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*Bitstop Hosted Sites in Top100 

(Jan 7, 2003) Bitstop is proud to have 4 of our hosted sites land in the Pinoy Top 100 traffic ranking statistics from today's Alexa traffic ranking update that cover the Philippines' Top 100 websites. 

Rank Site

*Jon Passed Win2K Pro 

(Dec 24, 2002) Jon Christopher Co today, passed the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Exam (70-210). Like Mr Chiang, he used Keystone Learning Systems to review for the exam. 

"I have never worked on win2k professional before. My very first hands-on experience was on the Keystone Learning machine itself. Keystone made it easy to remember and learn win2k pro."

It took Jon 2.5 days. This betters the record set by Mr Chiang by .5 days!~ :) 

NOTE: Jon is also a wizard in his own right, but his expertise is in the open source arena.

*Dagupan City Hall Signs PAYPLUS MOA 

(Dec 23, 2002) Bitstop Inc and the City Government of Dagupan today signed a memorandum of agreement for Bitstop Inc to provide the Dagupan City Government with Yehey’s Payplus Online payment gateway. Hon. Mayor Benjamin Lim (center) does the signing for the City government of Dagupan and Mr Wilson L.Chua (left) for Bitstop Inc. ACity Administrator Mr Raffy Baraan ( ICT Champion for League of Cities) also witness the event.

Dagupan City Government creates Philippine history by being the first city government to fully enable its e-government website .  

With the deployment of the online payment gateway, Dagupan’s citizenry can settle, transact and/or pay dues to the city government via the Internet. This is in line with  the Philippine eCommerce law which requires all government agencies to conduct their business and perform public functions electronically within two (2) years from the effectivity of the law.

*ManilaVoice Visits Bitstop 

(Dec 23 2002)'s officers and friends, (l-r) Edwin Canonizado, Joel Liao and Carlo Valdez visited Bitstop today on their way to Baguio. 



*"Two Thumbs Up" for Keystone 

(Dec 19, 2002) Message from Robertson Chiang, CTO Mozcom Central regarding his experience with KLS:

...".. My commendations to the officers and staff of i.mind Caloocan (Ma'am Jaysie, Myra, Brian, etc.) who have been very accomodating, courteous, friendly and professional. 

To those planning to get their staff certified on Microsoft products, I give my "two thumbs up" review to the Keystone Learning System. I took a total of about 15 hrs of Computer-Based Training (CBT) -- about 3 x half-days (Saturday afternoon, Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning), before taking the exam this afternoon (Tues). 

I have actually never used Windows 2000 Professional in my whole life (my workstation is still NT4). Everything I learned about it for the exam, I learned through Keystone!

This coming 2003, MosCom will be giving a bit more attention to applications and services -- both of which Microsoft technology plays a dominant role. Continuous training of our staff will be a crucial component for all our success!"

NOTE: Lest we give a false impression that Win2k is easy to pass, readers must be advised that Mr Chiang is a genius and 'Techie' in the highest sense of the word. Other passers took 1-2 weeks to achieve the same results as Mr Chiang.

*Wireless Site Survey @ Southern Power

(Dec 19, 2002) Bitstop thanks Sir Alex Mendoza and Sir Reggie for their invaluable assistance in conducting the wireless site survery at Southern Power Sual Plant. 

They helped us cart our various equipment up 22 flights of stairs of the boiler building (64m from ground level). While the tests were not successful, Bitstop hopes to get back in the future with more powerful Cisco 21db solid dish antenna.The test site is about 27.9 km air distance away from our transmitter. 

We never knew we looked good in Mirant issued hard hats!

*New Certified Professionals!

(Dec 17, 2002) Pictures below show IT professionals from Northwestern University, Laoag and from St Paul University, Tuguegarao who were successful in taking the Microsoft and A+ certification exams. We were not able to take a picture of Mr Dick Chiang of Mozcom who passed his Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional exams. A common denominator among them is their use of Keystone materials as preparation for their exams.

Our warmest congratulations!

*Macro Student Aces TESDA Competition

(Dec 12, 2002) Bantay, Ilocos Sur – Jocelyn Ricolcol, a student of Macro Computer College has won over competitor Choy Cendell Purugganan, of Data Center College of the Philippines Vigan in the IT Open Category of the 4th Provincial Skills Competition held at Marinella Complex, Bantay Ilocos Sur on November 26 to 29, 2002.

Miss Ricolcol and Mr. Purugganan competed with their skills and knowledge in computer operation, as they were made to engage tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics.

Macro Computer employs Keystone CBTs as part of its training.

*Bitstop & Yehey at PSITE Monthly Meet

(Dec 12, 2002) 

Bitstop and Yehey are guest speakers tomorrow for PSITE's Monthly Seminar Workshop to be held at Baguio Colleges Foundation, Baguio City. 

This month's theme is 'Kaizen on ITE curriculum'

*Ateneo is 1st EC Council ATC

(Dec 12, 2002) 

Ateneo Information and Technology Institute today signed up with Bitstop to become the very first EC Council Authorized Training Center.

The MOA was signed by Mr Edwin Canonizado for AITI and Mr John ang for Bitstop. 


*MISO Tests Wireless Broadband

(Dec 11, 2002) 

The Management Information Service Office of Pangasinan, headed by Mr Modesto Singson and assisted by Mr Oliver Navarro tested Bitstop's Wireless Broadband infrastructure today.

The successful test was conducted at the rooftop of the Pangasinan Provincial Capitol Building. MISO was able to connect to the Internet at 2mpbs with 97% signal strenth. The air distance as measured by GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) was 11.7km.

Bitstop also wishes to thank the following for their invaluable assistance during the successful site testing at various locations: Dr Bolosan (St Michael , Bonuan), Mrs Mimi Ramos (DWAD), Ms Mary Jane Bugnot (STI Dagupan), Engr Geronilla (PhilCST, Calasiao) and Jopat Rosal (RamCADD) and Efren Ignacio (VMUF, San Carlos)

Bitstop is now confident of providing 11mbps of connectivity to sites within the 4km range, 5.5 mbps to sites within 7km range, 2mbps to sites within 12km range.

*HOTFM Abra, now online!

(Dec 11, 2002) 

Abra Valley Colleges is now streaming HOT FM 101.5 out of its facilities in Bangued Abra.

Click here to listen to the feed. 

*MOUS Olympics 2002 Florida, USA

(Dec 10, 2002) Excitement is heating up in Pangasinan with a number of schools already registered and preparing for the regional competition.  Click here for the mechanics and revised schedules.  Deadline to register your candidates has been extended to January 3!

The competition will be held in Orlando, Florida on May 18, 2003

*DWAD Wins Award 4 times in a row!

(Dec 10, 2002) Divine Word Academy of Dagupan has been awarded the 1st place in Region I for having the 'Most functional Library for Private Schools'. 

DWAD has won this award for the 4th straight year! Our congratulations!

*PSU Instructor Aces MOUS Exams

(Dec 9, 2002) PSU Urdaneta is at it again! Mrs Marlene M. Mangonon, aced her Access 2000 exam with a perfect score of 100%. 

Photo (L-R) Mrs Mangonon, Joseph Gonzales Tagudin, and Jinalyn Pajela David. Her 2 companions are students of PSU Urdaneta, who incidentally, also passed their Microsoft MOUS Excel2000 exams.

Our congratulations.

*Dagupan now has 3 Universities!

(Dec 5, 2002) Bitstop wishes to congratulate the management and staff of Luzon Colleges for being the latest educational institution to be granted University Status!

The university status was confered upon LC by virtue of resolution # 400-2002 and signed by CHED Chairperson, Ester A Garcia.

Should we now address LC as Luzon University?

*Bitstop Peers with Preginet

(Dec 2, 2002) Bitstop is proud to be peered with the Preginet Network. Our 512kbps link to them was provided by Bayantel under our AE, Mr Joseph Nacorda.

*Acad LISP Demo by Archt Goyena

(Dec 2, 2002) Bitstop is inviting the public to witness the sharing of Autocad LISP programming expertise from Archt George Goyena, UAP.

