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index.1.gif (28814 bytes)In 1958, Mama made peanut brittle just for the family and friends. It tasted so good they demanded more until she was already cooking for a townful of hungry mouths. That's how the story began. The rest is history.

From Romana peanut brittle, we branched out to manufacture other filipino confections which now include peanut adobo, greaseless peanuts, homemade peanut butter, spanish chocolate, polvoron and ube haleya.

Serving consumers for the past 4 decades, the company still maintains the same homemade quality for which the Romana brand was known for. The only choicest ingredients and meticulous procedures are being used and observed.

Nothing less, from the pioneer in Philippines peanut brittle confectionery!

Prepared from the finest natural ingredients rich in vitamins, minerpeanut.jpg (15429 bytes)als and protein-rich choice peanuts, real fresh butter, refined cane sugar and corn syrup. Goes well with coffee, tea, juice and even ice cream!

A food for the brain.

choco.gif (19339 bytes)100% Philippine cacao tablets to be mixed in boiling water until thickened. Truly a Spanish beverage best with buttered bread


history.jpg (20372 bytes)38 years ago, the best peanut brittle was made in this house.



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Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, fresh butter, corn syrup label with nutritional facts.


 rpb50grms.jpg rpa280grms.jpg

Ingredients: peanut,salt,oil,garlic label with nutritional facts.




rpbutter400grms.jpg Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, salt, label with nutritional facts.





cdr125grms.jpg Ingredients: pure cacao, sugar label with nutrition facts.

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/pc /Dozen
Chocoroll 125grms Php 24.25 291.00
RPAdobo 50 grms Php 10.75 129.00
RPAdobo 280 grms Php 53.00 636.00
RPAdobo 450 grms Php 85.00 1020.00
PPButter 400grms Php 49.00 588.00
RPButter 800grms. Php 90.00 1080.00
RPBrittle 60grms. Php 12.50 150.00
RPBrittle 210grm Php 43.00 516.00
RPBrittle 310 grms Php 55.00 660.00
RPBrittle 365 grms Php 66.00 792.00
RPBrittle 530 grms.. Php 90.00 1080.00