Past News Releases:


*Udma66 Rules!!! 

(July 29, 1999) The Maxtor Diamond 6800 (27.2GB) series was tested at BITSTOP using the newest ASUS MEW (Intel 810 chipset) board. The speed (66mbps) was slightly slower than a seagate SCSI 80mbps but at roughtly 25% of the cost on a comparable per gigabyte basis. Now, if we can only get NT to break the 8gb barrier.....

*Surf the Net with only a 486(8mb) no HD! 

(July 27, 1999) We have just broken new grounds in making the Internet more accessible to the people. Technology is now available that will allow you to use an old cpu (486) with at least 8mb ram to surf the net. You don't need a hard disk! You only need to add a modem (US Robotics) and you can surf and check your web-based email!

Demo on July 28, 1999 at the Social Hall of Urdaneta National High School, in Urdaneta Pangasinan.

*LC 1st with MCSE on staff 

(July 27, 1999) Luzon Colleges continues to lead in IT by being the first (and only school?) to have a fully certified Microsoft Systems Engineer in its staff! Mr Benedict Cuison passed his sixth exam at Bitstop's testing center, fulfilling the requirements to becoming an MCSE.

Our congratulations to both Mr Cuison and to Luzon Colleges.

*Windows 98 Second Edition Updates CD 

(July 26, 1999) Existing Windows 98 users can upgrade to Second Edition with the convenient Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Updates CD to get the latest features and system enhancements.

You must have Microsoft® Windows 98 installed on your machine in order to install the Microsoft® Windows 98 Second Edition Updates. This also goes for the Win 98 OEM that are not yet updated to second edition. 

Email if you are interested in purchasing this Updates CD.  

*Use Globe TXT to page EasyCall  

(July 22, 1999) Jonc did it again. (but it was my idea...) You can use your Globe HandyPhone to send messages to your Easycall Pagers!! 

This allows anyone in the Philippines to send page messages without calling long distance to the nearest Easycall message center!

For this to work, the person paging your pager must be using a globe handyphone, and the Easycall Pager has to be registered at Bitstop.

Interested? Drop by Bitstop and register for EasyTXT service!

*Bitstop congratulates Benedict Cuison

(July 10, 1999) Mr Benedict Cuison just passed his third Microsoft Certification exam (IIS4.0). This completes the requirement for becoming an MCP +I.

Mr Benedict Cuison is the Network Administrator for Luzon Colleges. Our congratulations!

*Bitstop Welcomes DWCL

(July 8, 1999) Bitstop wishes the best to DWCL, our newest member in Bitstop Internet Family. Divine Word College Laoag is the first to deploy McAfee's Total Security Suite. This contains the multi-awarded Gauntlet Firewall security program. None of the 120 or so computers in the internal network is visible on the internet. 

DWCL is also the first in Laoag to provide for a 24 hour power outage protection via its Matrix 5000 with 10 battery packs. View its status here.

*Eligible Subscribers of Pangasinan to get additional free hours for July.

(July 5, 1999) Mr. John Ang of the Internet division announces a big PROMO for the month of July.  All subscribers (active as of June 30, 1999) who pay their July internet bill (including June excess usage and balance) in FULL at the Bitstop office before the 15th of this month will get a whopping 50 percent additional free hours that can be applied to their excess hour usage for the month of July.  Click here for details.

*Monitor your Servers with PageAlert!

(July 4, 1999)Bitstop is now making its PageAlert system available to sysads covered by EasyCall transmitters nationwide. This PageAlert system interfaces directly to your Linux/NT servers and provides a System administrator with timely paged messages concerning such vital things as Power Blackout events, Hacking attempts, Virus Infections etc...

Administrators are informed of the vital status of their servers without being in the network room! 


*Bitstop Test Nx64 Modems

(July 2, 1999) Bitstop has successfully tested a pair of Tainet Nx64k Modems it plans to deploy to its expansion sites.


*Ateneo and DLSU now online with Mozcom

(July 1, 1999) Bitstop's Internet subscribers should find that browsing sites belonging to Ateneo and De La Salle, would be quite faster now that these two premier institutions are hooked up to the Mozcom Network.

*New Microsoft Office2000 Suite of Products

If you want to know more about the new Microsoft Office 2000 Suites and the Individual Programs that comprise the Office Family of Products, visit

*SMARTRoute™ Offers Better Bandwidth Utilization

(June 25, 1999) SMARTRoute and SMARTCache are Bitstop's answer to efficient bandwidth utilization for ISPs with 2 or more gateways or routes to the Internet.