Mr George Goyena, is a well know architect and Instructor/DB administrator at Luzon Colleges

This session is going to be held today at our training room from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. It will also feature a bonus session on construction estimates using excel.

*Bitstop's MOUS Master

(Nov 30, 2002) Bitstop congratulates Mr Marlon Macam, Senior Marketing supervisor, for successfully completing the MOUS Master certification in Office 2000. He will take exams in Office XP track.

Mr. Macam has passed Core exams in Access, Powerpoint and Outlook and Expert levels in Excel and Word.  Passing the 2 Expert levels will qualify you for the MOUS Expert Certificate while passing any one of the core exams makes you MOUS certified.

* - WebbyAward Winner!

(Nov 30, 2002) Congratulations to Roger Chua's team and their website,, for winning in the Home and Living category of the Webbyawards held November 29, 2002 at the Dusit Hotel.  Click here to visit their website.

*Bitstop and EC Council at PICS Ecommerce Congress and Exhibit

(Nov 29, 2002) Bitstop participated in the just concluded   First E-commerce Congress and Exhibit at Hotel Intercon, Makati held last Nov 20-23, 2002. Shown in Photo are Mr. Wilson Wong and Mr. Sanjay Bavisi from WordWare Malaysia who were in the Bitstop booth to promote the EC Council curriculum and certification exams.  Also in Photo are Mr. Edwin Canonizado of Ateneo and Mr. Wilson Chua, Bitstop's CEO.

*Sir Wilson speaks at St Paul's E-Link 2002

(Nov 29, 2002) Mr. Wilson Chua was a resource speaker at St Paul's University in Tuguegarao.  He talked of and demonstrated  hard diskless workstations, Wireless technology via Cisco and touched on Cache Express.  

St Paul's E-Link 2002 is on its fourth year and showcases innovations and new technologies. A huge number of Region 2 colleges and universities attended the event. Our congratulations to St Paul's University for their pioneering effort.

*L-NU Comsci Student Passed Microsoft Certification

(Nov 26, 2002) Lyceum-Northwestern University has produced another Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in the person of Mr. Darwin Domingo. The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification is an objective IT industry-recognized status that can be attained by passing the requisite exam at a testing center like Bitstop.  

Darwin passed this rigorous examination under the training and guidance of L-NU's IT Support Group head Mr. Erickson Gloria - an MCP himself. Currently, L-NU has three MCPs, one MCSE, one MCDBA and a CCNA - quite a feat other institutions in the city have not yet surpassed. This proves that L-NU is an IT world-class institution with an up-to-date and effective curriculum under the deanship of Professor Brian Bevan. 

*eRadioPortal Featured in INQ7

(Nov 26, 2002) Bitstop's 'hobby' to put local radio stations online has been featured by respected IT writer, Mr Erwin Oliva for INQ7.

Click here to view the article
Click here to visit the eRadioportal site.


*Mozcom & Bitstop Discuss DS3

(Nov 25, 2002) Mozcom Chairperson, Mrs Beta Gan, together with some members of her ManCom and technical team, visited Bitstop, Moscom's pop in Pangasinan.  Bitstop and Mozcom discussed Bitstop's planned expansion to DS3 (45mbps) among other topics.

Photo shows (L-R), John, Arnold Castro, Mrs Beta Gan, Mam Elvie Lopez and Orly Andico.

*Mozcom & Bitstop to reduce SPAM by 90%

(Nov 21, 2002) Bitstop's Francis Vidal and Mozcom's Orly Andico are presently exploring ways by which we could eliminate up to 90% of the spam in our email systems.

Initial results have been encouraging. We are now eliminating up to 47% of incoming emails based on spam filtering in place.

We are now seeking out feedbacks on the new system. Please email with copies of email you think we should mark as spam.

*Bitstop Host PICS Website

(Nov 21, 2002) Bitstop is proud to have been choosen by the prestigious Philippine Internet Commerce Society to host their web page.

The Philippine Internet Commerce Society is a non-stock and non-profit, SEC-registered (#A1998-06511) organization that shall

  • Undertake activities to enhance and facilitate on local, regional and national levels the advancement and development of Internet and electronic commerce.
  • Serve as the private sector advocate of Internet and electronic commerce.
  • Contribute to the advancement of the state-of-the-art Internet and electronic commerce.
  • Provide a forum for the dissemination, acquisition, exchange of information on matters of mutual interest to its members as well as for the discussion of their common problems relating to Internet and electronic commerce

*Wanted: MS Word and Excel Expert! 

(Nov 21, 2002) If you are a college student and proficient in MS Word and Excel, you may win office software licenses and MS Press books for your school, an XBox for yourself and the chance to represent the Philippines in the USA competition!  Click here to read the mechanics of the competition.  Hurry! The deadline for registration is on Dec 4, 2002.

*PSU Instructors gain MOUS certificates 

(Nov 21, 2002)  Aurelie Peralta, Marlene Mangonon, Jesusa Macanlalay and Claudine de Guzman successfully passed their first MOUS exams. Mr. Peralta and Ms Mangonon are now recognized Microsoft Office User Specialists (MOUS) in Excel 2000 while Ms. Macanlalay and Ms. de Guzman attained their Word 2000 Mous certification.  

Bitstop congratulates PSU Urdaneta for supporting and encouraging industry certifications among their staff.  

*Infotech writes about EC Council 

(Nov 20, 2002)  Click here to read about e-biz Certification from EC Council as reported by Inquirer's Infotech section from the press conference held at RCBC Plaza.

*EC Council Press Conference

(Nov 18, 2002) Bitstop is inviting interested parties to join us in the International Council of E-commerce Consultants' press conference. This is to be held at RCBC Plaza, Level 5, Podium 4, room 530.

The affair will be spearheaded by Mr. Wilson Wong, of WordWare Malaysia who will be flying in to also open the Bitstop booth at the First E-commerce Congress and Exhibit at Hotel Intercon, Makati on Nov 20, 2002.

*NU 107  Now Streaming Online 

(Nov 15, 2002) NU 107 , the country's ROCK authority and Bitstop Inc signed an MOA for the later to stream the popular rock station online. 

This allows NU 107 to reach a wider base of audience. The stream is expected to complement the annual NU Rock Awards.

Kudos to Jim Ayson, its web developer.

*Phil Society for Music Education Now Up

(Nov 15, 2002) The Philippine Society for Music Education (PSME) is an all-embracing non-profit association that is primarily intended to improve music education in all its areas, to share new knowledge and ideas on music and music education. 

Its aims are to promote a close relationship and increase the liaison among music educators, scholars, researchers, composers, performers, critics, administrators, business firms, the mass media, and related fields to encourage and advance the standards of musical activities as will be reflected in contemporary Philippines.


*Bitstop to participate in The 1st National E-Commerce Congress and Exhibit 

Home(Nov 7, 2002) With the support of giants of the local IT Community such as PLDT, BPI, Microsoft, HP, Myayala, BPI Card and HSBC, PICS will organize the 1st National E-Commerce Congress - "Making Business work in the NOW Economy", slated on November 20-22, 2002 at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Intercontinental, Makati. 

This event, managed by Fiera de Manila, will conduct an in-depth conference that will discuss current business developments in the areas of IT Outsourcing, Wireless, Internet & Web Technology, E-Commerce, Policies, and E-Government. Global business forecast, industry situation, global market opportunities, current technology updates, cutting edge web services, best practices and industry case studies will highlight this year's comprehensive conference program

*Bitstop Attends Cisco University

(Nov 7, 2002) Bitstop wishes to thank Cisco Phils and our lecturer, Mr Arthur Tunggul Siahaan for inviting us to learn at the Cisco University in Dusit hotel. Mr Francis Vidal and Mr Wilson Chua, Bitstop's Cisco Wireless Specialists attended the affair.

The lecture showcased the new Cisco 1100 and 1200 series that can do 54mbps! (802.11a,g,b) We learned new security features against the flip bit attack and the man-in-middle attack against wireless networks.

