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Authorized HP Service Provider

Bitstop is an Authorized HP Service Provider for Region 1. This means that owners of Hewlett Packard products may avail of free servicing for their HP deskjets, scanjets, laserjets and HP vectras provided that:

  • The HP products were purchased from authorized dealers/resellers of HP, Philippines.
  • The HP products are still under warranty (usually 1 year from date of purchase).
  • The HP products are defective due to manufacturing or built in defects and not due to user error or negligence.
  • The HP products shall be brought in to and picked up from our service center.


In addition, Bitstop is  now an IBM Authorized Service Center.  To avail of free servicing for your IBM Netfinity, PC Servers, PC Desktops, passbook printers, please check that:

  • The IBM product was distributed legally from Singapore (Asia Pacific Region)
  • The IBM product is within the warranty period
  • The IBM products are defective due to manufacturing defects, and not due to user error or negligence.
  • The IBM products may be carried in or serviced on-site (depending on the type of product and warranty).



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