Bitstop has successfully deployed its best-of-breed solution using both Microsoft and Linux Proxy technologies working in an optimal configuration. Apparent Bandwidth is doubled with the effective use of Bitstop Technologies.

*PSU's New President

(June 22, 1999) Dr Rodolfo V Asanion is the new President of the Pangasinan State University , effective June 19,1999. The new president is the answer to the call of the PSU constinuency for a leader that will guide PSU towards the 3rd Millenium.

Our Best wishes to you sir.

*QC Enhanced with DIMM Tester

(June 17, 1999) Bitstop is now using Memory Module  tester for better quality control of its assembled units. Bitstop computer buyers are assured of higher quality.

*Hardware Raid on IDE!

(June 15, 1999) No need to use SCSI drives for hardware Raid Level 1 ( Disk Mirroring). All it takes is to use our Raid1 device, plug in an extra IDE hard disk, and that's it. All data written to the source hard disk is written (mirrored) unto the second hard drive. If the first hard disk were the fail, the on-board electronics will automatically shift all data activity to the second (backup) hard drive. No downtime! 

Then, since the drives are hot swappable (no need for shutdowns), simply replace the failed unit with an identical hard drive, and our RAID1 will regenerate the data!

*NU's Internet now Live!

nulogo.bmp (20838 bytes)(April 23, 1999) After a few weeks of snags, Northwestern University is finally hooked to the Internet via Frame Relay AND Wireless Link!



*HandsOn workshop for AutoCAD 2000

(April 23, 1999) Bitstop will be holding a handson workshop for AutoCAD 2000 at ProBuild Home Improvement Center on April 26, 1999 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The workshop is on a per invitation basis only.


*CLSU CTC Graduation Rites

clsu.jpg (342569 bytes)

(April 21, 1999) Photo shows the fascade of CLSU (Central Luzon State University, Munoz Nueva Ecija)   Gymnasium where the graduation of CLSU CTC was held. Bitstop would like to thank the members of the board for the warm welcome we received. The board is composed of its President, Dr Rodolfo C. Undan, Mr Gabriel Tinio, Dr Jose l. Tabago, Engr Florentino M. Salazar, Dr Josue A. Irabagon, Dr Honorato Angeles, Dr Ruben C. Sevilleja, Dr Marcelo M. Roguel, Dr rome o. Saplaco, and Dr Joselito V. Dela Cruz.


*PointCast v2.6 now out!

pcnlogo.gif (2354 bytes)

(April 19, 1999) PointCast Version 2.6 is now available at our FTP site,

PointCast traffic are automatically rerouted and cached in Bitstop Computers.

*WSI/NAI 1st CyberRadio Sponsor

(April 17, 1999) Mr Roberto Pacifico, confirmed by email that WSI/NAI will be a corporate sponsor by providing the CyberRadio systems with top notch security and anti-virus protection through the use of Gauntlet and Mcafee AntiVirus..


*ABS-CBN & Bitstop Launches CyberRadio

abs-cbn.jpg (44238 bytes)

(April 16, 1999) Bitstop Computers and ABS-CBN Radio, represented by Mr Wilson L. Chua and Ms Abigail Querubin respectively, signed this afternoon, an agreement to jointly promote CyberRadio. This concept will allow internet users from anywhere in the world to request songs from Bitstop supplied website,

The songs requested here will then be tabulated, queued and played according to its popularity, using ABS CBN transmitters in both 103.1 and 94.3 from 9:00pm to midnight every day, starting May 1, 1999.

Bitstop Computers has started development of the program and contents and hopefully, will be able to do a dry run on April 28 to 30, 1999.

CyberRadio concept will take advantage of the emergence of MP3 (mpeg layer 3) audio format that compressed CD quality sounds to 1/10th its former size. This concept is the brainchild of Mr Jon Christopher Co, currently the IT training and Research Director at Bitstop. Mr Peter Lee, on the other hand, is in charge of music content development, sound fidelity and volume consistency of the songs.

*Cisco Catalyst 1924a Installed

cisco1924a.jpg (6597 bytes)(April 13, 1999) Bitstop upgraded its network with  the use of a Cisco Catalyst 1924a. The higher backplane of 1 GB switching fabric will result in lesser congestion on the network. Web-based setup allows for easier manageability.