*Bitstop streams RMN News

(Nov 7, 2002) Mr Francis Vidal and Mr Charlie Canoy, Bitstop and RMN respectively entered into an MOA to stream RMN 558 AM into the internet.

This is the first AM station in Manila that will be using windows media 9 codec to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible bandwidth

You can also check out all the other radio streams by clicking here.

*Bitstop Staff gains MS Certification

(Oct 30, 2002) Mr Bryan Acedo, Bitstop Caloocan, today, successfully passed his Microsoft Certification exam 70-218  Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment. 

This exam is one of the core requirements to attain a MCSA certification.


*Try Channel Surfing with WM9 service

(Oct 29, 2002) We have deployed the server with the Media Server 9 installed. This offers instant-on that reduces the amount of buffering when you switch from one channel to the next.

This speed is more evident as your internet bandwidth increases. So dialup users may not notice any difference, but broadband users will get the feed almost instantaneously!

Click Here to try it out!

*Bitstop Hosts Ilocos Sur Website

(Oct 24, 2002) Bitstop is proud to be chosen as the host of the Official Website for Ilocos Sur. The site is here.

The site was redesigned to include new technologies such as Active Server Pages and SQL, tourist-related data were also introduced to make the site a tourism portal for the province

*Bitstop inks PayPlus+ MOA with YEHEY

(Oct 24, 2002) Bitstop signed a memorandum of agreement with Yehey! Philippines to promote the PayPlus+ payment gateway solution.

The payment solution was the proud winner of Microsoft Asia Fusion .NET solution of the year in Singapore last week.

Shown in the picture (L-R) Mr Kevin Khoe, Mr Juan Chua, Mr Wilson L. Chua, Mr John Ang. Standing at the back are Ms Karen Torres and Jason Banico.

*NBI Dagupan to deliver Cisco Seminar

(Oct 23, 2002) Atty Dave Alunan, NBI supervising agent, has been invited by Cisco Philippines to be one of their speakers in the Cisco Government Day.

Atty Alunan is tasked to share his insights on the importance of having a secure network, having been involved in the investigation of a high profile cyber crime case involving sunstar a few months ago.

The affair will be on friday, oct. 25 from 8:00am - 2pm at the RCBC plaza in Makati.


*Bitstop hosts Intel Website

(Oct 23, 2002) Softrigger has engaged bitstop to host the Intel Teach website. The whole site will be opened in November. 

*Bitstop minor sponsor in Webby Awards

The 5th Philippine Web Awards(Oct 22, 2002) Its official! Bitstop is a minor sponsor in the 5th Philippine Webby Awards. 

The 5th Philippine Web Awards will be held on November 29, 2002, 7:30 p.m., at Dusit Hotel Nikko. For ticket reservations, please email or call 812-8401 local 157.

*SLU & Bitstop A+ Training

(Oct 21, 2002) Photo shows the participants to the SLU A+ certification training conducted by Bitstop Inc. A+ is a worldwide certification conferred on professionals that pass the A+ exams.

Bitstop Inc is the first A+ certified Service Center. We are also an authorized testing center for Sylvan Prometric.

*Bitstop gets NTC License for 802.11b

(Oct 21, 2002) After completing all the requirements, Bitstop Inc has been granted the license to operate a fixed wireless spread spectrum radio by NTC Region I Director, Engr Amadeo Yabes.

With this license, Bitstop Inc is now able to offer wireless broadband internet solutions to Dagupan City. The system will use Cisco's Aironet Wireless Bridges running at top speeds of 11mbps.

*Microsoft Philippines hosts lunch at MS Asia Fusion in Singapore

Lunch at Peony Restaurant, hosted by Microsoft Philippines, at the conclusion of the Microsoft Asia Fusion 2002.

From left to right:
Edwin Boon (Microsoft), Edison Tan (Millenium), Kevin Hou (MS Phils country manager), Jimmy Go (MSI Digiland), Jane, Wilson, Timothy (Shellsoft), Juan Chua (Yehey), Ian Zarzuela (MISnet), Jasmin So, and Kerwin (Microsoft)

*Pangasinan's IT featured in Inquirer

(Oct 11, 2002) Bitstop's article touching on the history and development of IT (Information Technology) in Pangasinan  has been published in the country's number one daily newspaper, the Inquirer.

Click here to read the article.

*5th Webby Awards & Bitstop

The 5th Philippine Web Awards(Oct 10, 2002) Bitstop and WSGroup are in talks for possible sponsorship by bitstop of the 5th Philippine Webby Awards.

Starting October 18, you can start sending in your votes to the People's Choice Awards of The 5th Philippine Web Awards.

You can vote online or text in your vote to 2954, if you're a Globe subscriber; and to 288, if you're Smart or Talk 'N Text.

For texters, simply send W-E-B-B-I-E-S plus the name of Pinoy-made Web site of your choice.

*Cabanatuan Water District Website Hosted@bitstop

(Oct 10, 2002) The Aguador is now up. This is the website of Cabanatuan Water District that is currently hosted at Bitstop.

The web developers are from Compulogic in Bulacan. This site showcases the use of backend database using sql2000.

*Abra Valley's Internet now UP

(Oct 10, 2002) Bitstop is happy to announce that the 128kpbs Internet access of Abra Valley Colleges is now up.

Click here to view their website.

*Bitstop Tests WLBS 

Windows 2000 Home

(Oct 9, 2002) Windows 2000 Advance Server comes with Network Load Balancing service. This allows us to form a cluster of servers that respond to a single ip address.

This in turn is perfect for providing highly scalable and highly redandunt webservice. Websites that are hosted in this cluster will always be up and available, even if one or more of the servers in the cluster farm fails.

Look to this feature in our future web service offerings.

*Bitstop Joins ISSS Phils

(Oct 9, 2002) Bitstop has been informed by Mr Titus Manuel, VP, ISSSP, of the approval of our application to join the Information Systems security Society of the Philippines.

The formal induction ceremony will be held on Oct 30, 2002 at the AIM conference Center.


*RedHat Linux 8.0 now available

(Oct 8, 2002) RedHat Linux 8.0 is now available at Bitstop. Grab your copy today!

*Baguio City's Website now Up

(Sep 27, 2002) Baguio City Government's Official Website is now up and hosted at Bitstop Inc. The project is spearheaded by Mayor Bernardo Vergara and the Vice Mayor Lulu Tabanda and the city councilors.

The website was developed by Intellixi and supervised by the MIS Project Management team and the executive committee for the computerization program of the Baguio City Government.

The official launch of this website will be in 2 weeks time!

*Banawe Computer Square now hosted with Bitstop

Banawe Computer Square, an IT solutions company based in Manila is now hosted with Bitstop. Click here to access their website.

*Bitstop 1st A+ ASC in the North

(Sep 25, 2002) Bitstop is proud to share the good news that we are the first in Northern Luzon to be accredited by COMPTia as an A+ Authorized Service Center. Bitstop is the 2nd in the Philippines to become an A+ ASC.

*Keystone User gets Certified

(Sep 20, 2002) Mr Bienvenido Joaquin Jr a KeyStone user for Windows 2000 Pro of 2 weeks was the recent addition to the crop of Microsoft Certified Professionals in Pangasinan.

Joker passed Microsoft 70-210 Implementing, Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Professional exam. He says.."Malaking bagay ang keystone sa exam preparation ko, ang dami kong natutunan na wala sa libro." 

*Bitstop Tests Diskless Win2kpro

(Sep 17, 2002) Bitstop is currently testing a unit that runs Windows 2000 Professional but without using a hard disk. 

We saw this system running at the Networld+Interop in Las Vegas and our preliminary results are very promising. The system is very fast, and it doesn't require a lot of registry manipulations.



*Abra Hooks up to Bitstop Internet

(Sep 14, 2002) Abra Valley Colleges approved a memorandum of agreement with Bitstop for the latter to supply its school with Internet bandwidth.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Francis Borgoña for Abra Valley Colleges and Mr. Wilson Chua for Bitstop.

