Pangasinan is ready for Y2K



Lingayen, Pangasinan -  “The province of Pangasinan is ready for the Y2K changeover.”


            This assurance came from the Pangasinan Y2K Task Force which is given full support by Gov. Victor E. Agbayani to prepare the province the so-called “millenium bug”.


            The task force headed by Modesto R. Singson, chief of the Management Information Services Office, will spearhead a road show presentation on Y2K in all towns as part of its massive information campaign.


            “This information strategy will help downsize the wrong notion of the public about the would-be effects of Y2K on their normal lives, 75 days from now,” Singson said.


            The Y2K glitch is expected to cause malfunctions due to the inability of some computers to recognize the year 2000.  The 01/01/00 come year 2000 will be confused with year 1900 which may result to crashing down of computers.


            According to the task force, the millenium bug will not affect the so-called mission critical among sectors in the province such as utilities, transportation, telecommunications, transportation, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and government services.


            In view of this, Agbayani created the task force to cushion the impact of Y2K problems in the province.


            Members of the task force have assured the public that “there will be no chaos to occur” on December 31 and January 1, 2000.


            Singson pointed out that the public is assured of no major power outages, no disruptions of telephone lease lines, existence of normal banking operations and sufficient water and food supply and the like.


            However, Singson said the task force in coordination with the Provincial Disaster Coordination Council and the Pangasinan PNP Command, would be on 24-hour duty at Urduja House to monitor the possible outbreak of various crimes or disaster related to the millenium bug.


            Member of the task force will tap the Philippine Information Agency as well as the information dissemination on Y2K to allay fears and misconception on millenium bug problems.