*Rep Benjie Lim Opens Model Center

center2.jpg (31070 bytes)

(April 12, 1999)  The CENTER FOR ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT was blessed & inaugurated today at 8am in Banaoang East, Magaldan,Pangasinan; a model centre of its kind with no less than Rep. Benjie S. Lim of the 4th district as the Guest of Honor.

Also present in this event are the Mayors & Bgy Captains of the district, including provincial officials led by Vice Gov Lambino & PSU officials led by President Segui.

This Centre will train Out of school youths and anyone interested in Practical Electricity, refrigeration, Computer applications, cosmetics, and others.


*Bitstop Inks E1/R2 Agreement with PLDT

pldtlogo.gif (5277 bytes)(April 9, 1999) Bitstop accepted recently, the PLDT proposal to provide 30 lines with 56kbps via the deployment of channelized E1/R2 service into Bitstop's USR Total Control Chassis.

When installed, Bitstop will be the very first to offer true 56kb access to internet users in the Northern Luzon Region

*Bitstop attends Singapore's InterOP '99 convention

(April 7, 1999) Wilson Chua and Jon Cristopher Co attend the InterOP+NetOp '99 convention in Singapore for Networking and Internet concerns.

handon.jpg (25658 bytes)


*Bitstop Adds 2nd Gateway to Internet Service

(Mar 31, 1999) Bitstop's 2nd Gateway is now fully operational via Digitel's Frame Relay link. This will provide added reliability as the second gateway will provide needed backup in case our primary link to Mozcom goes down.


*Bitstop Chosen by Microsoft as Philippine Reference Account Awardee

microsoftdirectaccess.jpg (224111 bytes)

(Mar 25, 1999) Bitstop's network design solution for Baguio Colleges Foundation have been chosen by Microsoft Philippines as the Philippine Reference Account Awardee for its Corporate Solutions Program.

The award was given during the Direct Access Briefing held in Dusit Hotel, Makati, MM. Bitstop is honored to have been chosen from among 20 of the country's leading MCSPs.

Photo l-r, Patrick Viernes Program Mgr, EBU, Ms. Nancy Flores (BCF), Mrs Jane Chua, and Wilson L. Chua

*Microsoft TechNet IT Professionals Festival

(Mar 25, 1999) Learn how advances in data networking and application technology are changing the face of business Gain all the information you need by attending sessions of your choice. Fun. Know-how. All for Free. Bitstop has 65 invitations, on a first come first serve basis. Please email us at

*Easycall Provincial Dealership Contract Signing.

(Feb 23, 1998) Bitstop again renews its contract with Easycall as exclusive dealer in Pangasinan for another 5 years.

easycall2.jpg (21610 bytes)
The Dealers (and their area), From left to right: Mr. Joselito O. Marinas (ECPI, Dealership Senior Manager), Atty. Rodolfo Yabes (SFLU), Mr. Arthur Uy (Davao), Mr. Edgardo T. Abalos (G.M., ECPI/Finance Controller), Ms Odessa Obenita (Cagayan de Oro), Mr. John Ang Jr. (Pangasinan), Mr. Bong Garcia (Iloilo), Mr. Jess Nicdao (SF Pamp.), Mr. Roberto Garcia (Iloilo), Mr. Danny Obenita (Zamboanga)

easycall.jpg (20598 bytes)
From left to right: Rey R. Dedicatoria (VP-Technical), Joselito O. Marinas (Dealership Sr. Manager), John Ang Jr. (Pangasinan), Edgardo T. Abalos (Gen. Manager/Finance Controller), Shane Clements (Regional Sales & Marketing Head), Fred Lapastora (AVP. MHSD)

*Bitstop demo at AMA-CLC Tarlac.

(Feb 18, 1998) AMA Computer Learning Center in Tarlac is celebrating its 5th Foundation day and bitstop was around with a demonstration.  Jonc was there to speak on Y2k.   Latest on Computers and Books were put on display.  Students and teachers welcome the free internet usage and took turns trying out chat, Kali multiplayer gaming, web surfing and video conferencing.

amatarlac.jpg (120066 bytes)

The Bitstop staff with some AMA teachers and students.

*Diamond bundled with Kali License Promo!

(Feb 16, 1998) Thanks to Mr Jay Cotton, we are now in the process of giving away free 60-day Kali Licenses to clients that can show proof of purchase of any Diamond products from Feb. 15, 1999 until March 15, 1999. Unlike the older non-registered Kali licenses, the new 60-day license does not have the 15 minute time limit. So multiplayer games can now be enjoyed fully within the 60-day trial period.

Those interested to avail of the promo, please email with proof of purchase of Diamond.

