WHEREAS, the whole world is facing  serious technology problem called “Year 2000”, or “Y2K”, or “Millenium Bug” or the “Year 2000 Date Change Problem”;


WHEREAS, this Y2K problem came about due to computer programming practices involving the use of 6-digit dates (mm/dd/yy) whereby the date 01/01/00 come year 2000 will be interpreted as January 1, 1900 and not as January 1, 2000;


WHEREAS, the Y2K bug is resident or permanent computer program sealed in microchips that are embedded not only in personal computers (PCs) but also in other electronic products and systems such as Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), traffic lights, telephone systems, etc., thereby widening the scope of the problem;


WHEREAS, the Y2K problem has been concluded in several studies to directly and indirectly affect all walks of life as this, if not addressed timely and correctly, may cause  power outages, water supply shortages, disarrayed air traffic system, loss of computer-based data, incorrect bills, shutdown of businesses, slowed bank services, erroneous insurance computations, etc;


WHEREAS, the Congress of the Philippines recently approved Republic Act No. 8747 otherwise known as “Philippine Year 2000 Disclosure and Readiness Act” which direct the full participation of both public and private sectors in addressing the millenium bug;


WHEREAS, joint agencies of the National Government spearheaded by the National Y2K Commission, in consultation with Local Government Units (LGUs) have identified the existing Disaster Coordinating Council structures as the most logical bodies that can handle the problem in localities since the possible effect is viewed as parallel to natural disasters;


WHEREAS, under the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC), a group shall be specifically designated to handle all Y2K concerns with the purpose of eliminating or reducing the impact of the date change problem in the whole province;  


NOW, THEREFORE, I, VICTOR E. AGBAYANI, Provincial Governor of Pangasinan, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby create the PANGASINAN Y2K TASK FORCE under the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council, which shall be composed of the following:




            Chairman                      -                      Mr. Modesto R. Singson

                                                                        Chief of Office, MISO


            Vice-Chairman -                                  Pol. Suptd. Agrimero A. Cruz

                                                                        Police Community Relations Officer

                                                                        PNP Provincial Command






                                                            Mr. Ruel C. Camba

                                                                        Provincial Information Officer


                                                                        Mr. Rafael de Peralta


                                                                        Metro Dagupan Banker’s Association


                                                                        Ms. Corazon Degollacion

                                                                        Center Head

                                                                        Informatics Urdaneta


                                                                        Mr. Jaime P. Lucas

                                                                        Provincial Director

                                                                        Department of Trade and Industry


                                                                        Mr. Wilson Chua

                                                                        General Manager

                                                                        Bitstop Computers



            This Task Force is hereby authorized to convene immediately and shall formulate plans and activities related to Y2K preparedness program of the province, including coordinative efforts to other sectors and agencies concerned with the date change problem.


            This Task Force is also hereby directed to submit to the Governor, periodic reports relative to the said undertaking.


            The Management Information Services Office (MISO) Staff shall act as the Secretariat for the said Task Force.


            So ordered this 10th of August 1999 at Lingayen, Pangasinan.