lyceum Gets 1st MCSE

(Sep 4, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce that Mr Michael S Tanedo , Lyceum's top IT consultant, has passed his IIS4.0 exam. This completes all the requirements for him to become an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer).

The MCSE title is achieved after taking 6 very hard Microsoft Certification exams here at our testing facilities.

*LC 1st Oracle Certified Professional

(Sep 4, 2000)  Bitstop wishes to congratulate Mr Eugevar Silang, of Luzon Colleges for having passed 2 Oracle Certified Exams here at Bitstop.

Mr Silang is the only Oracle Certified Professional here in the North! He passed both 'Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL" and "Developing PL/SQL Program Units"

*LC Upgrade Completed!

(Sep 1, 2000) Luzon Colleges is now operating the biggest fixed line internet service in Dagupan. Bitstop has just finished the activation of Luzon College's 128k link with compression.

The compression on the 128K lease line will give LC an additional 30-40% bandwidth making its theoretical maximum close to 160k.


*Listen to RiverMaya's Newest Album

(Aug 31, 2000) Visit Philmusic.com's Site to listen to RiverMaya's Newest Album that is hosted by Bitstop at Infocom's network.

*Intel Madness Raffle Results

(Aug 30, 2000)  Intel Philippines is pleased to announce the final results of the PC Weeklong Madness raffle draw: 

1st prize: Sony DVD Player     VMUF
2nd prize: Sony VCD Player    Glenn Guira
3rd prize:  Jazz Piper              George Gamad

Please submit a photocopy of your ID and Official Receipt to your respective GID's (Genuine Intel Dealers-Bitstop or Complex)!  Bitstop congratulates and thanks all who participated and patronized the first ever Intel Madness Sale in Pangasinan and Baguio! 

*Intel Philippine Science Fair

(Aug 26, 2000) Bitstop joined the Intel-sponsored Science Fair held at the Oasis Hotel in San Fernando, La Union on August 25.  Bitstop provided 10 sets of computer equipments running on Intel processors while Basic Internet (Moscom-LU) provided internet connectivity for the surfing experience of the attendees.


*Autodesk 2000i

(Aug 25, 2000) Learn more about the newest release from Autodesk-- Autocad 2000i. The i stands for internet. Among its neat features include software lock (as opposed to the dongle) and the ability to grab templates from the internet. Smaller file sizes also makes it a zip to send online! See their demo

Also, try out their Free online courseware by clicking here.

*Liven up your Webpage

(Aug 14, 2000) Bitstop is using Streaming media to liven our webpage. We can now add video footage in a multi-bit rate environment. This means, that a single stream will serve video and stereo content to 28.8, 56k and LAN users!

Click here to see a sample.

*MiroVideo Sponsors FilmWorkshop


(Aug 20, 2000) MiroVideo, the worldclass video capture and special effects card was the proud sponsor in the recently concluded 1st Pangasinan Film Workshop.

Bitstop would like to thank Jason Cheng of MiroVideo for providing the needed MiroVideo Cards for actual hands-on of the workshop participants.

*Philmusic and Bitstop in Webcast Tieup

(Aug 15, 2000)  Mr Jim Ayson and Mr Wilson L. Chua are shown here, signing the memorandum of agreement where Bitstop will  house all of PhilMusic's great audio and video content using Microsoft Media Server Technology. Also present is Mr. Emmanuel San Agustin of Microsoft Philippines.

The server uses Windows 2000 and is co-located at SNMI-PLDT-Infocom with an E1 pipeline. Bitstop has reserved 30gb of storage for this agreement.


*Cisco Router Simulation Program

(Aug 14, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce the availability of Keystone  Learning systems'  Cisco RouterSIM CCNA Edition 2.x

This product was mainly developed to be an instructional tool that you can use to learn how to configure a Cisco router based network without having to buy the routers and the switches. The simulation program allows you to work with 6 Cisco 2621 routers and 2 Cisco 1924a switches.

This comes as part of the complete package containing 6 Cisco video training tapes for only 799.95 USD! (Regular Price is 939.95) Plus, a special 15% discount to the first 3 buyers.

*Luzon Colleges Upgrades Bandwidth

(Aug 14, 2000) Mrs Aurora Samson-Reyna, VP for Academic Affairs recently approved Bitstop's proposal for an upgrade of LC's existing 64kb lease line to 128kb with compression.