*Bitstop Co-Promotes Tom Hanks' Film!

(Feb 14, 1998) In a bold tie-up with Rodela Cinema, Bitstop is giving away 200 1-hour internet passes to the lucky patrons of Rodela Cinema. The passes will be valid only from Feb 22, 1999 to Mar 7, 1999

ygmlogo.gif (7101 bytes)

*Bitstop EIKI Projector in Action!

(Feb 14, 1998) Bitstop was tapped by the organizers to project these events on a wide screen with the use of our EIKI video projector.

mrmsvmuf.jpg (20023 bytes)

Mr & Ms VMUF together with Dean Ignacio @ San Carlos last Feb 13, 1999

msmangaldan.jpg (23165 bytes)

Ms Mangaldan'99, (Daisy V Soriano)  held last Feb 14, 1999

*2nd E1 Deployed by Mozcom

(Feb 14, 1998) A most welcome birthday gift from Mozcom's Chairman, Dr Willy Gan, is the announced deployment of Mozcom's Additional E1 (2mpbs) link to Cable and Wireless.

This puts Mozcom's Internet service and that of Bitstop's ahead of the rest of the ISP pack.

*Netstar UPS 600va @ 3,450.00

(Feb 12, 1998) Bitstop is now testing a new brand of UPS with 600VA to work with Microsoft NT's UPS service.

So far, it is the most affordable unit in the market at only 3,450.00 retail. For wholesale inquiries, please call or email

*Bitstop needs Good VB or C++ Programmers

(Jan 22, 1998) If you are good in Visual Basic AND Visual C++ and you don't mind eating siopao during our overtimes, then we need you! Please apply now!

*AutoCAD & 3DViz @ PSU

(Jan 21, 1998) WSI and Bitstop in cooperation with Pangasinan State University, held a seminar on the latest features of AutoCAD 14 and 3D Viz. Photo (l-r) John, Prof Rolando Andico, Richard, Robert, wilson, Prof Robert and company

untitled.bmp (84066 bytes)

*Project IR??

(Jan 20, 1998) What is Project IR? Simply the most revolutionary concept in home entertainment. We are currently working with several big media groups to bring this about. This is just the teaser!

*AutoCAD In-House Training

(Jan 18, 1998) Bitstop welcomes WSI Trainor, Mr Richard D. Montejo who conducted the 3 day training together with our friends from Baguio Colleges Foundation, headed by Dean Enrico R. Garcia

edit.jpg (10977 bytes)

*Faster Searching @Bitstop

is2logo[1].gif (14830 bytes)

(Jan 15, 1998) Bitstop deployed today, the newer Microsoft Index Server v 2.0. This will result in significantly faster searches. Try it by clicking on the icon above.

*Try   Bitstop's  In-House Training

(Jan 14, 1998) Properly Authenticated subscribers can try out our in-house Microsoft Training at

*Matrix 5000 now has 10 battery Packs!

header[1].jpg (11138 bytes)(Jan 14, 1998) Bitstop just completed installing the last 2 battery packs for the APC Matrix 5000. A total of 10 battery packs are now connected to our Matrix 5000 UPS. Run time is estimated to be about 11.5 hours!

*Updated Seminar Details

(Jan 13, 1998) Here is the updated seminar details for AutoCAD, HP and Network Associates on Jan 25, 1999 to be held at Star Plaza Hotel:

Note:AM and PM snacks will be served. Lunch not included

Track 1: Hewlett-Packard & Network Associates Product Presentations

8:30 - 9:00 Registration
9:00- 10:30  NAI presentation  
10:30-10:45  Break
10:45 -12:00  HP ISG presentation
1:00 - 2:00    HP Volume printers
2:00 - 3:15      HP High-end printers
3:15 - 3:30     Break
3:30 - 5:00  HP PC's/Servers

Track 2: Autodesk Seminar Agenda

1:30 - 2:00 Registration
2:00 - 3:15      AutoCAD R14 Presentation
3:15 - 3:30  Break
3:30 - 4:30      3D Studio Viz Presentation     
4:30 - 5:00     Question and Answer

*BroodWAR @ Bitstop

box[1].gif (11755 bytes)(Jan 13, 1998) Pete our gamemaster is busy 'studying' BroodWar, the newest addition to StarCraft.

