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Marimar Beachis a newly developed 5 hectare beach resort located in the town of Aringay, La Union. This exciting new resort is situated on the picturesque coast of Aringay which is bordering the South China Sea.

For Aringayenos, the location of the resort is a traditional setting of the Sabado de Gloria (Holy Saturday) celebration. That is, in spirit, one's Lenten holiday would not be complete without a dip or a whole day bathing in the beautiful beach or spending the whole day celebrating with your family on a picnic in a peacful atmosphere

Peaceful, because it is not yet commercialised by developers. Instead by the local Balangue Family that have grown up and lived in Aringay for past generations. It remains up to now a tranquil place to spend one's free day, weekend and of course, holidays.

The resort currently consists of a number of cottages which can be rented for overnight stays. These cottages overlook Marimar Beach which was lately judged the "cleanest coastal area" of La Union.

The cottages have been designed to complement the native environment that surrounds the resort. The greening of the area with coconut, tamarind, Camachile and other native fruit trees of La Union have enhanced the natural beauty of the area.

As part of the development concept of creating environmental balance, some areas have been left untouched or remains virginal. Still reminiscent with its talahib weeds, Damortis trees, the thorny Rumas, madre de cacao and the ubiquitous tumbleweed "taray-taray".

It is a contrasting scenery to behold but the next generation must be offered a visible legacy of our beaches then and now. This in essence could be exotic with the humming birds (Pagao), the carabao with sled to transport kids here & there as they enjoy the warm heat of the sun and sand. MARIMAR BEACH,an environmentally friendly beach resort beckons you.

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