Settings & Dial-up Lines (Pangasinan)
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 Browser settings  
We suggest to disable all proxy settings.  When using internet explorer,

a.  Dial Up Subscribers:  go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections, highlight the dial up connection, Settings

b.  Lan settings: go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections, Lan settings

and Leave all items unchecked.  (Do not put a check mark on any of the choices)

DNS settings  
Make sure that you Choose 'Server Assigned'.  If your previous ISP asked you to key in their DNS, kindly erase those settings. Alternatively, you may wish to key in and
Pangasinan Dial-Up Lines  
PLDT Digitel
523-8000 (56K Trunk-30 lines) 514-7111 (56k Trunk-60 lines)
522-5119 up to 23 515-8758 (Trunk) up to 69
522-3784 up to 88 515-6101 up to 06
522-8859 up to 62 515-8753 up to 57 
523-0971 up to 75  
522-9264 up to 73 Smart Land Lines
522-7498 up to 99 614-2062 up to 65
 Technical Support  
During Office Hours:

    522 0092-93  522 1264-65  522 5089  5236395
    515 8750-52

Email:  Please provide a contact number where we can call you and the serial number of your Nitro card.



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