Our congratulations also, to the winners of the contest held by Wired: (l-r), Mr. Jovert Choi (Cube), Mr Michael Joven (White Knight),Mr Leo Agustin (Superman).


cube.jpg (9632 bytes)Image04.jpg (10492 bytes)Image05.jpg (9229 bytes)


They won kali licenses to play in our kali server. The only one in the Philippines!

*INFOTECH mirrored @Bitstop

(Jan 13, 1998) Bitstop is hosting the mirrored site for INFOTECH, one of the country's leading IT related websites!

*Informatics Dagupan Opens Today

(Jan 8, 1998) Informatics Dagupan, owned and managed by Mr and Mrs Ruben Morante opens today to the public.

informatics14.jpg (25651 bytes)

Photo shows Mr Leo Riingen, Chairman of Informatics Phil


*Bitstop @ NLAC Colloquim Program

(Jan 7, 1998) Our Research and Training Director, Mr Jon Christopher Co, presented Y2K issues as part of Northern Luzon Adventist College Colloquim Program.

nlac.jpg (19681 bytes)

Mr Co is shown (3rd from Left) with NLAC Staff

*Pangasinan tours by AutoCAD, HP and Network Associates!

HP-Ex.Pos.tif (416012 bytes)nai.bmp (1440054 bytes)

(Jan 6, 1998) WSI and Bitstop is proud to hold a series of Technical seminars in Pangasinan. The activity will start with the In-house AutoCAD training for Bitstop Staff on Jan 18-20. Then on to Pangasinan State University on Jan 21 for an AutoCAD and Viz campus tour.

Those interested to attend the PSU Campus Tour in Lingayen should contact Prof Rolando Andico (

The biggest event will be on Jan 22, 1999 at Star Plaza Hotel, where simultaneous seminars will be held by both Hewlett-Packard, Network Associates (firewall and Anti-virus) and AutoCAD.

Interested parties are invited to register early for the event. Contact Tina at or call us up at 522-5089

Warmest Greetings from Sayong!

(Jan 6, 1998)

sayong1.gif (36339 bytes)

*John Ang's Secret Passion!

(Jan 6, 1998) John Ang,(middle) the head honcho for Internet and Easycall at Bitstop is shown here in an unguarded moment displaying his true calling!

group1.gif (57310 bytes)

*John Balingit's SportFishing WebSite!

(Jan 4, 1998) Please visit John Balingit's Sportsfishing Website by clicking here.

*Diamond Rio Debuts in Dagupan!

(Dec 24, 1998) Bitstop thanks Innovista for supplying the Diamond Rio that was hand delivered by Gilbert today!

rio.jpg (10989 bytes)

The Diamond Rio will play mp3 file format instead of ordinary CDs , but at digital sound quality!! One CD of mp3 can hold 200 songs!

*AutoCAD Demo @ Dusit

(Dec 4, 1998) Some Belated Pictures from our Demo of AutoCAD at Hotel Dusit in Makati

autocad10.jpg (23189 bytes)

*A+ Technician's Certification now Available

(Dec 16, 1998) Bitstop has been given the go signal to deliver A+ certification exams by Amanda Allen,Operations,Sylvan Prometric Sydney.

A+ will test all computer technicians for the required skill set in order to effectively handle computer maintenance and troubleshooting requirements. Each a+ exam is USD 135.00


*Sylvan SET @ Bitstopset.jpg (29103 bytes)

(Dec 14, 1998) Sylvan's SET (Skills Evaluation Testing) software is available at Bitstop. SET helps clients thoroughly evaluate their computer skills in four key areas: Technical Knowledge & skill, Learning style, motivation and confidence to learn.

"Upon completion, SET generates a prescriptive report with an individualized and detailed assessment of findings, which the client can review to identify the courses best for them."Upon completion, SET generates a prescriptive report with an individualized and detailed assessment of findings, which the client can review to identify the courses best for them."

Candidates with SET evaluations have better chances at landing I.T. jobs as it provides potential employers with critical hiring information in addition to the traditional diploma.

*Bitstop Tapped for ASUS Demo

(Dec 2, 1998) Bitstop R&D deployed Microsoft's Video Server Solution on 2 ASUS AP 6000 high end servers at New World Hotel.

Mvc-013f.jpg (48964 bytes)

Each of the AP6000 had dual pentium II 450 with 256mb ram. One of the servers had 4 ultra-wide scsi (40mpbs) harddisks. The system was capable of delivering 52 concurrent streams!

*GoIT Pixs

Click here for pictures!