Along with additional IBM workstations, this bandwidth upgrade will position Luzon Colleges as one of the IT centers of the region.

*Digitel E1/R2 Lines now Interconnected with PLDT

(Aug 10, 2000) Mr Ed Macam of Digitel has sent us the good news that our E1/R2 lines (51471111) are now interconnected with both PLDT and SMART. Subscribers with PLDT and SMART lines can now dialup into the 514-7111 lines without getting the busy tone!

This is for mozcom and pangasinan.com subscribers only.


*MonsterRX Online Broadcast

(Aug 8, 2000) Bitstop is proud to be part of the online webcast of Monster RX 93.1. Bitstop also wishes RX a happy Anniversary! The webcast is hosted by Infocom-SNMI-PLDT network.

*Subscriber Response Requested

(Aug 7, 2000) How many of you are interested in subscribing to Britannica Online?  You may test drive their site at www.eb.com  Mozcom is planning to offer the subscription at a very low rate of less than $10.00 a Year if you access the site using your mozcom account! This is a very big savings of $40.00 a year!  Please email jane@dagupan.com if you are interested.

*Bitstop Tape Drive Upgraded

(Aug 2, 2000) Bitstop upgraded its tape backup to using HP SureStore 24ie DAT drive. This model is capable of backing up 24GB of data per tape.

Bitstop's data in both its internet & internal servers have grown during the past few months. With further planned increases in harddisk capacity deployment, the older 8gb tape drive was not enough for these.

*Windows 2000 SP1 is now out!

(Aug 2, 2000) Microsoft has released windows 2000 service pack 1 and Bitstop has already downloaded the network version for our subscribers. The 82.3mb file is located at ftp://master.dagupan.com/nt2000/sp1network.exe  or visit Microsoft's website.


*VB 6.0 Certified Professionals Needed

(July 31, 2000) Bitstop has received numerous enquiries about Visual Basic 6.0 Certified Professionals from Germany, Singapore and Canada.

Bitstop has informed the premier schools in the region about this, most notably, Informatics, AMA, Lorma, BCF and STI. These schools have promised to help promote the benefits of certification, specially for VB!

*Digitel Promises E1/R2 Interconnection

(July 31, 2000) Bitstop met with Mr William Pamintuan, Senior VP for Legal and Inter-Carrier Services of Digitel and asked for his support in interconnecting our E1/R2 with PLDT.

Mr Pamintuan together with Mr Edgardo Macam, Senior Manager, National Carrier Business then promised on the spot that our problems will be resolved in 2 weeks!

This means that in 2 weeks, Bitstop internet subscribers can access our 56k digitel lines via PLDT phone lines.We wish to thank Digitel for this!


*Another First! CrossOver Baguio Webcast

(July 29, 2000) Crossover Baguio is now using signals that are encoded using Microsoft Media Server from Quezon city and transmitted via DigitelONE's broadband network. 

This Philippine first was made possible only by the combined efforts of Bitstop, CrossOver and DigitelONE. Bitstop and Mr Rey Santos of Crossover were particularly impressed at the scale of support given by DigitelONE to the project. Several teams were on standby in GCC, Banawe QC, Roces (TELOF) and Baguio.

The broadband VPN network consists of NTUs, FRADs and Radio link. The implementation took only 48 hours! We would like to mention the participation of DigitelONE's VPs,Managers and field support professionals :

Patrick Palacios Dotsie Ducanes
Danilo Estrada Stephen Ngo
Nestor Santos Erwin Bunao (24hrs!)
Michael Gongon Arman Narciso (24hours!)
Ed Bautista Manny Pesco
Boy Francisco Elvin Cruz
John Lugto Joey Collantes
Rocell Tumbaga Alona Gutierrez

*Bitstop's Upstream Providers Upgrade Links

(July 29, 2000) Bitstop is fortunate to have partnered with the best 1st-tier Internet Service Providers in the country!

Mozcom has added another feather in its cap by being one of only 2 ISPs in the country to have a direct E1 link to A-Bone of Japan. Bitstop is also linked to the other one!

Also, in cocktails held yesterday at Robinson's Galleria, Digitelone announced the deployment of a 45mbps link via MCI/UUNet. 60-70% of all internet traffic pass through the UUnet network! This makes Digitelone the biggest ISP in the Philippines in terms of fiber-based internet bandwidth.