*Bitstop Attends WM9s Launch

(Sep 4, 2002) Bitstop was able to catch the launching of Microsoft Windows Media 9 at the Hollywood & Highlands complex in Los Angeles.

Click on the icon to check it out!

*Bitstop Joins SETI project

(Aug 29, 2002) SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data 

*VOIP via Broadband Wireless Demo

(Aug 27, 2002) Bitstop has been invited by NTC Regional Director Engr Yabes, to do a VOIP (voice over IP) demonstration via broadband wireless using Cisco Aironet 340 Access points.

The affair is a joint info dissemination project of NTC Region I and the Presidential Assistant for Ilocos Province, Dr Ernie Mendoza, in support to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's call for Building a Strong Republic.

The affair will be held at Tepeyac Incc, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.

*All-in-One Product

(Aug 26, 2002) Traffic Xpress is ideal for those with multiple links to the internet and have a need to optimize bandwidth via transparent proxy server, and bandwidth limiting service and provide security via a firewall.

Normal networks need to buy 4 separate products. With trafficXpress, you only need one.



*Imind Testing Center Facility  Now Operational

(Aug 25, 2002) Bitstop is proud to announce that its Imind store in Caloocan, Metro Manila is now open for IT Certification Testing.

Imind has successfully finished all the requirements of both MOUS and Sylvan to be an authorized testing center. Imind is currently connected to the internet via 2 E1s (4096kbps) and offers very fast Internet access to its users with 29 high end workstations running in an Win2k Active Directory environment.

*Side A featured in Crossover Davao

(Aug 23, 2002) Crossover is doing another first! The Side A concert in Davao on Saturday will be webcast using both Windows Media and Quicktime. 

Please visit for more details.

*Bitstop Demos DSLAM @ PMA

(Aug 23, 2002) Wilson, Francis and Melody comprised the Bitstop team that demonstrated the DSLAM technology at PMA. The event was also attended by representatives of the top educational institutions in the area like Benguet State University, Baguio Colleges Foundation, and University of the Philippines.

The team deployed the DSLAM and 2 sample ports at 1.5 kilometers distance. We were able to get 8Mpbs and 4Mpbs ADSL link with 0 error bit rate.

*Apple Phils' Xserve

Introducing Xserve. Rack 'n Roll.
(Aug 20, 2002) Apple Philippines conducted a workshop at Bitstop's caloocan office (i.mind) today. Designed to unleash the cutting-edge capabilities of Mac OS X Server, these rack-optimized servers offer phenomenal processing power, jaw-dropping storage capacity, high-bandwidth I/O and remote management tools that make them a snap to deploy and maintain.

(server returned to apple philippines)

Click on the Quicktime Logo to play the sample.You will need to have Quicktime player installed on your machine.

*New Websites hosted @ Bitstop

(Aug 15, 2002) Bitstop is proud to host the following new websites: 

GX International
Ocean Views
Phil Science and Technology
Phil Canine Club
Robert Sena
Small World Travel and Tours
St Martin of Tours Credit Cooperative

*NBI investigating Hacking Case

(Aug 15, 2002) Bitstop is fully assisting the National Bureau of Investigation in its ongoing investigation of an eCommerce law violation filed by Sun Star, Dagupan.

Bitstop has turned over the access records of all calls made using the hacked Sun Star account. 

We are calling on the computing community to come forward and assist the NBI in its investigation. 

*Join the Microsoft Office Olympics!

(Aug 7, 2002)  Show off your word and excel expertise at the National competition of Microsoft Office Olympics  Win a trip and accommodations to the worldwide competition in the USA, Microsoft Xbox plus Microsoft Licenses for your School. Check this link for the mechanics.

*Bitstop Host PSU Website

(Aug 6, 2002) Bitstop is inviting the public to visit Pangasinan State University's website that is currently hosted in our servers.

*LNU SysAd passes 3rd exam

(Aug 5, 2002) Congratulations to Lyceum Northwestern's Network Administrator Erickson B. Gloria for passing the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Exam last Aug. 3.  Mr. Gloria needs to take only one more exam to attain MCSA accreditation.

*Bitstop hosts new Websites!

(Aug 2, 2002) Bitstop is proud to have been chosen by these 2 new and Philippine Canine Club

*Holy Angel University: 1st Regional Cisco Networking Academy

(July 22, 2002) Bitstop would like to congratulate Holy Angel University for being the first Cisco Networking Academy north of Luzon. This good news was relayed to us by Mr. Angelito Bernatia, ITS Head of Holy Angel University.


(July 22, 2002) Click here to hear the President's SONA (State of the Nation Address). Or visit PHIBI website.


*Global Content Acceleration Service

(July 16, 2002) Bitstop is proud to offer Global Content Acceleration Services for websites that wish to be mirrored on 22 international servers around the world.

This mirrored content is paired with advanced algorithms in content management that automatically redirects users to the nearest available server. 

Users in Paris will be served from the Paris server, while users in Germany may be served from the Frankfurt servers , and so on...

The Philippine Government portal is the first to use this system. This service is ideal for ecommerce sites and those needing high availability, and low latency, fast response webpages. 

The international servers are located in: Atlanta(2), Chicago(2), Dallas, San Jose, Los Angeles(2), New York(2), Seattle, Washington DC, London, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt(2), Hongkong, Tokyo(2), Singapore and Taipei. 

For inquiries, please click here.

*Online Jukebox now restricted to Internal Use

(July 16, 2002) Our apologies to the internet community, but upon the advice of international experts, Bitstop is terminating the availability of the online jukebox site to the public.

Our advisers pointed out Bitstop's need to be conscious of, and respect copyrights and avoid infringements of any sort even if the site is done solely for testing and evaluation purposes.  Henceforth, the online jukebox will no longer be accessible to the public.

*Globe Live Webcast

(July 12, 2002) Click here to view the on-demand video webcast of Globe Telecoms' launch of its Globequest service, featuring voice vpn, and click to talk backed by Cisco Call Manager Services.

*Bitstop now Microsoft AER

(July 11, 2002) Bitstop Inc today, received the formal approval of our application to become the country's 2nd Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller.

*Try out ClassServer

(July 9, 2002) Click here to log in and test the Microsoft ClassServer deployed at Bitstop. The user account is 'student' and the password is 'password'

If you would like to test this system as a teacher, log in by clicking here, and use 'teacher' and 'password' to log in.

*BNS tapped by PCI Asia for BGP deployment

(July 4, 2002) Bitstop Network Services was tapped by Pacific Consultants International Asia, the number one consulting company in Japan, to setup, configure, and deploy a BGP router at their head office in Makati using open-source tools.

PCI Asia has several Internet gateways provided via DSL from PLDT, Bayantel, and Globe. BGP will take care of automatic fail-over and optimal route selection.

*TESDA website hosted @ Bitstop Caloocan

(July 4, 2002) Bitstop Inc is proud to have been chosen by the web developers to house the TESDA website.

Click here to view the site.

*ClassServer Collaboration Partners Needed

(June 29, 2002) Bitstop is looking for partner schools willing to experiment with us on using the newly released Microsoft Class Server

We will put up the network infrastructure, SQL server database and the schools need only have Internet connectivity to our network. The access time must be below 150ms.

We can jointly announce our progress in the upcoming CEAP affair on August 16, 2002.

List of Participating Schools:
Lyceum Northwestern University 
St Anthony's College

Virgen Milagrosa Educational Foundation

*Microsoft Office Olympics!

(June 29, 2002) To join the Office Olympics, the University, College or tertiary-level educational institution must be registered by an authorized school official at a joining fee of P2,000.00. The fee is waived, however, for those currently enrolled in Microsoft's School or Campus Agreement, or those that have bought Microsoft academic software licensing for their PCs.

You can register by contacting Microsoft Support Services through Telephone: (02) 886-5658 or 1-800-1-88-87884 (toll-free) Fax:  (02) 886-5657 E-mail:

*Bitstop Now a COMPTIA Member

(June 29, 2002) Mr Brad Ball, AM-ASPIC, confirmed our membership in the prestigious Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Btw, Microsoft's new MCSA certification accepts CompTIA certifications as equivalents for electives.