*NLAC visits Bitstop

(Nov 25, 1998) Northern Luzon Adventist College's (NLAC) computer students led by M'am Evelyn Tambot visited Bitstop Computers as part of their educational field trip.

batch.jpg (82328 bytes)

GameMaster Pete was around to show them the router room, the remoteboot server and the wireless networking setup in our BatCave (R&D labs)!

*Bitstop's Video Server Demo@ GoIT

(Nov 25, 1998) Bitstop exhibited Microsoft's (beta) Video Server using legacy network and peripheral at the 5th Go for IT National Convention in Microsoft's Booth.

demo.jpg (7059 bytes)

Although video servers are not new, this is the first time that such service was deployed without the use of costly ATM networks and High performance Video Cards/Encoders.

*5th GO for IT held in Baguio

(Nov 25, 1998) The 5th annual National Convention of Government Organization for Information Technology held in Green Valley Country Club was well attended.

main.jpg (9887 bytes)

Seen in Picture are: (L-R) Dr William Padolina, DOST Secretary, Mr Dave De Leon, Microsoft Country Manager, Ms Bernardita DP.Gerez, Dir at large, and Mr Alberto A. Pio De Roda, President GOIT.


*CPU-less CD Duplicator @Bitstop

(Nov 23, 1998) Merlin CD Duplicator can copy your favorite data disk, music cd, video cd, Game CD, even without a computer unit!

cdrom.jpg (7383 bytes)

*Gov Agbayani Awards Prizes for Provincial Computer Event

(Nov 21, 1998) Governor Agbayani is shown in photo awarding the winners of the recently concluded 3rd Pangasinan Computer Consciousness Month.

award16.jpg (10232 bytes)

Microsoft provided full product copies :Microsoft Fury, Music Central 96, Precision Racing, NBA full court press, (2)Motocross Madness, Age of Empires,Money 97, Publisher 97, Encarta, 10 Direct Access Mugs and 40 pcs of Notepads

*MOZCOM Revs up with Add'l 512KB!

(Nov 20, 1998) Mozcom and Dagupan subscribers should have faster Internet Access, with Mozcom's deployment of the 512kb additional overseas link! Thanks goes to the top brass of Mozcom!


*AsiaCareer Tops Office97 Quiz
(Nov 18, 1998)

award.jpg (13145 bytes)

M'am Cajala shown with the winner holding on to the Microsoft Monster Truck he won at the quiz show. Click here to see other Pictures

*AutoCAD Training @ Bitstop

(Nov 17, 1998) Mr Robert Pacifico, Channel Sales Manager for AutoCAD, conducted a Sales Seminar for AutoCAD.


*Peachtree AccountCare In Dagupan

(Nov 16, 1998) Bitstop receives AccountCare Accreditationpeach.jpg (27395 bytes)

to support Peachtree's line of popular Accounting Software running on both win95/98 and Windows NT .


*Informatics and PASS   Deploys Bitstop's Internet Service

group.jpg (31197 bytes)

(Nov 9, 1998) Mr & Mrs. Ruben Morante, owners of Informatics-Dagupan and PASS Alaminos, is shown in picture, signing the formal Internet Connection agreement with Bitstop, represented by John Ang and Wilson Chua.

Welcome to our Internet Family!


*3rd Prov'l Computer Consciousness Month!

(Nov 9, 1998) The Pangasinan Provincial Government in coordination with PEDFI, DOST, DECS, CHED and TESDA invites the public to the 3rd COMPUTER CONSCIOUSNESS MONTH (Nov 16-21, 1998) at the Narciso Ramos Sports & Civic Center, Lingayen, Pangasinan.

This year's theme is "Enhancing the role of IT for Socio-Economic Progress"

Join the contest and view the rules. View the list of activities!


*Joint Briefing a Success!

(Oct 29, 1998) Microsoft and Bitstop's Joint Corporate Solutions Briefing was a big success. Attendees came from all over the region. Here are some pictures of the event.

*Microsoft Seminar Postponed to Oct 29

(Oct 15, 1998) Typhoon Iliang has closed major roads to Dagupan and cut off power to this premier city. The organizers have decided to postpone the event and instead hold it on Oct 29, 1998 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at Star Plaza Ballroom.

Ms Ria Anicete (Microsoft Office97 Guru) is our featured guest who will be conducting a seminar/training on Office 97/2000. So Please come early!

Bitstop is requesting all those concerned to reconfirm their existing reservation for the new date.


*Bitstop Adds MCSE+I Certification!

(Oct 14, 1998) Mr Wilson L. Chua, resident MCSE, just completed all the requirements to become one of the first MCSE +I in Pangasinan. Mr Chua passed the IEAK Exam.