Being directly connected to these 1st-tier ISPs allows bitstop to offer its subscribers the very best in internet service in the region!


*Bitstop and Philmusic in Collaboration Talks 

(July 29, 2000) Mr Wilson Chua of Bitstop and Mr Jim Ayson of Philmusic met yesterday and are finalizing plans for adding streaming media technologies to Philmusic's current and upcoming music content.

*Bell Telephone hosted @ Bitstop

(July 29, 2000) It is with pride that bitstop was chosen as the host for Bell Telephone's web site. The move was facilitated by Mindtrends. Bitstop was recommended by Mindtrends  for its speed, reliability , flexibility and overall value for money. 


*New Video Arrival: IIS5.0 

(July 26, 2000) Bitstop has just received its shipment of VHS Training tape from Keystone for IIS 5.0 This video features Mr Robert MacHale who has over 8 years of experience developing online systems. He has taught courses on using the Internet, online services and communications software. 

IIS5.0 VHS tape comes in a set of 3 tapes (Levels 1,2,3) Click here for the price list.

*NULaoag upgrades to 128k! 

(July 24, 2000) Northwestern University is now running under 128k frame relay. The upgrade allows NULaoag.com to serve its students and clients with faster link.

*DWID Guestbook hosted @ bitstop 

(July 24, 2000) Bitstop is proud to announce that we are hosting the guestbook of DWID fm (98.3) using Exchange 5.5 sp2. DWID listeners can view the guestbook by clicking on the Guestbook/bulletin Board found in our member's utilites section on the right. Then choose the [DWID] folder.

Users can also use their gsm cellphones to send in their request. Simply use your cellphone to send email to dwid@dagupan.com and your request will be posted automatically to the guestbook!

*Use our streaming proxy server 

(July 22, 2000) If you access a lot of real player streaming media, then you would be interested in using our real proxy server. Fire up your realplayer (ver 6.0 up) and choose [view], [preferences],[proxy]. 

Enable both PNA and RTSP by selecting it and using this ip address: (Use the default ports)


*Open for 2 Sundays 

(July 20, 2000) Bitstop is pleased to announce that we will be open this succeeding 2 Sundays to accommodate PC Buyers that will come for the Intel PC Weeklong Madness Sale.  Get great bargains, freebies and giveaways!

*2nd E1 Contract Signing 

(July 19, 2000) Photo shows  the 2 parties signing for the deployment of Bitstop's second E1 to the Internet via DigitelOne.  (L-R) Mr. Dotsie Ducanes, DigitelOne Corporate Account Manager, John Ang Jr., Bitstop Internet Manager and Mr. Patrick Palacios, DigitelOne VP-Corporate Solutions.


*Intel PC Weeklong Madness Sale

(July 18, 2000) Bitstop is honored to be the sole participating outlet in Pangasinan for Intel's PC Madness Sale on July 21-30, 2000.

Avail of special promo from Intel when you purchase a computer unit with Intel microprocessors like:

  • Intel expandable bag and water bottle

  • Free Internet hook-up and 10 hours

  • Raffle tickets and more!

*PANDA 20th Anniversary

(July 14, 2000) Bitstop wishes to congratulate the officers and members of DFCCA Dagupan Filipino Chinese Community Association and Dagupan Panda volunteer Fire Brigade Inc on the occasion of their 20th anniversary and 11th induction ceremonies. 

The affair will be held  on July 22, 2000 at Star Plaza Grand Ballroom here in Dagupan, Pangasinan.


*Bitstop Revives FREE KALI Game Server

(July 14, 2000) KALI is an online gaming system that allows players to compete against others in the internet. Bitstop's private KALI game server allows our subscribers and affiliates to use the kali client for free!

Details about using the KALI license is located near the bottom right corner of this web page. This private license will not work with worldwide kali game servers. To be able to play the worldwide KALI game servers, you will need to buy a separate kali license

*Divine Word College Laoag Upgrades 128k

(July 13, 2000) Sir Joseph Vidad is now currently testing the upgrade of DWCL's frame relay link from 64kbps to 128kbps.

The upgrade is in line with the college's desire to provide quality internet to its students. The previous 64kbps was originally designed for 50 computer units. As the student population grew, the number of computers linked to the internet grew to more than 200. This unprecedented growth required the upgrade.