*Bitstop Given Recognition @ Learn2002

(June 28, 2002) Bitstop is very touched to have been honored by Microsoft Philippines' plaque of recognition in relation to our work with the Connected Learning Community project of Microsoft.

The award was received by Mr Beam Lee in behalf of Bitstop at theRigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

*Listen soon to PBA live!

(June 28, 2002) With the formal signing of the MOA, Bitstop will now be able to webcast the live PBA games to the rest of the world!

Watch this spot for further announcements. You can also visit the Official PBA Website. Demo1 and Demo2

* website to be launched

(June 27, 2002) An education portal which would feature the CLC schools' websites will be launched today at Learn 2002 event at the Manila Peninsula.  Learn 2002 will be attended by over 300 participants from the education sector.

*Microsoft CLC Schools Deployed

(June 26, 2002) Bitstop teams have completed deployment of Microsoft donations as part of the Connected Learning Community Program.

This year's awardees include : PSU Bayambang High School (Pangasinan), Pavia National High School (Iloilo), Palta National High School (Catanduanes), Puerto Princesa City National Science High School (Palawan), and Tulay Don Bosco Foundation (Alabang, Metro Manila)

*PHP Nuke hosting now available

(June 28, 2002) Bitstop Network Services is proud to announce the availability of its PHP Nuke hosting service. PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System, storytelling software, News system, online community or whatever you want to call it. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, just similar to Slashdot and many others. Click here for more information. E-mail now!

*FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE now available

The FreeBSD core team has just released FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE. The complete set is composed of 5 CDs and is now available at Bitstop.

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for Intel ia32 compatible, DEC Alpha, and PC-98 architectures. It is derived from BSD UNIX, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large team of individuals. Additional platforms are in various stages of development.


*A Night with the Stars!

(June 20, 2002) Tonight at the Rockwell PowerPlant, Crossover is featuring Escape. The event is expected to be attended by stars like Martin, Lani, and Joyce Jimenez.

Bitstop and Globe Telecoms have been tapped to provide the live webcast of the event. Catch it on the 'net by clicking here (click OnAir) at 8:30pm (GMT+8) to see it!

*Transform your Business with IBM

Special offer -- storage and Palm(June 18, 2002) The IT community is hereby invited to the IBM seminar on the secret to winning in today's competitive market place. Get to see IBMs exhibit featuring the latest IBM products at special prices!

This seminar is on June 21, 2002, Friday, 8:30am at Star Plaza Hotel, AB Fernandez Ave., Dagupan City. 

*CacheXpress NT v2.0.10 is Out!

(June 18, 2002) Bitstop has just been advised of the newest release of CacheXpress for NT. This release includes several enhancements not available to the older versions, like smart mirror technology and workarounds for clients that POST data with incorrect Content-length headers.

Click here to download the new version

*Bitstop Launches UnMetered Internet 

XTREME non-metered Internet access

Interested? Click on the icon to send us an email.

*COMMAsia 2002 Archive

(June 16, 2002) The CommAsia 2002 event held last May 9-11 is here: CommAsia Webcast Archive This event is brought to you by Bitstop and Eastern Telecoms.

*Crossover Live Tonight @ Davao

(June 15, 2002) Crossover and Bitstop is bringing the Live Webcast of the Toy Symphony as part of the Crossover Live Tour in Davao.

The concert will be held tonight at 7:00pm at the Royal Mandaya Hotel. Tune in to Crossover to get a piece of the action!

*PSU Bayambang is 18th CLC

(June 15, 2002) Our congratulations to Dean Clarita Jimenez and her IT team for being the proud member of Microsoft's Connected Learning Community Project. 

As part of the Microsoft program, PSU bayambang High school students will get hands on training on 7 Highend workstations and 1 server in a windows 2000 active directory enabled network. All workstations come equipped with PXE NICs that allow for Windows RIS (Remote Installation service). 

*St Louis College Level 3 accreditation

(June 15, 2002) Dra Magdalena C. Jasmin, CHED Director, Region I,  announced that St. Louis College is the ONLY Level 3 PAASCU accredited institution in Region I.

SLC President Dra Remedios Marinas invited Bitstop President, Mr. Wilson Chua, to the blessing of SLC's new administration building where the happy news was announced.  Our congratulations!

*Testing Center's First Linux+ Certified Prof

(June 15, 2002) Congratulations to Mr. Genesis Esteban who successfully hurdled the Linux+ exam by Comptia.  He is also the first examinee to pass this exam from our testing center!

Dinky would like to greet his cousins, Nicolo Dila and Darell Samonte, who finished their computer courses in California.  

*MCSA candidate

(June 10, 2002) Congratulations to Mr. Erickson B. Gloria, Lyceum's systems administrator, who passed the Windows 2000 Prof exam on his way to the (MCSA) Microsoft Certified System Administrator certification track.  He is a current MCP on Windows 98.

*Cstrike 1.4 Server Deployed
(June 8, 2002) Pran has just deployed Bitstop's Counterstrike game server v1.4 on our NOC. This is a free service. 

It features a real-time statistics page so you know how good you are when compared to the other players.

Try it out and tell your friends about it. (IP address:

*IRC server with an attitude

(June 7, 2002)Try Bitstop's newest IRC server, -- now with services like NickServ, MemoServ, and ChanServ. You can create your own personal channel using ChanServ (/msg ChanServ help), register your nickname using NickServ (/msg NickServ help), and retrieve memos using MemoServ (/msg MemoServ help). You need an IRC client like mIRC to connect to the server. For help with the new features or connecting to the server, e-mail

*Bitstop gets Moscom Award

(June 5, 2002) Bitstop is proud to have been chosen by fellow Moscom POPs in the recently concluded 10th TMNS Conference as the choice for the TMNS Community Award.

The Community Award goes to the POP that has maximized the benefits of the TMNS Mailing List for its contribution to the enhancement of Moscom POP operations with its regular input of ideas and suggestions on the mailing list.

The conference was held in Grand Regal Hotel, Davao last May 31- June 2. 

*One more hurdle

(May 30, 2002) Joshua Buenviaje passed Microsoft Solution Architecture Exam 70-100.  Now, he only needs to take one more exam to be a MCSD.   Congratulations!

*Ready to serve!
Bitstop's Legazpi Branch is now open.  Here are a couple of pictures of the new store.

legazpi2.jpg (23565 bytes)

legazpi3.jpg (23376 bytes)

*New Keystone Resource Centers

(May 30, 2002) Bitstop is proud to announce new Keystone Resource Centers in Cebu (University of Southern Philippines) and in Angeles City (Enigma Technologies).

*Mozcom Mail Advisory

To improve the quality of MosCom's email service to all its subscribers, MosCom will be upgrading its mail server on June 3, 2002 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM. All MosCom subscribers won't be able to download their mails during this period. However, mails sent to your account would automatically be queued on our backup mail exchange. Normal email service will resume right after the upgrade.


*Red Hat Linux 7.3 now available

Get your copy of Red Hat Linux 7.3 3-CD set for only 300 pesos (PhP 100/CD). Call or e-mail us for more information. New features:

  • KDE 3.0
  • GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager
  • Evolution
  • XFree86 4.2.0
  • GNOME Meeting video conferencing solution
  • MrProject
  • Updated Mozilla Web browser
  • Printing Configuration Tool
  • Redesigned boot program
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Improved support for digital cameras

*Bitstop's new A+ Candidates 

(May 25, 2002) Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Ronan Floresca, Francis Mejia and Crisanto Maningding who have successfully hurdled the first of two exams on their path to become A+ Certified Professionals.

*New MCSE 2000

(May 23, 2002) Congratulations to Jerome Lee Buenviaje. He has successfully upgraded his certification from MCSE on NT4 to MCSE on Win2k.

*VMUF Doubles Internet Bandwidth

(May 23, 2002) Bitstop is proud to share the news that Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, located in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, has approved the doubling of its current internet bandwidth.