*Make the Net your Jukebox!

(Oct 12, 1998) Download the Winamp2.3 Player and go to our ftp site to download and start listening to music.


*Bitstop Attends Microsoft SQL 7.0 & Pilot Program Seminar

(Oct 9, 1998) Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua is shown flanking Mr Louie Ragasa and Duds Cansana of Microsoft. No Details can be given as these are covered by Non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft.

micro.jpg (19960 bytes)


*Bitstop Home page RSACi Rated

(Oct 6, 1998) Bitstop Computers voluntarily rated its website with RSACi.


*Register for Microsoft Corp Solutions Briefing Now

(Sep 24, 1998) Microsoft Phils and Bitstop Inc, will hold the first ever Corporate Solutions Briefing in the Region!

This will be on Oct 16, 1998, Star Plaza Ballroom from 12:00noon to 5:00pm. Topics include: SQL, Multi-Tier Architecture, Exchange Server, Data Warehousing and Digital Nervous System. Lunch and giveaways are provided by Microsoft.

This affair is open to all institutions, organizations and corporation with an installed base of no less than 20 computer units.

For further details or information, please email :


*Pangasinan's 1st ChatServer is UP!

(Sep 22, 1998) If you get tired of waiting to connect to foreign based chat sites, why not try our local site? Invite your friends over! Its at port 6667


* 15KVA GenSet installed at Bitstop

(Sep 21, 1998) Bitstop responded to the power crisis by installing a 15kva generator to augment its existing 10 hour UPS system.

*Gading Disrupts Internet Service

(Sep 20, 1998) Gading roared into town last Saturday and left our city with no power, a lot of broken telephone posts and flooded streets. (See Pictures)

All mozcom subscribers were advised via DWID radio to use the alternative dialup number, (045)-982 5555. This is a courtesy of Trelliscom Communication (MOZCOM-Tarlac)

Power is said to be restored within a week.

*Faster WebBrowsing!

(Sep 15, 1998) How can you get faster web access? Answer: Remove the advertising banners with the @guard (30day eval copy).

You may want to have smarter proxy access by using Automatic configuration. Enter the " array.dll?Get.Routing.Script"  (without the quotes) in the VIEW/Internet Options/Connections/Automatic Configuration/Configure window

*300+ attended RemoteBoot Workshop

(Sep 10, 1998) The top IT professionals in the region graced the workshop that was held in Cabanatuan, Angeles, Tarlac, Baguio, Santiago and Dagupan.

Bitstop could not have done it without the support of MozcomPops like VJC, Angelcom, Trellis, Axxon and Globestar

See some of the Pictures!

*NT RemoteBoot Roadshow

(Aug 29, 1998) Bitstop is conducting a workshop on WindowsNT RemoteBoot in Angeles (Sep 1), Tarlac (Sep 2), Baguio (Sep 3), Isabela (Sep 5) and Dagupan (Sep 8). Interested parties may call the nearest Mozcom POP.

*TechED 98 a Huge Success

(Aug 28,, 1998) Bitstop was fortunate to have attended the first Microsoft TechED in Singapore. Hands on Classes on NT 5 & SQL 7.0 were among the highlights.

*Kali Server Deployed at Bitstop

(Aug 24, 1998) Pete (GameMaster) has deployed the KALI game server. All subscribers must download the client program here and point your kali clients to! Then play doom, red alert, starcraft, quake, etc.... with all your friends!

* Bitstop Adds Proxy Server 2.0 Credential Bitstop Adds Proxy Server 2.0 Credential

(Aug 21, 1998) Mr Wilson L. Chua, MCSE, passed the Microsoft Certification Exam on [Implementing and Supporting Proxy Server 2.0]. With this, he only needs the Internet Explorer 4.0 exam to qualify as the first MCSE +I in the province.

* NT 4.0 RemoteBoot Workshop held in Cabanatuan NT 4.0 RemoteBoot Workshop held in Cabanatuan

(Aug 18, 1998) Bitstop and VJC Consultancy (Mozcom Cabanatuan), jointly held a well-attended workshop on NT RemoteBoot Technology. The workshop allowed the participants from major computer colleges and universities to have a hands-on experience on the harddisk-less workstations. The participants were impressed with the remarkable speed of Internet Access and time-to-load for various Office 97 applications.

image16.jpg (97853 bytes)

Photo shows the crowd at Mozcom Cabanatuan's Training Room during the workshop.

