Y2K Advisory - Pangasinan




Myth               :           If industrialized countries like US may encounter problems, much 

more in the Philippines


Reality            :           a) Our advantage is that we are not yet very dependent on

     computerized systems


b) We started late in computerizing so most of the systems in place

     are already compliant.


c) We have excess manpower that can be tapped in case of a

     system failure.





Myth               :           Bank Accounts will be erased.


Reality            :           Bank Accounts have multiple back up.


1.      Bankbook

2.      Transaction slip (ex. Deposit / Withdrawal)

3.      Computer storage

4.      Computer back up system

5.      Hard copy (print outs)





Myth               :           People need to stockpile commodities.


Reality            :           a) The production and distribution of most of our basic needs is not

     computer dependent.


b) Our basket of food consist mainly of rice, fish or meat which are 

readily available locally or nearby province.  Canned goods and other basic necessities are locally manufactured (local companies) and most are not using computerized systems or date dependent equipment.


                        c) Do your usual shopping schedule.