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Quarterly Promo Plan

Dagupan.com Subscribers, here is what you have been waiting for:

You can now subscribe to a quarterly plan which will give you the following benefits

1.  You can use the internet continuously (great news- no disconnection) for 3 months provided you do not use up all your hours first. 

2.  You can carry over the unused portion of your monthly plan within the quarter you subscribed for.

3.  You need only update payments 4 times a year. 


1.  Come over and subscribe to the quarterly plan.

2.  Pay for 3 months in advance. 

3.  Use the total of your 3 month plan over the 3 months. 

To illustrate:  if you are currently subscribed to a 30 hour plan, simply pay for 3 months in advance.  You can now use up to 90 hours over 3 months.  You will only be cut off when you reach 90 hours or the end of the 3 months, whichever comes first.

4.  You can also upgrade in increments of 10 hours  unless your plan is already 100 hours in which case, upgrade is by 100 hours.


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