*Bitstop Prepares for FiberOptic LAN

(July 29, 1998) FiberOptic Transceivers and cables(ST) are set to be delivered today. Fiber Cables allow LANs to extend its reach from 100m(UTP) to 2KM!


*Sual TreePlanting

(July 25, 1998) Bitstop staff hied off to Sual for treeplanting at Dag Tony's Lumber Tree Farm. Pictures! The trek up the mountain took an hour and a half....but it was worth it!


* Bitstop Passes Exchange 5.5 Certification

(July 1, 1998) Mr Wilson L. Chua, MCSE passed the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 certification exam of Microsoft. He is pursuing his MCSE +I certification and needs to pass two more exams- Proxy 2.0 and IE 4.0 to complete Microsoft's requirements.


*Luzon Colleges Now on the Net!

(June 17, 1998) Bitstop is proud to be associated with Luzon Colleges in launching its Internet debut.

Using state of the art networking equipment and designs from Bitstop, Luzon Colleges can boast of having the fastest and most number(>100) of Internet workstations in Dagupan.

The powerful IBM Netfinity Server is the first to be deployed here in Pangasinan!

Click Here to visit their webpage


*Try New Internet Explorer 5.0 Beta Download and click 'run'

*Bitstop Attends Microsoft's Advanced Exchange Planning Seminar

Mr Wilson Chua joined the 3 day  Exchange Planning seminar conducted by Mr Dean Dobson, Principal Consultant of Microsoft Consulting, Asia-Pacific Region.

*Bitstop tests 800kbps Internet Feed

(May 19, 1998) Bitstop is currently testing (30 days) an additional 800kbps link to the internet. Downloading of a 23mb file took just 3 minutes!


*Canon Phils Hosts Punta Baluarte Weekend (click here for Pictures!)

(May 15, 1998) Bitstop enjoyed the overnight accomodations hosted by Canon Phils in promoting their BubbleJet Printers. The food was great! Thanks to Mr Kimura and the staff of Canon Phils for the great vacation!


Bitstop Computers Tapped by Namfrel Pangasinan

(May 9, 1998) Bitstop was tapped to supply the Official Pangasinan Namfrel-PPRCV quickcount with the computing power to tally the results of the coming May 11, 1998 elections. Thru the mozcom network, the latest copy of the namfrel tabulating program was speedily downloaded via email and installed in time for the elections!


Bitstop Deploys Win95 and Office97 on 50 (Hard)Diskless Workstations

(Apr 27, 1998) VMUF is now teaching the newer MS Office 97 with the use of 50 brand new hard diskless workstations. This technology enabled the University to save up to 300,000.00 on its system. Recent vmuf student comments indicated that the workstations run the office97 as fast as hard disk equipped units!

We are now an Authorized Prometric Testing Center

(Apr 15, 1998) Bitstop has become the First Authorized Testing Center in the North! Systems Professionals wishing to pursue Microsoft Certification wont have to go far now.

Discussions Ongoing with Sylvan Prometric for Testing Center Accreditation

(Apr 4, 1998) Bitstop has provisional accreditation with Sylvan Prometric to become the First Authorized Testing Center in the North! Systems Professionals wishing to pursue Microsoft Certification wont have to go far if the agreement pushes thru.

Try our Public Bulletin Boards!

(Mar 30, 1998) You can use our Bulletin Boards to post public messages! Choose from the list of available discussion fora

Bitstop Beta Tests Windows98 and NT 5.0

(Mar 24 98) Windows 98 allows multiple monitors to be used much like a TV Wall. Power users can then run different programs on different monitors using only one cpu! Other Tidbits to follow (as long as it doesnt violate the beta testing conditions)

Bitstop Attends Microsoft Partner Briefing at Manila Penn

(Mar 20 98) The briefing provided vital info on upcoming Microsoft Products like Windows98 and NT 5.0 plus we got to 'see' Mr Bill Gates himself!

When asked if the Philippines would ever be an IT center in Asia, Mr Gates replied: "Against that would be tough!", but he quickly added .."the Philippines has over 70 million people, now Singapore doesn't have that much!" So, does this mean putting our population program on hold :) ?

Also seen in the affair were the Top Brass of Luzon Colleges, which got one out of only 15 AATP awards in Asia. Our congratulations to the management and staff of LC for this great coup!

Bitstop is First Microsoft Certified Solution Provider in the North

(Jan 15 98) Bitstop is proud to be awarded as the first and only MCSP in the North!