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Company History

Bitstop Computers officially joined the computer industry in mid 1989 as a sole proprietorship. The small enterprise carried computer hardware systems, computer supplies and accessories, and catered to a number of corporate clients. It also supplied students with their encoding and machine rental requirements. The market steadily became aware of Bitstop Computers as a reliable and affordable computer dealer.

Barely one year after, Bitstop was forced to relocate due to the dramatic effects of the earthquake of 1990, which destroyed most of Dagupan City’s infrastructure. The business, educational and printing community supported Bitstop by continuing to rely on it for their computer needs. This encouraging sign encouraged Bitstop to once again open in a new business address.

Product Line

Since then, there was no turning back. The company has kept on adding more computer and technology-associated products to its product line. A major criterion for integration to Bitstop’s product line is that the product helps generate and summarize data and information regarding an entity’s day to day transactions.

In this regard, Bitstop distributes self-assembled basic starter and high-end computer packages, branded computers, computer peripherals, storage and backup devices, office automation products, and point of sale equipment. To complement these products, Bitstop also carries computer and printer supplies like ink cartridges, ribbons, continuous forms, storage media and specialized computer books.

Support for Intellectual Property Right

Known for its vision and enterprising spirit, Bitstop decided early on to tread on the path few dared take even up to the present. Bitstop invests in original software and technical training for its internal use and builds relationships with the premier software vendors. Bitstop acknowledges that software, while intangible, is as valuable as the hardware on which they run; that software developers should be accorded their due; and that users of those software should therefore invest on licenses.

Despite a drop in revenues caused by Bitstop management’s refusal to hard-load pirated software in computer units for sale, Bitstop stuck to this direction of supporting original software. This innovative vision and sacrifice has paid off with the passage of the Intellectual Property Rights Law. Bitstop is now recognized as a valued partner of Microsoft and Autodesk, two of the respected names and giants in the software industry.  Bitstop is also an authorized reseller of Borland, Lotus, Adobe, Network Associates, Symantec and Novell.

Technical Expertise

Bitstop became a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider in early 1998. And since then, Bitstop has continually proven its expertise by designing solutions based on Microsoft products. In the Microsoft Direct Access Briefing in 1999, Bitstop received the first ever Microsoft Philippine reference account award.

One of Bitstop's thrust is to maintain a high level of technical expertise. The company thereby invests heavily on continuing technical and professional training. It sends its people for training in both the hardware and software products that it carries. In-house seminars are also organized on a regular basis. All members of the staff are encouraged to attend outside computer seminars and exhibits.

Bitstop is proud to have on its staff: 3 Microsoft Certified Professionals, one Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet, a Microsoft Sales Specialist, and a team of service engineers certified by HP, IBM and Compaq. In the works are members of the staff studying for A+, Office Specialist and Cisco certifications. .

Over the years, Bitstop was invited to join the Genuine Intel Dealer program, Microsoft OEM System Builder program, Authorized HP Service Provider program and IBM Authorized Service Center Program. Bitstop also has the distinction of being given a Five-Star Data Processing Equipment Center accreditation by DTI.

Complementary and Supporting Product and Services

Testing Centers

Knowing the value of certification which should be objective and accepted worldwide, Bitstop has set up both the Authorized Prometric Testing Center and the Vue Authorized Testing Center. Bitstop also has the distinction of being the first and only MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Testing Center in the Philippines.

These testing centers are open to the public. The testing centers enable candidates to prove that they are indeed specialists in their fields and the candidates do not have to travel far just to get certified. They can do it right in Pangasinan.

Communication Product

Late 1993 saw Bitstop inking a marketing agreement with Easycall Communications, Inc., the country's top paging company. The pager or beeper as it is commonly referred to in the Philippines has become one of the primary means of communication and information dissemination. With credits to Mr. Jon Cristopher Co and Mr. Francis Vidal, Bitstop is able to offer a truly global cyberpaging facility to both their internet and easycall subscribers.

The newest product of Easycall is its Netpage service where Easycall Subscribers can receive email messages from the internet.  They can also answer or send their own emails via Easycall's message handlers without the need of owning a computer or connecting to ISPs.

Internet Service

Of course, the surge of the Internet technology has not gone unnoticed by Bitstop. That is why Bitstop decided that it must bring the benefits of this technology to its home in Pangasinan. December of 1995 formally marked the opening of Bitstop as the first commercial Internet Service Provider in Pangasinan. Bitstop offers local dial up and leased line access to the internet via Mosaic Communications, Inc., the first commercial ISP in the Philippines. Bitstop also continues to improve its internet product and value added service offerings.

What contributed to Bitstop’s reputation as the most consistently reliable, stable, and proactive internet service provider north of Manila? The installation of uninterruptible power supply with extended batteries; the setting up of backup generators; their signing up for multiple gateways; the addition of qualified system administrators; regular upgrading and maintenance of computer equipment and software-  these are but a few of the reasons.

Present and Future

Today, recently incorporated, BITSTOP, INC. is servicing not only its beloved Dagupan City but also reaches out to neighboring towns and cities. Bitstop looks after clients as far north as Baguio, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte; to the west to as far as Zambales; to the east up to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija; and towards Manila, to Tarlac and Angeles. A Naga City branch is now also operating in the beautiful province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region.

So where will Bitstop be five years hence? Bitstop aspires to be globally competitive and hopes to provide new product and service offerings on a global scale.  These products will of course still be branded with the unique Bitstop trademarks of high level of expertise, commitment, dedication and drive.

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