VMUF is the first in San Carlos to offer internet via Leased Line and is now the largest in San Carlos in terms of internet bandwidth.


*i.Mind Opens

(May 4, 2002) Photo below shows the staff of Bitstop Network Services together with top Informatics Officers during the launching of Bitstop Network Services' I.mind.

i.Mind is the Philippines first IT Certification Review Center that hopes to increase the number of certified IT professionals.


*Congratulations to Certified Professionals

(May 3, 2002) Mr. Salvador Manaois III today passed the Microsoft exam 070-216 Imp & Admin a MS Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure. He is on his way to attaining the MCSE status. 

Last Saturday, Mr. Oliver Sitjar passed Compaq exams for Desktops and Workstations.  This is in preparation to his company's Compaq service center accreditation.

*Computer Auction deadline on May 17

(May 2, 2002) Emails for the computer auction will be entertained only until May 17.  The decision of Microsoft will be announced afterwards.  Please check out this link for the specifications and auction guidelines. 

*i.MIND to open on May 4, 2002

(May 2, 2002) i.Mind, the first ever IT certification Review Center in the country, is set to open its doors to the public on May 4, 2002. The whole day will be an open house event so the public can get a taste of what i.Mind can offer

i.Mind is located at #300 J. Teodoro St., cor 10th Ave, Grace Park Caloocan. This review center is equipped with a total of 4mpbs of internet connectivity. One E1 each is provided by PLDT and Eastern Telecoms


*CacheXpress Technical Training

(May 2, 2002) Bitstop is inviting ISPs and System Administrators to  a technical seminar on installing, deploying and maintaining CacheXpress. The seminar will be held at AIM acceed center in Makati, Metro Manila on May 3, Friday at 1:00pm.

CacheXpress is a caching proxy program using Whirlwind Engine running on Windows platform that is 4 times more powerful than on comparable Squid running on the Linux platform. This allows for better ease of use.

CacheXpress also boasts of support for transparent caching via WCCP version 1 and 2. Bandwidth control per IP, IP block, username or group.  The corporate edition also supports authentication via internal user list, LDAP or RADIUS server.

Interested Parties please send email to

*5th E1 Circuit Now Up

(May 1, 2002) Right in time for the Bangus Festival, Bitstop is happy to announce that our 5th E1 (2048kbps) circuit is now up.

*Mousehouse is the Newest KRC!

(April 26, 2002) Mousehouse is the newest Keystone Resource Center for Dagupenos wishing to prepare for the IT certification exams like MCSE, Cisco CCNA, CCNP, Oracle etc.

(April 22, 2002) Bitstop is pilot testing this new interface using VOIP phones. Try it out and talk to us! You will need to have installed Microsoft Netmeeting , sound card with Microphone and speakers on your system for this to work.

Please make the call during office hours 8:00am-6:00pm (GMT+8)

*Dinky is 1st MCSA!

(April 20, 2002) Genesis Esteban (aka Dinky)  became the 1st MCSA in the North by passing the Microsoft Certification exam 70-218, Managing a  Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment.

Dinky likes to greet his wife, Leilani who is now in California. Malapit na daw ang re-union ninyo!! 

*Bitstop Joins EarthDay via Webcast

(April 19, 2002) Bitstop has been tapped by Coca Cola Bottlers, the main organizer of Dagupan's Earth Day activities to webcast the activities.

Click here to see the website.

*Regine Video On Demand!

(April 19, 2002) Crossover , RPN9 and Bitstop has teamed up to archive Ms Regine Velasquez' performance at the Captain's Bar in Manila.

Click here to view the webcast

*Globe Stockholders' Meeting Video On Demand

(April 19, 2002) This is a sample of our work for corporate stockholders' meeting.

* website up

(April 17, 2002) The Daroya Accounting firm has set up their own website at  You can click on the link to browse their site.

*New Microsoft Office User Specialists

(April 17, 2002) Juan Antonio Ang Chua, 13 years old, passed the Word Mous certification.  His brother, Keith Timothy Ang Chua, 12 years old, grabbed the title Anton previously held as the youngest Excel 2000 Office User Specialist in the Philippines.

*Congratulations to Oliver

(April 16, 2002) Mr. Oliver Walthern of Joycomp Computers passed his second exam, Administering Windows 2000 Server, last April 8 and is on the road to upgrading his MCSE status to the Windows 2000 platform. Our congratulations!

To prepare for the exams, we are sure Oliver used Joycomp Computers' Keystone Resource Center that has the materials needed to review for IT certifications. 

*Bitstop Pilots Iba Node

(April 15, 2002) Bitstop wishes to thank Digtel-IBA personnel Mr Boni De Leon, Roger Villarin, Frederick Pascual and Mr Dennis Bundang for the invaluable support in setting up Bitstop's Dialup node in Iba, Zambales! The team is ably led by their operations chief Mr Alfredo Gatdula

Iba Dialup Pilot Number is 047-8113250 (up to 65) Please hard code your DNS settings. These are: and


*Bistop Tapped for Globe Webcast 

(April 10, 2002) Bitstop Network Services has been tapped by Globe Telecoms to do a live webcast of their stockholders' meeting to be held at Hotel Intercon, Makati on April 11, 2002.

Click Here to view the live webcast

*17 computer units to be auctioned off 

(April 8, 2002) Are you interested in used computer units?  You may want to participate in an auction for 17 computer units.  Click here to see the specs and mechanics of the auction.

*GOV.PH Site in Turbo Mode!  

(April 5, 2002) Thru the combined efforts of the Office of the President, Bitstop, ASTI, Microsoft and Softrigger, the website is now web-accelerated on a global scale!

Access times based on measurements in 10 countries worldwide show a significant drop in access time from 60+secs to only 6.9+ secs!

Bitstop mirrored the content on 22 strategically located servers worldwide and employed a server side agent to intelligently re-route client request to the nearest server.

Click here to see the  comparison and measurements results.

*Youngest MOUS- Excel 2000 

(April 4, 2002) Mr. Wilson Chua and Mrs. Jane Chua are the proud parents of the youngest Microsoft Office User Specialist on Excel 2000 in the Philippines.  Congratulations to Juan Antonio Ang Chua.

*A+ Certified Professional

(April 2, 2002) Mr. Rommel Cereno attained his A+ certification after passing the second required exam last March 26.  Mr. Cereno used the Keystone materials to review for his exams.  Our congratulations! professionals.

*MOUS National Competition!

(April 1, 2002) All Colleges who have and are using licensed Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP have a chance of sending ten (10) College Student candidates to compete in the MOUS National Competition for MS Word 2002, MS Excel 2002 and MS PowerPoint 2002 between July and September 2002. The National Champions for Word and Excel will compete in the MOUS Global Competitions in the USA this November 2002.

*Mouse House Internet Cafe is 3rd KRC in Dagupan

(March 27, 2002) Mr Ed Sevilleja, CEO of The Mouse House recently signed the memorandum of agreement with Bitstop, paving the way to making The Mouse House the 3rd KRC in Dagupan City.

With these KRCs, expect better trained IT

*Joycomp is 2nd KRC in Dagupan

(March 27, 2002) Mr. Oliver Walthern has setup the 2nd Keystone Resource Center in Dagupan.  You can inquire at Joycomp Computers in MH del Pilar, Dagupan City.

KRC's objective is to assist in the needs of IT professionals who wish to be rapidly trained for  IT certification exams.

*Bataan now peered with Bitstop

(March 27, 2002) Mozcom Bataan is now part of the Luzon-wide peering network at Bitstop. Mr Bong Testa is the managing owner of PC Comshop, the franchisee for Mozcom Bataan.

With this development, the Northern Luzon peering now covers the provinces of Ilocos Norte, La Union, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan and Bataan. 

Bitstop is inviting all other ISPs to join in this peering project.

*View Yehey Founder's Speech

(March 23, 2002) Bitstop has just finished posting the archive of Mr Dave Quitoriano, co-founder of popular local

Click here to view the archive.