*Press Con Moved to 7/18 7/19

(July 11, 2000) Mr Brian Go and Mr. Patrick Palacio of DigitelONE have confirmed their presence at the formal signing of Bitstop's 2nd E1 link to MCI USA. With the deployment of the 2nd E1 in September, Bitstop will have a combined bandwidth of 4,256kbps for the entire region.

The Press Conference will be held at Star Plaza on July 18, 2000 July 19, 2000 from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm. 

*Bitstop hosts StarFM100.7 Guestbook

(July 11, 2000) Bitstop and Mr Dennis Gutierrez, StarFM100.7 station manager are happy to announce that StarFM100.7's guestbook is online. 

Simply click on our guestbook and choose the StarFM folder.

*Bitstop sponsors Film & Video Workshop

(July 11, 2000) Bitstop and MIRO has been tapped to be the sponsors for the 1st Pangasinan Film and Video Production Workshop to be held in separate venues on Aug 12-13.

Interested parties may contact Mr Jonathan L. Castro, manager FAVC at (075)-542-6372

*New Look - (Yes this is still Bitstop's Home Page)

(July 7, 2000) Our thanks to Francis Vidal for Bitstop home page's New Look.  Tell us what you think thru our Guestbook.


*Join Panangidayew 2000

(July 6, 2000) Find out more about the Province' plans to promote our native industries. Panangidayew 2000 will hold a trade fair sometime in October , 2000 at SM megamall trade hall.

To find out more, please click here.

*2nd E1 Press Conference Postponed

(July 6, 2000) Bitstop and DigitelONE decided to postpone the press conference to announce the formal acceptance of the former to an additional E1 (2048) link from Dagupan to MCI US  due to the weeklong monsoon rains being experienced. 

The first stage of the deployment will be activated in September of this year, with the rest being activated on a scheduled basis. This will provide a total bandwidth of 4256kbps link to Bitstop's internet service in the region.

*Intel PC Madness Sale Invades Dagupan 

(July 4, 2000) A special one weeklong Intel PC Madness Promotion will be happening only in Bitstop.  This in-store event sponsored by Intel Philippines will have very exciting offers to All Intel PC buyers such as special gifts from Intel, free internet hookups and raffle prizes! Watch for the print and radio ads regarding this event!

*Monster RX to be aired Online 

(July 3, 2000) After concluding talks with Mr. Raffy Barrera of Monster RX 93.1, Mr. Wilson Chua announced that the popular radio station will be enjoyed internationally thru the internet.  Watch for this development which will happen very soon.

*Bitstop attends Moscom Conference 

(July 2, 2000) Wilson and John attended the 8th Annual Moscom conference at the Dos Palma Resort in Puerto Princesa Palawan.  The conference tackled various topics held from June 30 to July 3, with the theme Delivering Awesome Applications Across MosCom Broadband Infrastructure.


*MOUS Review Course at PUP 

(June 24, 2000) Mr Marlon Macam took this picture of the MOUS review course participants at the PUP in Sta Mesa, Metro Manila. The review course prepares the participants in taking the Microsoft Office User Specialist examinations. Most of the participants are trainors from various government agencies.

Our congratulations to the successful examinees!

*Microsoft Media Server Briefing 

(June 22, 2000) Bitstop is honored to be the speaker for Microsoft's Tech Briefing on Media Server Technologies. Please click on this link to register.

*First MOUS Certifications in Word 2000 

(June 12, 2000) Our congratulations to Mr. Marlon Macam who passed his MOUS certification in Word 2000, expert level.  Ditto to Mr. Wilson Chua who passed the Word 2000 core level exam.  Bitstop is proud to have in its staff the first 2 people certified in Word 2000 and Excel 97 in the Philippines!    

*PROXY 3 beta 

(June 7, 2000) Microsoft is calling its proxy 3.0 as Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000. Features include ram caching and faster I/O. It also supports stream media splitting and firewall and NAT features. 

Our thanks to Mr Emmanuel San Agustin of Microsoft Philippines for sharing this info with us.

*PUP IT Facilities Impressive! 

(June 7, 2000) Bitstop had the opportunity to visit PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) at Sta Mesa and was very impressed with the IT facilities there. Our warmest regards to Mam Mely Luya , PUP IT Center Director.


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