*MP3Manila's Marc Escueta Speech

(March 21, 2002) Click here to view the archive of Mr Marc Escueta's speech during the successful Grand Cyber Forum last week held here in Dagupan. Mr Escueta is the founder of

*Crossover Live @ City Walk

Crossover - Live on Air

(March 21, 2002) Watch the activities organized by Crossover. Last mile facility provided by Globe Telecoms. This event features FreeStyle. Click on the logo to view!

*New Cisco Routers!

(March 21, 2002)

New Cisco 3700 Series Routers that integrates switching module in a compact size!


*Longer Happy Hour for Nitro & Mozcom users

(March 21, 2002) For a limited time, starting from April 1, 2002 until further notice, happy hour for internet users of Nitro and Mozcom will start at 7pm (instead of 11 pm) to 7 am.  During happy hour, Mozcom postpaid users surf at only half the price while Nitro users get double the hours!


*Bitstop exhibit at Grand Cyber Forum (Dagupan IT Expo 2002)

(Mar 16, 2002) The Grand Cyber Forum wrapped up a successful conference and exhibition on IT at the People's Astrodome.  Bitstop's booth showcased a learning solution - Keystone Learning Systems, Cisco IP Telephony, and video peripherals like Sanyo Projector and Plasma screens. Our thanks to the distributors who supported us with their demo products.

*Prantit Mall Picture

(Mar 13, 2002) Bitstop met up with Benjamin Pennell Jr in Prantit Mall (the viramall of bangkok). JR is now in the US and working there.

*Successful CCNA Examinee

(Mar 15, 2002) Mr Peter Faccin of Australia passed his CCNA exam at Bitstop's testing facility with an almost perfect score.  

Our congratulations!

*Grand Cyber Forum Opening

(Mar 12, 2002) No less than Ex President Fidel V Ramos graced the opening of the Grand Cyber Forum today that was held at People's Astrodome in Dagupan City.

An award was given to Pres Ramos by Dagupan City mayor, Benjamin Lim during the ceremonies. The event was very well attended. The occasion was also used to launch the official City Government website.

Click here to view Pres. Ramos' speech.

*Bataan Specifies MOUS Cert for Hiring

(Mar 12, 2002) Mayor Albert Garcia of Balanga Bataan, set the trend today by being the first city mayor to require MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Certification in the Criteria for selection, hiring, placement and promotion of personnel vying for computer operator's position.

This move will encourage educational institutions to upgrade their facilities to be able to produce MOUS-certified students. Currently very few schools even have MOUS certified instructors.

*Win2k Prof exam hurdled

(Mar 11, 2002) Bitstop congratulates Mr. Oliver Walthern for passing exam 070-210 Installing, Configuring and Administering MS Win 2k Professional.  Mr. Walthern is an MCSE on NT platform and is pursuing re-certification on the Win2k track. 

On a related note, Oliver used the Keystone Learning materials as an exam preparation guide. Please check the link for more details.

*Two New KRC's in the Philippines

(Mar 1, 2002) Bitstop is happy to announce that Keystone Resource Center is now powering some of the course offerings at Edupro in Amorsolo, Makati.

Also opened was the Keystone Resource Center in Cagayan De Oro, under the management of CORE.

Bitstop also promoted Keystone at the recently completed PSITE (Philippine Society of IT Educators) National convention held in Davao. Digital Interface, our Davao distributor was on hand to represent Keystone in the said affair.








*Bitstop & to Webcast Weddings

(Mar 1, 2002) Bitstop and Web Philippines, are jointly collaborating to have future weddings put on the internet.

logoThis developed as Bitstop started getting several inquiries about webcasting weddings. It seems that it is a lot more practical to show the live wedding in progress as opposed to flying in your relatives from abroad.

*Bitstop Webcasts TV Patrol Dagupan

(Feb 28, 2002) Bitstop is proud to webcast the daily TV Patrol program of ABS-CBN Dagupan. 

Click here to view the official website.

*Bitstop joins COMDDAP in Baguio

(Feb 26, 2002) Bitstop joins the COMDDAP Baguio 2002 event in Baguio. Visit us at booth #24.

The COMDDAP Baguio 2002 event is scheduled to take place from February 26 to February 28 at the Baguio Country Club, Baguio City.

Through its expositions around the country, COMDDAP showcases the latest I.T. products and available technology. The organization also holds monthly general membership meetings to share information and appraise each other of the latest developments in the I.T. industry. This is the first time Baguio will play host to COMDDAP's distinguished event. 

*EDSA I Anniversary webcast 

(Feb 25, 2002) Bitstop in collaboration with Microsoft, Softrigger, OPS and NBN is bringing to you live, the Edsa I anniversary celebrations. The live webcast is in two parts--part 1 is from 7:30-10am gmt+8 and the part 2 is from 4:00pm-8:00pm (gmt+8)

Click here to access the live feeds from the portal.

*Grand Cyber Forum Complimentary Tickets 

(Feb 23, 2002) Bitstop internet subscribers may call or email Bing Berces to see if they are eligible for complimentary entrance tickets to the Grand Cyber Forum on March 14-16.  Hurry, tickets are limited.

*GaryV Concert Tickets Available at Bitstop

(Feb 23, 2002) We are proud to be a ticket outlet for the March 9 GaryV  benefit Concert.  Look for or email Tess Movida for details on the prices.

*Crossover Anniversary Live! 

(Feb 20, 2002) We have archived Crossover's Anniversary Celebration at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Here is the link to the archive:

Globe  Infocom
Part I Part I
Part II Part II

*EDSA I celebrations live @ 

(Feb 20, 2002) Can't make it to the EDSA celebration this year?  Get there on time and with no hassles via cyberspace by logging on to

February 25, 2002 marks the 16th anniversary of the peaceful People Power revolt which ushered the return of the democratic system in the country.  The government has prepared a full day of celebration which begins with a Flag Raising Ceremony at the People Power Monument will commence at 7:45 a.m.  A rosary procession soon after this will start from the People Power Monument walking towards EDSA Shrine.  The Eucharistic Celebration at EDSA Shrine will begin at 9:00 a.m.  

The main program of the day begins at 4:30 p.m. at the People Power Monument.  The afternoon features the launching of the "Rally to the Flag" Campaign, the Sectoral Dialogues Report, "Handog sa Bansang Pilipino" Pledge-signing, Freedom and Peace Awarding Ceremonies, and the keynote address to be delivered by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  All these activities can be seen live via media streaming technology at

*MAG Monitors Stolen 

(Feb 15, 2002) We received this note from the importer of Mag Monitors:

This is to inform you that last February 16, 2002 (Saturday), a 1x40' container of Mag XJ558 has been hijacked.  The National Bureau of Investigation and all the police stations were already alerted about the said incident and necessary actions have already been taken to locate the culprits.

The stolen units bear the serial numbers FTPC220006347 to FTPC220007154. 

*Crossover Hosted @ Bitstop 

Crossover 105.1 Manila

(Feb 15, 2002) Mareco Broadcasting Corp's Crossover Official webpage is now proudly hosted at Bitstop Inc.

The website is maintained by canadian based Interad Media Design Corp.

*QNET Video Conferencing PressCon 

(Feb 15, 2002) Qnet's Video Conferencing Solution allows users in Hongkong (and soon Saudi Arabia) to call and see users in the Philippines. In Dagupan, users can hook up via Bitstop's multimedia conference facilities.

Click here to view the ABS-CBN TV Patrol Coverage.


*SQL2000 Digital Dashboard R&D 

Microsoft Business

(Feb 15, 2002) Bitstop is collaborating with fellow MCSE Benz Cuison in deploying and testing SQL2000 Digital Dashboard. We plan to demonstrate this in Mar 12-16 during the Grand Cyber Forum to be held in People's Astrodome, Dagupan City

The files are available on our ftp server.

*KCFM soon to be live on the Net 

(Feb 15, 2002) Bitstop and Radyo Mindanao Network Inc., represented by Mr Cris Hermosisima, recently entered into an agreement for Bitstop to webcast KCFM's radio broadcast. Please wait for further announcements.

*Pangasinan's Travel Site Up 

(Feb 14, 2002) The MISO group has finished the travel website featuring the hotspots in Pangasinan.Click here to visit the site.

*GaryV Concert Mar 9 

(Feb 9, 2002) The Dr Vivencio Villaflor Sr Medical Foundation is bringing Gary Valenciano over for a benefit concert in Dagupan on Mar 9, 2002 at the People's Astrodome.

The foundation's website is hosted using sharepoint team web services by Bitstop

*New Toy @ Bitstop 

(Feb 9, 2002) Targus DEFCON security!




*R&D Project: Catalyst LRE 

(Feb 9, 2002) Bitstop is currently studying the Cisco Catalyst 2900 LRE (Long Range Ethernet) that will allow up to 15mpbs over 5000 ft over Cat 3 cables. 

It also allows simultaneous voice and data over the same pair of copper wire. No need to rip out existing PABX or telephone wiring in your buildings.

If successful, (Updated 2/12) Bitstop plans to demonstrate this on Feb 21-23 at Baguio Colleges Foundation, and again on Feb 26-28 Comdap, Baguio Country Club.

*ETPI MIX adds Wavephil 

(Feb 8, 2002) Bitstop is impressed with the ever growing number of peers at Eastern Telecoms Manila Internet Exchange with the recent addition of Wavephil to its peers.

It is slowly but surely growing to become the defacto IX in the country.

*Bitstop Paper accepted in APRICOT 

(Feb 8, 2002) It is with great honor that Mr Wilson Chua's position paper on proxy peering has been accepted at the prestigious APRICOT 2002 to be held in Thailand on Feb 28-Mar 8, 2002.

The paper will be presented on Mar 5, 2002 4-5:30pm  under section 6.2


*Bitstop hosts Grand CyberForum 

(Feb 7, 2002) Pangasinan's first IT convention and exhibition in the Northern Luzon area, Grand Cyber Forum, is hosted at Bitstop's server. Click here to find out more.

*Cynthia Alexander Online!

(Feb 7, 2002) Bitstop is proud to be the host for Ms Cynthia Alexander's Official Website!

'Cynthia's vocalizations go head-to-head with 90s singer -songwriters like PJ Harvey, Sheryl Crow and Alanis- you know, that left-of-center unprettified girl-woman tone that spells alterno-pop and won't play on the Mellow Touch. Insomnia, the carrier song, is only a preview of the artist's refreshing vocal and instrumental repertoire. All throughout the album are different interesting motifs played on octavina, guitar and fretless bass as well as numerous gongs and bells that give a rich and 'unplugged quality--Howard Borja, METRO Magazine June 1998

*Bitstop to Webcast Crossover Anniversary


(Feb 1, 2002) Bitstop, Globe Telecom and Mareco Broadcasting will webcast Crossover's Anniversary celebration from Hard Rock Cafe on Feb 21, 2002

*Bitstop to Webcast LSGHAA Homecoming

LSGH Online(Feb 1, 2002) Bitstop, Globe, Meridian Telekoms, Eastern Telecom and La Salle Greenhills Alumni Association have teamed up to webcast the homecoming affair on Feb 2, 2002. 

This is the Globe webcast and this is the Eastern Telecom webcast.

To join the video conference use Microsoft Windows Net Meeting, or any internet video phone software and place a call here.  

*Bitstop & DLSU in Proxy Peering Experiment 

(Jan 25, 2002) Bitstop and De La Salle University started our proxy peering experiment. This experiment aims to share both organization's cached data to one another, thereby minimizing the utilization on each other's upstream bandwidth.

The combined cached space of both organizations come to a little over half a terabyte. We are looking for more proxy partners to make the combined space over 1 TB.

Interested parties are encouraged to email 

*Bitstop R&D Thrusts 

(Jan 25, 2002) Bitstop is now deploying and testing Gigabit ethernet over Beta 3 and Promise's SX6000 Raid ATA controller.

This configuration is the fastest we have tested so far.

*Bitstop & DTI to Promote Provincial Output 

(Jan 25, 2002) Bitstop and The Provincial Department of Trade and Industry is collaborating in helping to promote our province's export-quality products.

Please visit

*A+ Candidate Passes exam 

(Jan 24, 2002) Bitstop Inc wishes to congratulate Mr Rommel Cereno, who passed the CompTIA A+ Core Hardware Exams, the first of 2 exams to attain the A+ Professional certification.

Mr Cereno is a frequent user of Keystone Resource Center. He used this to prepare for his A+ exams. 

*Fortune Telling ONline via Qnet!

Contact Bitstop for more details!

*R&D on SX6000 and .NET Server

(Jan 22, 2002) Bitstop is currently testing Beta 3 including its 3rd generation Streaming Media (Corona) on an Intel Pentium III machine with Promise SuperTrakSX6000 raid controller. 

*ASTI Week!

(Jan 22, 2002) ASTI is pleased to announce the celebration of its 15th anniversary this coming 28 January to 1 February 2002. ASTI is an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) focused on Research and Development in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The week-long festivities feature the soft-launch of PREGINET, exhibits on Bluetooth and H.323 device interoperability, as well as thirteen technical talks and two panel discussions centered on three key areas: ICT, microelectronics and technology transfer.  For further info contact Ms Anita Nobleza

*Edsa 2 Anniversary mass

(Jan 20, 2002) Bitstop is proud to be part of the collaborative efforts of Microsoft, Softrigger and Malacanang, in webcasting live, via Globe and Digitelone facilities, the Edsa 2 Anniversary Mass Celebrations.

The Bitstop team was headed by Francis Vidal and composed of Gerard Viari and Allan Amihan

Click here to view the archive (Globe) or (Digitel).

*Bitstop Collaborates with Globe

(Jan 16, 2002) Bitstop is currently testing our Windows Media Streaming Server at Globe Telecom. We plan to stream Mareco Broadcasting's Crossover Live over this co-located server.

*Promise ATA Raid Demo

(Jan 10, 2002) Bitstop got our hands on the newest ATA 100 Raid controller courtesy of PCTrends. 

Photo on the left shows Promise ConnectStor II that can house up to 2 ide drives in either Raid 0 or Raid 1 configuration. Setup was a snap! Plugs into any standard Ethernet network.


Photo shows the FastTrak 100 TX4. This is designed to handle up to 4 Ultra ATA/100  drives with HOTspare in Raid 0 or 1 configuration.


*Sharon Live on Web!

(Jan 5, 2002) In a collaboration with Stormviz and Eastern Telecoms, Bitstop is proud to be part of the project to webcast Ms Sharon Cuneta's Birthday Presentation tomorrow. Click here to read the PhilStar article.

Tune in on Sunday 5:30-6:30 PM (GMT+8) on ABSCBN Channel 2 or click here to go to the Sharon Cuneta Website to view the webcast. 

This show will be archived later on for on-demand access after the event.


*Bitstop Hosts Institute of Media

(Jan 5, 2002) The Institute of Media strives to be the center of media and technology here in Asia and to be at par with the best in the world.

As a scene for learning, the Institute of Media is constantly evolving and sprouting new ideas turned into application. So check back and you may just learn something new

*Congratulations to new Win2k MCSE

(Jan 4, 2002) Mr. Michael Tanedo, CCNA, MCSE on WinNT, MCDBA also earned his MCSE certification on Windows 2000 track after passing the accelerated exam and one design core exam. Congratulations, Mike.

As of this writing, the only educational institutions in the north that can boast of having Win2K MCSE certified professionals are Lyceum Northwestern and Luzon Colleges. L-NU has the most Microsft Certified Professionals produced in the Region, the other two are Erickson Gloria and Joemar Abad.

*Keystone's Office XP Training Now Here!

(Jan 3, 2002) Keystone has just delivered full set of Office XP training in time for the new year. This training will prepare you for the MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Exam.

The office xp training includes modules for Access XP, Excel XP, Word XP, PowerPoint XP and Outlook XP.

*We're back!

(Jan 2, 2002) After a long holiday, Bitstop opens today ready to face the new year ahead.  We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and new year celebration with your loved ones.


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